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Isn't this the second time Wolverine was turned vampirish?  During the team's battle with Dracula, he was able to bite Wolverine and turn him. (Uh Uncanny Annual #6)  So there's some precedent there.

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@Brok82: More like 3rd time... I'm sure I've seen it in another older X.-men comic already..
But Wolvie always "cures" himself of his vampirism, thanks to his healing factor~
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The art looks pretty good in this comic. Seems they are trying to make up for a gimmick story with quality in the artwork.
When did Wolverine stop smoking?

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If it's a 'virus' that turns people into vampires like in the normal Marvel universe, then i don't think it would be able to affect Wolverine properly... 
However, it it's a Supernatrual vampire, like a demon posession or something, then i could see it turning Wolverine no problem 

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Im just waiting for the next arc with Chris Bachalo. Cant wait!

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This issue was weak sauce. Just an excuse to stretch out this story another issue.

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I think wolverine stopped smoking after people kept wanting to give Gambit Lung cancer so he quit because he knew if he was smoking around gambit it would make gambit want to smoke oh and he didn't want to smoke around X-23 because she's like his daughter and he wants to make a good impression on her because he messed up on daken.

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Hot dang if thats the type of service from ladies you can expect as a Vampire sign me up.
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oh Logan, not you too.

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Wolverine as a vampire... never thought I'd see the day. I mostly thought  his healing factor would stop it but... I don't think it's working anymore.

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Team Logan!  Ha ha ha ha ha!
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As usually the best part of the video was G-Man's shirt. =)

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@eldestrisk: "Usually"?
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love the art in this series.
i thought i would hate the story arc but im not. I'm not loving it but not hating it either. I'm excited to see what the next story arc is.

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Hurray for Lady Gaga references lol

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@G-Man:  Always?
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so i'm confused...is this an ongoing, or a maxiseries? i mean, i like vampires just as much as the next guy, but how long can this go on for? 

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Wouldn't it make more sense if he were...a werewolf? -.-

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@Crymsun said:
" Team Logan!  Ha ha ha ha ha! "
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@FoxxFireArt said:
" The art looks pretty good in this comic. Seems they are trying to make up for a gimmick story with quality in the artwork. "

That's my opinion of the series in a nutshell. The art is very slick and glossy (a few consistency issues, the occasional oddly-proportioned female body, but nothing major), but the story is just harmless pulp.

It's a shame they couldn't come up with a better story. The vampires' harebrained scheme honestly reminds me of (Pinky and) The Brain's "master plans" to conquer the world.

When you think "vampires vs. mutants",  there's a certain level of expectation that goes with the idea. Sadly, in this case, it's hard not to feel like there's a lot of wasted potential.

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@Silver Knight75 said:
"oh Logan, not you too. "

totaly agree the only way i would be worse if gambit turned or if nightcrawler didn't die he turned but good issue
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Vampires, mutants, AND Lady Ga Ga? Earth-616 is a strange world, indeed. Nice gratuitous crotch shot of Logan. I enjoyed your review, G-Man. I agree with the 4 out of 5 on this one. It's time they "kicked it up a notch".
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I hope Jubilee stays a vampire after this story.


Everywhere I look now-a-days theres some kind of vamire something! Im so tired of vampires!! UGH! And wouldnt it make more sense to make him a werewolf!? sigh

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ummm G-Man, do you honestly think people are going to be interested in reading this particular arc of X-Men comics longer than they'll remember the most memorable shock-pop-artist of the 21st century? 
you really do love comics A LOT
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good video G-Man! btw whats the song that plays in the background throughout the video, i really like it where can i get it?

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.... *doesn't know what to make of what's going on*...

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I don't see what's the big deal about showing Wolvy with Fangs.. Didn't he had fangs to begin with? I'veseen him with fangs before -__- 
And the Vampire thing.. You think Wolverine found a way to suppress his healing factor? Like to manipulate it?

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Man, the ending to this just reminded me of how much I hate the way they depicted Cyclops in the movies.

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What I'm really wondering now is how will this affect wolvie and the new x-force...

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Hell of a week for Wolverine.  Same week he turns into a vampire AND... 

All while he's supposed to be in Hell.  Seriously, it has to be nearly impossible by now to hammer out a plausible timeline for his life over the past five years.
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I actually think that Jubilee might be in on it too.

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Wolvie vs. The X-Men... finally a smack-down worth noting since, like, when the Danger Room was invented >_<

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Wouldn't Emma find out about Scott's secret plans?
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I hope he won't sparkle