Posted by Kid_Zombie

grabbing it. I'm really enjoying the artwork. I think this book will get better. I'm still iffy on the vampire angle, so i really would like to see the next arc

Posted by Shipwreck

I don't like Jubes as a vampire.(I just like the fact that she's 20x strong than Edward Cullens and can kick his butt. x3) The art work looks great but I dunno about the storyline. I'm still iffy about it.

Posted by Grimoire

Not really sure if I am going to read this arc. I love supernatural stories but I just don't know. lol

Posted by Danial79

I'll be waiting for the trades on this one, but saying that, I can't wait!!

Posted by Thunderscream

i think this series sucks.....and i have a question. (more of an observation really)  y'all act like giving a 3.5 is a bad rating.......i give this sucker a 2 at best. I just despise Namor with the X-Men, Jubes as a vampire, the absolute disconnect between the material and the cartoony art, vampires in general at this juncture....ESPECIALLY as an offshoot of mutants!? Scah-rew that! I can't wait till the new X-Force comes out so I can actually buy an X-book at the store and not feel ashamed of myself.

Posted by Michiel76

About the cure thing, that wouldn't be so strange since it has been done before. way back in the x-men they fought dracula and storm was turned into a vampire.
but since she hadn't bitten anyone herself she wasn't fully turned yet and then when Dracula got killed at then end she returned to normal.
I haven't read this book or storyarc yet but my bet is on Storm being the "other" character getting turned, and if not she surely has an opinion on resurrecting old Dracula himself, at least if the writer has done his homework on x-men and vampires.

Posted by EGoD

What really bugs me about this series, is all the one shots they throw out.  I didn't get the issue where Namor went and got Vlad's head and I didn't get the one shot to see how Storm and Gambit got the body, I think that is what is really making this series kind of "meh" its okay but when are we gonna get the shock value.  I felt that they should've kept the entire story together in just the ONE book.  I don't care for Jubilee, never have so when they pulled her out to go all vampire just to get Wolverine, that made me roll my eyes, I was really hoping he'd find her dead body laying there instead to really piss off Wolverine.  I'm hoping that maybe Vlad will really shake up Emma maybe since he's shown interest in her.  Do something, I think Emma as a vampire would be slightly erotic and entertaining at the same time.

Posted by intothetempest

I just wanna say, I used to like Wolverines yellow costume until I saw him in X force, now the yellow one just looks ridiculous

Posted by Eet Mor Puppee

Vampires blow. I won't read another comic book with a vampire in it. Ever.
Posted by Amegashita

  ... Funny thing is, I completely saw that one coming...

Posted by Bandito
@intothetempest said:
" I just wanna say, I used to like Wolverines yellow costume until I saw him in X force, now the yellow one just looks ridiculous "
All of his costumes look ridiculous.  Hell, all X-Men costumes look ridiculous.
Posted by FoxxFireArt

That armor on the cover is such a Bram Stoker's Dracula rip-off.
The art look fine to me in the pages. The color really seems to give good depth to the images. Though, I like Wolverine's X-Force uniform. Feels more appropriate. You know they just stick with the yellow and blue, because it's considered iconic.
I just want this whole vampire event done and over with.
Jubilee has reached that stage that comes in every young comic book girl's life. Instant, spontaneous puberty. Though, has with many others. This could be a temporary condition and change with the next artist. 
I have no faith that Marvel will actually stick to the idea of Jubilee staying a vampire.

Posted by lordraiden

What I dont get or understand, from an editorial point of view, is the artists chosen for this, or any particular story line.  Reminds me of the Apocalypse vs Dracula four issue mini that came out more than a few years ago, had awsome comvers by Jae Lee, terrible pencilling inside that just did not suit the story whatsever, and just made it look to cartoony and Apoc's confrontations with Dracula to corny and silly.  Poorly written series.  If someone smart in editorial had said, "look, lets get an artist to suit this type of storyline, something dark, moody and atmospheric, which is what the covers were, but the story and interior was totally the opposite, terribly and comical.  Which, for the most part, seems to apply here, why have such colourfull pencils, why make it look comical? Get Jae and some other artists in the same mold and give the story a eeire visual feel and look. Just my two cents worth.
Posted by davidkenneth

What the hell, where's my Babs?
Posted by EternalBiker

I dont like the idea of  the xmen being turned into vampire's.......the mutant part was what really got me into the x-men to start with and so did there powers and when they manifested.   this is a bad angle for one of marvels biggest titles ever

Posted by BuddyBulson
@Eet Mor Puppee:  funny cuz Selene is considered a vampire, a vampire is just something that needs the life force, or blood of another being to live.
Posted by sparty-dbq

Am I the only one not getting any sound?

