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Posted by carnivalofsins00

Return of Bruce Wayne Unscripted next? =]

Posted by Theodore

yeah too predictable, whole thing was basically meh... 3/5

Posted by GT-Man

Posted by Blue_Shield

I have to agree with G-Man here.  I felt this issue lacked the punch that it should have had.  The art was great, but overall it just didn't do much for me.
Posted by FoxxFireArt

A 4.5 from the lady who constantly says she doesn't like "points"? What has the world come to?
Does anyone stay dead in the Marvel universe, with the exception of Gwen Stacy? I'm just glad The Siege is for the most part over. I was ready for it to be over about a month before it started.
I believe G-Man called that.

Edited by warlock360

If you've read the said one-shot then you know what the said characters motive was, and when you know that you know the deal the said character did, that also will probably have it's effects after death ; )
Plus, Sentry and Void have been killed, not Robert Reynolds.

Posted by G-Man
@GT-Man: Buy the book!
Edited by ArtisticNeedham

What if they could have split this into two issues?  The Sentry battle and the wrap up?
I had an idea, where I thought the battle was going to go which might have been interesting:

I think it was along the lines of what happened with the Sentry during WWHulk. 
Where they fought until Sentry was zapped of energy and fair game.  So he was stoppable then.
Thor was just awesome this issue.  I love his character, I imagine the voice of  John Rhys-Davies.
Posted by Caligula

siege 4 was trash1.5/5

Edited by CosmicSpiral

Babs looks a lot more enthusiastic these last few reviews. She sounded pretty down for a while, maybe sick? And yeah, Thor makes everything better. 
The Sentry probably won't stay dead, but honestly...at this point, who has any emotional stake in this character? 
Dead character I'm guessing:  

Posted by WW-Fan
Posted by doordoor123

sorry this may have been the wrong thread
Edited by MTHarman

Watching that video, I think they both had a hard time trying to give Siege #4 a positive look and rating. 
Believe it or not, this issue has it to where its the fans vs Marvel, and when it gets to that, its bad. If you dont believe me, check out all the reviews for Siege online, Marvel fans shouldnt be this disappointed, even if you like it, when fans hate it, something went wrong and its a fact. Ive been with Marvel almost my whole life and realized its the fans that make Marvel, not profits or whatever the reason why Siege#4 sucks. It's rating is a 1/2 at the most. Just because Thor and Captain America is in it doesn't mean its great, that just makes it worse when we see the most ultimate characters in Marvel involved in a crappy rushed storyline.
Posted by kid_keio

I agree with babs  , LOVED this issue and thought it was worth the wait . Thor was awesome and looking at the 4 parts as one the story comes together nicely . What did you want to happen gman ? do u think they could of pulled another issue out of this storyline ? But a unscripted needs to be done to address the hulk issues this week because they were amazing 

Posted by Shanana

Yeah, it didn't do it for me.

Posted by scuzz2.0

worst piece of shit i have ever read. Bendis is a joke, he hasnt written anything decent in years
Posted by Joe Venom
@Caligula:  Agreed
I think Spiderman cursed an awful lot in this issue and it was totally not necessary, you can honestly guess whats on the next page before you turn to it and be right. It didn't even feel like something Bendis would write, you mean to tell after all this all Osborn had up his sleeve was a rock!?
I was truly hoping to see Osborn put up much more of a fight, I mean once Ironman entered the fray Norman was put out of the fight I would have love to see hop on a glider and bombard pumkinbomb's at both Heroes and Villians while laughing hysterically letting everyone truly know that he lost it, and show Victoria hand face as she realizes she was following a madman all this time. But whatever, its over heroes are back on top let's see where things go from here...
Posted by Blindside002

Imo, it was a 4. I loved the ending pose with the Avengers, my favorite character is sitting there in all her glory makes me believe she will have at least a decently large part in the Avengers and New Avengers comics.
Posted by Caligula
@Joe Venom: and it's a shame, cause i used to really like Bendis, and still do to some degree out of respect for his Daredevil run.
Posted by FatBoiFreshh

IT ENDED so blah but thor is the man Yeah !!!!

Posted by Gylan Thomas
@carnivalofsins00 said:
" Return of Bruce Wayne Unscripted next? =] "
Least Batman Batman story ever :P
Lookin good Bab's :D
How come you too don't dress up for the same videos?
Posted by The Jeff

Seige #4 was AWESOME. What Cap did actually made my jaw drop. I love making mine Marvel!

Posted by chris thompson
Posted by The Sadhu

I think that Sentry might stay dead for some time... The Void will return. Only reason I think Void will return and not Sentry is because there is still that small part of the Void in Cyclops! Anyone...?!?!
Edited by Nyogtha

I personally think this was a better ending than Blackest Night.  Wow and Babs added a .5! 

Edited by Comiclove5


Posted by Joe Venom
@Caligula: Yea I enjoyed what he did with the New Avengers team he even bought back the thought bubbles for a while which I though was pretty cool, but I never understood his obsession with Spiderwoman to me she was always a weak character both power and story-wise, but I guess he see something I don't.
Posted by InnerVenom123

Someone... please... ban Bendis so that he can only write Ultimate.

Posted by Archetype

Well I'm glad some people had a positive experience with Siege #4.I'm happy it's over and the fact that the statement I just made is the best thing I can say about this "event" and the conclusion of it should speak volumes about my opinion of it.I won't trash talk it in fact I doubt I will ever want to talk about it again, lol trash talking.Anyway I am excited to see what the future holds and hopefully Siege will be to the Heroic Age what Blackest Night was to Brightest Day which is to say a decent segue to a superior story.

