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i liked the Clone Saga and Ben as well. they made this series because of the negative
reception it got, and they felt they didnt get to do it 100% how they wanted to originally
hoped to show everyone what they were going for. I liked the series, especially the art
and the nostalgia of seeing Ben, Jackal and Kaine. some stuff was iffy, and i was put
off by alot of the same things as you were. Id suggest the series to anyone that likes
those characters and wants to see them again. and no, this is non-canon, theres stuff
involving canon being done in the current Web and ASM series though to cover that
right now. ill agree all the way with your rating.
BTW: what did you make of the Ben Reilly back-up story in Web Of Spider-Man #5?

BTW#2: pssst...dont say "retcon". there never was one and saying it just feeds the beast.
nothing canon was changed, Peter and a few characters just dont remember parts of their
lives, and those parts are turning around and biting them right now. i'm thinking of making
a thread right now to explain all that for people just jumping on to Spider-Man during the Gauntlet.

Posted by War Killer

Never read the Clone Saga, would be a nice twist if this effected Siege (doubt it since that's Bendis' universe) but it would be cool.

Posted by Dr. Maxwell

I was really shocked by the changes that were made, but I really liked them nevertheless, I have a feeling Ben will be coming back in someway or another

Posted by Icon

The cover art for this series has been a highlight. I really love the cover to #6. 

Posted by zombietag

does unscripted just mean its a review?

Posted by sora_thekey

The Clone Saga was my intro to comics.... which is why this series is very appealing to me...
Might I point out G-Man that what I think is that with the recon of OMD... this is what Mephisto makes happen... Basically I think so because it's building up to a bigger story.... At first I thought it might be because of the introduction of the Raptor character and Kaine's return... but then again... the Gauntlet story... aren't Kraven's wife and daughter looking for all poeple spider-realated?

Posted by InnerVenom123

This was a REALLY stupid ending. I'm sorry. But seriously. At least, in my opinion....  
Maybe its because I prefer Norman alive, lol.
Posted by Primmaster64

I liked that Ben was kept alive.

Posted by FoxxFireArt

 I liked the Scarlet Spider. I preferred Ben's other outfit to the redone Spider-man uniform.
It is kind of odd that so many years later they make this "director's cut" ending.
I'm confused now. Is young May Parker canon again or is this book more of an alternate Universe book? With the whole deal with the devil made it so the marriage never happened, doesn't that also effect the pregnancy? What kind of nutcase kidnaps a newborn without knowing what to do once they have the child. How would you like to listen to that conversation?

" Well, we went through the entire elaborate plan to get this child. Now, what do we do with it? "
" I don't know. I thought you had a plan. " 

Maybe the Osborn hair style is like an age guage. As they grow older the layers recede.
Posted by Dr. Maxwell

Yeah the whole baby being alive was something that made me scratch my head for a second there, in fact still making me scratch my head.

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Posted by haydenclaireheroes

My favoreite writer is Tom Defalco who wrote this series. I did not get to read this series becuase I did not like the art that much but I might pick up the last 2 issues to see what happens. Also because May is in these issues Spider-girl is my favoite superhero. May the baby in a different universe,MC2 universe, is spider-girl but, maybe because of this story line it is a real universe. In spider-girl tom brings up Ben occationaly and Tom says in the comic that it is Peter's fault that Ben was killed. So, maybe we will find out if it actually is now. Also with the ending saying the End...for now. Tom always does that he loves to leave you hanging and that is what i love about his writting. It seemed like the art is really what made this confusing but, I do not think it is Tom's fault that is is confusing.
Posted by Aspenite

I really liked this issue. When the series started I wasn´t sure that I would eventually like the series but it did happen! My favorite one of the six is probably number 5 but this one was also quite good.

Posted by They Killed Cap!

I was just getting into reading comics when the original series came out and when I got back into reading again I waq shocked there was such a bad reception to the original story...
Posted by Theodore

I haven't read the new clone saga but I loved the original one back in the day!

Posted by danhimself

loved the original Clone Saga!!!   I started reading right before the Clone Saga started so I'll always love it.  I'm hoping that they continue this "alternate reality" with something like Spider-man Forever like they're doing with X-men and X-factor...it would be cool to see how different the Marvel Universe would be without Norman Osborn in it

Posted by Agm

Well assuming that this is now the new continuity and it actually happened now in current Marvel U, we might have to assume that Peter's deal with Mephisto nullified baby May since he and MJ were never married. Because other than her, the rest of the events can actually fit nicely into continuity.

Posted by Grendel

This was really bad. Ultimately harmless, though.

Posted by danhimself
@Agm said:
" Well assuming that this is now the new continuity and it actually happened now in current Marvel U, we might have to assume that Peter's deal with Mephisto nullified baby May since he and MJ were never married. Because other than her, the rest of the events can actually fit nicely into continuity. "
it's not the new continuity...it's more of a "What If" story....nothing was changed in the 616 continuity
Posted by Yung ANcient One

i wonder how BEn reilly... i mean Scarlet SPider is goin to come back... a 2nd clone... is my best guess... besides that is Some weird Time Travel Jumping to different Universe.. 
Funniest story/excuse for Ben to come back is... The Beyonder jus puts him in the 616 universe... again... jus cuz.... why JUS CUZ.

Posted by volzzilla

dont remind me of brand new day plz

Posted by ImperiousRix

This really makes me want to read this arc.  I remember being a kid and really liking the Clone Saga when I read it (although it lead to the death of one of my favorite superheroes, the Scarlet Spider T__T), so I'd love to read another rendition of it as an adult.

Posted by cbishop

Why would Osborn being a clone have any effect on Siege?  It would just be a clone doing it instead of the real guy, wouldn't it?  I'm not reading Siege - are clones a prominent factor in the story or something?