Posted by brandonthejuggernaut

is it just me or does it look like Emma's nipple is showing faintly?
Posted by Eet Mor Puppee

And? Vampires are stupid.
Posted by intothetempest
@Bandito: Haha really? not even the X force one? I don't like some of the x costumes, but the girls have it down pretty well, Phoenix, Emma, Psylocke
Posted by Beast_in_the_Shadows
@BuddyBulson: no, those are parasites.  Or if they benefit the host, symbiotes.  Vampires, are undead souless, husks that feast upon the living to survive.  And until the media can get them back to basics, I don't want to hear the word "vampire" for a long time.
Posted by cbishop

The cure will be there to restore the status quo.  At most, this storyline is going to restore Dracula to the Marvel Universe.

Edited by Bandito
@intothetempest said:

" @Bandito: Haha really? not even the X force one? I don't like some of the x costumes, but the girls have it down pretty well, Phoenix, Emma, Psylocke "

The color scheme of his X-Force costume makes more sense, but if we're talking about anything being ridiculous, you can't NOT consider his mask.  I mean, seriously, what's with that thing?  What are those sweeping horns supposed to be--fitted protection for his Silvestri-era hair? 
As for the women:  Psylocke's costume is essentially Elektra's in dark blue, because all female ninjas wear the same thing.  And Emma?  Really?  Did you see the way Frank Quitely drew her, which was essentially pasties and knee-high boots? How about her Hellfire costume which was essentially trampy lingerie? 
Explain to me why Colossus' costume has hip-boots, a speedo and a shirt that doesn't cover his ribs.  I've seen how people dress in Russia, and with the exception of twelve year-old sex slaves, I've never seen anyone dress like that! 
I would also point out here the ridiculousness of Rogue's costume exposing her cleavage and biceps and other flesh... but apparently she now has control of her powers, which is stupid on a whole 'nother level... 
So, yeah, all their costumes are crazy and impractical, except during Morrison's New X-Men era.
But I'm fine with that.  I'm fine with flash and flamboyance; it's part of the vocabulary of superhero comics. 
Now, the problem I DO HAVE with X-Men comics is the lack of iconic status because they change every six months or so.  How many costumes has Superman had?  Essentially one, though yes it has gone through variations and tweaks, but not a major lasting overhaul.  Same thing with the Flash, Green Lantern, Spider-Man, Captain America, the Fantastic Four, Wonder Woman--er, wait, not her anymore. 
But the X-Men?  What is Cyclops' iconic costume?  The first one?  The Giant-Size look?  The Jim Lee version that appeared in the animated series?  What about Warren Worthington III?  How many costumes has he had?  Do we even know if he's Angel or Archangel now and why/when?  What's his costume?  What's Storm's definitive look?  That's my real problem: not that the X-Men costumes look silly, but depending on the year/artist, I don't know what the X-Men costumes are!
Posted by Aspenite

I´m enjoying this book, especially the artwork!

Posted by MoonstoneEvil

So far I'm still not sure about this storyline...

Posted by jordama

Imagine if Choi and obak did the art
Posted by spiderguylll

Cyclops' plans ALWAYS work 80% of the time

Posted by Kamitosis

I'm really digging this one so far. Gischler is putting the bite back into vampires.  I've always liked vampires but as of late, thanks to trash like Twilight, I've been hesitant to admit being a vampire fan, but this storyline has me hooked. Also I'm just happy to see Jubes back and it's my hope that somehow the vampirism somehow manifests her powers again.

Posted by Malice Wonderland

I completley agree. There has been nothing really interesting except for Spoilers''' that has significantly happened.