Posted by ninjadude853


Posted by PrinceIMC

I kinda feel like G-Man. Basically I don't understand the moment when the battle turned, it seemed too easy for what they've built up.

Edited by Branagin77

I'm just glad this siege thing is finally over... 
@G-Man: Great job keeping your focus on the comic book..Now that's professionalism..
@BAB'S: have you been sippin the gin and juice again?
 Either that or Siege for was really that good...
You look a lil tipsy here. But then again. Erebody in da club getin tipsy..LOL

Posted by ElJuano

Wow this ish was a let down for me too. The Finale issue was so much better executed..... shame, On the upside, Babs WOW...10/5 LOL Seriously Great look!

Posted by jacobyLIVE

Someone PM me and tell me who died in this, please

Edited by waruikumo

I really thought the characterization of Loki, was completely OFF..... After reading the Seige Loki, where old boy, was like I want to create Mayhem.  Now he did what he did.    
I dooo now need to go back and read 1-4, cause my pacing was off, but i dont like that i have to read dark avengers, embedded, new avengers, and initiative to know what the hell went on.
PS Jenkin's "fallen" issue was JUNK, el terrible(blay), just trash.  I DO NOT like the fact that all the characters all know and love the sentry,  Reed was his best man, they love and miss him.  TRASHHHHHHHHHHH, dont buy or burry BURN BURN BURN BURN all remaining copies of Fallen.   
Crazy sauce was hilarious. 
@babs, nice hair

Posted by sora_thekey

To be honest I think Tony was expecting for Spider-Man to be the one who gets the glory (cause he mentioned it before)... maybe that was the let down... 
I haven't read this but the video gave me a general idea of it... I don't think Sentry will come back, because Bendis brought the guy into comics, built him up during all these years just to give him the death he had here on Siege... so I don't think he will come back...
I am interested to see where characters like Victoria Hand and some of the Dark Avengers are going after this and into the Heroic Age... I wouldn't mind seeing more Osborn!

PS. @Babs: You look nice!

Posted by DMC

Siege #4 was an absolute letdown.  I would have given it a 2.
After the over- the -top and  unnecessary buildup by Bendis of the Sentry being part of this greater force beyond our understanding and the fact that he's resurrected himself more than once, they are somehow able to hurt the Void by dropping a ship on him? ARE U KIDDING ME!!
 How many times have the heroes have to stop the Void by using some risky strategy or maneuver (that usually includes Emma Frost)   that put the heroes in grave danger? Remember the Sentry arc of New Avengers? How about Utopia? This fight didn't even come close. No offense to Thor but defeating the Void should take a bit more than him. Then again this was suppose to be the Void going all out but he didn't do much of anything.
I had my suspicions from Dark Avengers #15 that Marvel was  "cleaning house" with the Sentry . Luckily they didn't kill off all the characters associated with him. If he ever does come back, Lord help the writer who has to clean up Bendis's mess. Bendis was doing a good job with the character early on but after Utopia it  took a turn for the worse.


Posted by The Man of Tomorrow

Babs is so hot.

Posted by spiderguylll

so is it just me but SIEGE didn't live up to the hype. But X-Men Second Coming is just HOT

Posted by DMC
@spiderguylll said:
" so is it just me but SIEGE didn't live up to the hype. But X-Men Second Coming is just HOT "
amen to that!
Posted by zombietag

the audio pan is reversed. babs is on the right and gmans on the left... im nit picky?

Posted by zombietag

did anyone else notice the art inconsistences with normans face paint? in 3 it was different shapes and in 4 there was some panels where it was there and some where it wasnt

Posted by E.I.S.A.M.

Marvel sucks. Every year it's like they build up to a s#*%%! Michael Bay film.  
These stories have no payoff, no real structure in mind, and if you're reading them, and you believe they had this story in mind seven years ago, then you're stupid. Strait up stupid. 
I know I sound harsh, but I just can't beat around the bush. Don't believe the hype! Direct me to DC!

Posted by spiderguylll
Posted by Aspenite

I´m looking forward to this issue. I wanna see who dies besides Sentry.

Posted by NXH

i also wasn't surprised sentry died in this issue.

It became obvious what would happen to him once he went all (as G-Man calls it) whooo whooo whoooo. lol 
I have no idea who the other guy who gets killed. I don't even have any guesses. I guess i will be surprised when i get it on trade or on second thought, im bound to find out sooner or later by accident like i did with the first death with you know who.

Posted by bumnut
@Voidheart said:
"If you've read the said one-shot then you know what the said characters motive was, and when you know that you know the deal the said character did, that also will probably have it's effects after death ; )  Plus, Sentry and Void have been killed, not Robert Reynolds. "

HuH???? This is why I found Bob/Sentry/Void so distastful over the last few years, just waaaay to convoluted.
Posted by Citizen 14

Great review guys. I really depend on you and this website now that I'm poor and can only afford a comic a week. :[ If someone could PM me with the death/spoilers it would be awesome! thanks.

Posted by whacknasty

 Lol.  KA-KOOOOM!! 
Thats how I think it sounds too, Babs....better than some others I've seen... O_o    

Posted by warlock360
@bumnut said:
" @Voidheart said:
"If you've read the said one-shot then you know what the said characters motive was, and when you know that you know the deal the said character did, that also will probably have it's effects after death ; )  Plus, Sentry and Void have been killed, not Robert Reynolds. "
HuH???? This is why I found Bob/Sentry/Void so distastful over the last few years, just waaaay to convoluted. "
Bob was a normal bozo, drank a mysterious drug, had a split personality, created sentry / void.(thats the official version)
Sentry and Void are the ones being able to come back from the dead and do astounding deeds, not bob. But without Bob, no sentry / void.
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