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I also thought it'd be about Nick Fury...go figure :P 
Didn't like it, or any Siege one-shot for that matter, so I definitely understand Babs' problems with the issue. At least there were 2 good Hickman books out last week, so it more than balanced out.

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Babs hating hard on this issue.  
 Looks like she just wanted to be like "This is trash. Its poo poo." Wish she did.
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I just want Siege 4.  Enough of these one shots. 

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"Nobody ever suspects the butterfly"
Great review! you guys pretty much covered everything, my main problem with issue was it tried too hard to sell Phobos as a Bad*** and I not buying it. If hes capable of doing all this without his powers why wouldn't Fury bring him along to the battle at Asgard. Sure I guess they wanted show him venting his anger of his father being ripped apart, but that whole stunt at the white house was bit much to swallow I mean come on hes just a kid!

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I was considering picking this title up, although I haven't picked up any of the one shots. I think I will because I like that they are using Phobos in some capacity and I am really hoping by the end of Seige he plays a bigger part in the downfall of Osborn.
Also he may be a child, but he is still the god of fear. He's one of the few members of the Olympian pantheon left. I hope he wrecks someone before this is all over.

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Siege #4!
According to Bendis, the best thing about Siege is that it's only a 4-part event... but if we take a look at it it's more of a 9-part (without counting the Dark Avengers prologue)

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I only picked up Siege: Spider-Man and I liked it, no complaints!

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Three things in regards to what Babs and G man said about Phobos:  
# 1: Nick Fury has openly professed being immune to Phobos' powers of fear due to his life experiences as has the Gorgon so there are limits to Alexander's powers. 
 #2 Phobos has proven he he is very well versed in the use in technology. On at least two occasions prior to this one that he is capable of ouotthinking Nick fury in regards to Fury's security measures. the first instance was when he was caught playing online games in a facility that had no online connection (at least until he "fixed that problem) and the other being when he discovered Fury's LMD stash.
#3 This is the 21st century what more effective way to spread fear and paranoia than technologically. I mean seriously identity theft, destroying somoeone's credit rating, etc those possibilities are terrifying. Who is more paranoid than Nick Fury and since paranoia is essentually fear Phobos should have an easy time figuring out Nick's mindset.     
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Nick Fury's Password is Password

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@Aspenite said:
" I only picked up Siege: Spider-Man and I liked it, no complaints! "
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how bout 3 minutes on Ares. 
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You guys didn't really think about the fact that he can make others imagine him in other clothing? and that the whole slaughter just might be in their heads?

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G-Man was dressed to the nines. A suit makes anything much cooler.  
What does Phobos want with the President anyway?

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Phobos is always hacking into Nick's account in Secret Warriors. It's assumed he's a bit of a tech wiz.

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@kaanonm: Or perhaps one of Nick Fury's fears is that his password among the many other secrets he keeps will be discovered and so in a round about way Phobos can tap into that.
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Phobos knows all of Nicks passwords.

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I remember reading a comic when Phobos tried to use his fear powers on Nick and it didn't work, so he might not be that powerful or nick is just that badass

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Gee, why would you ever think the comic would be about Nick Fury? He's only the most prominent character on the cover. lol
That scene does make the Secret Service look like idiots. That's so wrong. I also question what Phobos is wearing. If you want to infultrate someplace, let along the freakin' WHITE HOUSE. One would think you would want to be as inconspicuous as possible. More so in a place you know has high security.
I am also unnerved by him slicing White House security, who I look upon as with the same reverence as military, with a sword. There is a technique of using the back of your sword to create less then lethal blows. By using the dull and flat end. What you are then doing it using a blunt attack that doesn't tear through cloth and skin as easily as the sharp end.

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you suck babs! why won't you make your own script and comics!

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@nevinzki:  HAY! relax. Why dont YOU make your own script and comics.
Im not sure when i should start reading Siege. I read Siege 1 and havent read it since.
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I didn't like Phobos killing innocent people.