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Posted by thetitan0

loved the issue. can't wait till 4

Posted by jlat89

I was a fan of the issue, it's just a little weird for me because I'm not reading the tie-ins 
it just seems like it's going too fast

Posted by Theodore

I found it to be a decent issue. I liked the art. I loved Thor's facial expressions at the end. I loved Spidey hitting Norman. 4 out of 5 for me.

Posted by Sylar0

I loved the art in this issue it was amazing, now I cant wait for four to come out. I found myself feeling sorry for Norman at the end if this issue aw well.

Posted by Sylar0

I loved the art in this issue it was amazing, now I cant wait for four to come out. I found myself feeling sorry for Norman at the end if this issue aw well.

Posted by danhimself

 I loved this issue.  I love seeing these huge gatherings of heroes.  It reminds me of my first crossover, the Onslaught saga, and the end of it where there were all the Avengers, X-men, and Fantastic Four teaming up. 
I don't know if Norman was humiliated, more terrified.

Posted by ledgerior

After reading #3 it looks like it. but its so blatent that its like there is a twist in this somehow. Anyway saw the Sentry vs Wonder Woman thread and could'nt help but wonder if those same people still believe "that Wonder Woman would easily rape" Sentry as they put in there post.
Posted by lostlantern13

I find myself agreeing with Babs and her side of this review especially when it came to the whole Norman deal. I had expectations about how it would all happen and it just kind of felt brushed aside. It was good/entertaining, but I haven't been crazy about it. Hopefully this month's tie-ins will flesh out some moments that I'm dying to see.

Posted by Lawton

I loved this issue and can't wait for four. I'm curious to see how theyy overcome the problem presented on the final page and also whether Loki get his just desserts.

Posted by zombietag

idk i really like it a lot. yeah, its kinda cheesy that they all come at once, but i mean cmon. its a big marvel crossover war series. i was totally expecting some ridiculous action and comicbooky fights. thats what i bought it for you know! so i thought it was great. only thing is, i really REALLY want some classic green goblin vs spidey. i mean cmon. its gotta be in there somewhere... hopefully in #4....

Edited by DH69

i couldnt stop laughing during this issue for some reason i just found it hilarious. kinda confused on whats goin on with osborn's ummm "image" but heh its was a nice little haha huh moment

Posted by TheHood
Posted by reaper2923

I'm sick of Marvel and everything dealing with Dark Reign and Osborn

Posted by thetitan0

then why reply to this thread?

Posted by brewski420

i loved this comic
Posted by Joe Venom

"I was waiting for this moment and it was such a let down for me." took the words right out of mouth Babs, part of me wanted to see Ironman vs Iron Patriot but instead it was more of a stalemate victory. I saved this book for last to read thinking it would be that one must read book this week, but it was more of a meh.... 
There were so many major players here but you really couldn't notice them, where was the huge two page spread of everyone just throwing down, instead we get a two page spread of more Siege titles we'll have to check out to see what we missed because apparently, "More Heroes Fall Under the Siege" *Gasp*!!

Posted by Theodore

One of the best scenes in the issue was when it showed Cyclops and Wolverine and the FF and they're like "Toldja"

Posted by Branagin77

Jeez Babs, why do you look so mad.. Also do you think that sometimes if your not in the right mood that it can affect your rating of the comic? 
Cause we love your smile so much more...

Posted by darkrider

GREAT issue
Posted by ElJuano

I freakin' loved this ish so far so good in my humble opinion. Babs, you were looking a bit annoyed, it wasn't all that bad, or maybe it's just me? Regardless I'm McLovin' the double header review action going on in here! See you in C2E2!!!!

Posted by PrinceIMC

I think you guys need to do a spoiler free review and a review with spoilers cuz there's just so many things you couldn't say.

Posted by sora_thekey

Sara's face throughout the whole video is making me think this issue was no good at all... 
Granted, I usually agree with Tony on ratings.... 
I haven't read this issue... Going to go get it tomorow!
Posted by sora_thekey

Sara's face throughout the whole video is making me think this issue was no good at all... 
Granted, I usually agree with Tony on ratings.... 
I haven't read this issue... Going to go get it tomorow!    
Posted by cmaprice

Babs-- If you're holding notes, how is this unscripted? ;)

Posted by Amazing Spider John

This comic was pretty good & it does leave me hungry to read the big finale. Marvel has had difficulty sticking the landing on their last couple of events so I'm still trepidatious.

Posted by DEADPOOL

I gotta stop watching these, so much teasing and not enough money to get it... like a strip club.

Posted by jstarzyk

I agree with Babs.  3/5.

Posted by RATZGobbler

Just one little complaint for babs, alright? Good. What do you mean there's too much action, it's a comic book and on top of that, it's Siege, everybody's finished with planning, mourning, mentally destabilizing, this is the perfect time for ACTION!!! 
Okay, that's all.

Posted by jefprice
@Amazing Spider John: They haven't "Stuck" any of the past events because they weren't over they were leading to Heroic Age. They've been planning this for over 7 years
Posted by The Sharp Dressed Lady

Norman should become a hero, a complete turnaround, and get his own series.
I'll be checking this out, for sure.

Edited by Sticky_Venom

I just realized that Thor had the same look on his face as Ares did right before the Sentry ripped him a new one.  Go figure.

Edited by leokearon
Posted by FoxxFireArt

You know what that Cap pose they showed reminded me of? Those poses people make for commercials or magazine ads for running shoes or diet and exercise drinks. Like, he just leaped up in the air to show how active and full of energy he is now. lol

Posted by They Killed Cap!

The tie in really help slow the pace down. Plus civil war took place over a couple weeks this arc really is only 2...3 days long.
Posted by capt.

''too much action''? BABS your reviews suck!!!! go back to single reviews, G-MAN knows what he talking about.

Edited by shockwave632

Why do Babs and G-Man show "SPOILER ALERT" frames in their reviews if they aren't spoiling anything?? That's kind of irritating.

Posted by Queen's Halo

Great review as always but I was just drawn it to ... Doop. Doop rules.

Posted by hero vs. villian

This isssue I thought was like #1, horrible storytelling, but with awesome artwork.

Posted by Vance Astro

I'm sorry..for pure Avengers fanboyism alone I can't say anything bad about this comic.It's so Avengersy.I think the Heroic Age will put Marvel back on a pedestal for me.

Posted by The_Martian

My only real problem with the issue is that it was so fast paced that it felt like the issue ended too early.

Posted by WillRobinson

 I think this issue was supposed to move that fast, it's the huge build-up to the climactic battle. I can understand being disappointed by not seeing Iron Man vs. Iron Patriot, but I don't think that's the battle they're building up to, they're building up to the Sentry vs. Everyone. This issue was all action for a reason, the tie-ins will be where we'll see the full story. You can only flesh it out with good dialogue, not with fight scenes.

Posted by DH69
@leokearon said:
Anyone got a image of Osborn's face because I want to make a MIcro Hero out of it "

was it painted, hmm i was thinkin it was like a bit of a mutation/transformation like menace or somethin like that. but that makes more sense
Posted by TheArmandoShow

I guess I never realized how much more Babs loves DC over Marvel until recently. It's like it almost pains her to say anything positive about Marvel. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Just an observation.

Posted by advocatefish

I feel that it is being rushed. After just reading Secret Invasion and Civil War it seems this is the way all of the marvel events end up, a whole lot of action with not much focus on ironing out the main characters. Or focus on the battles you want to see ones like the Sentry and Thor. Sounds silly but it wasnt epic enough. I wish it was more focused on the main players and not so scattered brains.

Posted by THEBlaqueBasterd

Thats it.. Sera is a SKRULL... Bring back Babs!!! Shes been replaced by SKRULLS ppl.. the weird moodswings..the short attitude.. the incohesive review comments "nnnhh..I almost feel like .. like too much...... a lil toomuch......stuff.....happening....yehh toomuch....STUFF..nnnhh" 
I mean come on... THATS not the Babs we've come to know (&for some of the lonelier ones of you out there LOVE :)........................ or IS IT...?

Posted by They Killed Cap!

I loved it...this has been a good arc

Posted by Lawton

I've got to agree with the comments about the review itself. Lets get back to G-Man lair and fun reviews!

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

I have to say i more or less agree with babs on this, it just seemed to much to soon and after Norman had held it together for so long to just suddenly fall apart like that made little sense or impact for me, i really didnt like how everything seemed to go down, it just felt like there had been little effort put into it. Prehaps i was exspecting to much but I really thought Normans downfall was going to be much more Physiologically engineered and the bit after his gear came off confused me for quite a bit because:

But over all I didn't hate it, yeah it was ok but just a bit rushed leaving you feeling a bit 'meh'.
Edited by Casket

 Yeah OmegaRayJay I agree the story just ain't working 
and I'm 100% with Babs on this, Maybe not 100% I might mark it a bit lower like a 2 out of 5 but this is a comic site and it wouldn't be much of a comic site if we all trashed every comic we read. 
Siege has some ok moments, it has some great moments of visual color but overall I don't think the Siege works, like some of us say overall the Siege makes little sense or the story just lacks longer term impact. 


. The biggest indication of failure itself, is not how the Skrull arc ended poorly, or its not how the Goblin spent so long just to run around in a full circle. The major indication of failure is the Sentry himself, it took so, many, many, many years for Bendis to finally admit  Bob Reynolds and his wife are not really worth saving! Marvel management saw the character became such a jumbled mess that it can't really be fixed?  The Sentry problem whether in his super silver age form, or in his I'm-so-Scared-I-Wet-My-Pants form continued to plague the pages of the major comics in the Marvel, now its all come to an end. Both the Goblin and Sentry have turned both men into these huge Satanic demons, question is which hero will step up to bullet them in the head. Thor can't do it anymore, he's wussified and has not been the man since JMS departed, maybe Superman, Majestic or Alan Moore's miracle Man can lend a hand.
As different and as interesting as it has been at times, I'm just over exposed and suffering from watching a never ending soap opera and suffering after reading all these big arcs. The final chapter is wrote, and rather than being sad or celebrating a great run I'm glad its all coming to an end
Posted by Theansweris42

As far as the end goes, I'm hoping for a guest appearance from my favorite Kree Noh'Varr.  He's the only one who I can think of who may have the power to put down the "Final Boss" of this series, seeing Thor had a rather epic fail.
Least the way it ended it left things very much open for a lot to happen in the Finale
Also Ares better be mentioned at some point in the 4th. 

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