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Posted by kerukun878

I loved this issue. :)

Posted by EnSabahNurX

I noticed a while ago hope has been mimicking others powers shes like the peter patrelli of x-men lol i still think shes cool though

Posted by G-Man

Audio seems unbalanced. We'll rectify this asap.

Posted by ImperiousRix

Man, now to go hunting on the wikis to see who it was that died...

Posted by doordoor123
Posted by kerukun878
@G-Man: Yeah, I commented before I started watching. When I started watching it sounded like you were a giant, and Babs was a Smurf. XD
Posted by Mbecks14

very hard to hear Babs...

Posted by reaper2923

Kind of saw this coming, but this character I think will most likely be revived. Should have killed Wolverine that would have been a shocker

Posted by MarvelGuy15

I think hope has the power mimicry due to rogue and her touching her waay back in Messiah Complex. But is that her only power, I'm not so sure.
Edited by doordoor123
@Mbecks14:  her mic was too low.. a problem that can easily be fixed with a mic check..\
im sure theyll fix it next time.
and i mean low on her neckline
and im not going to lie... the miss the old set. This one is too boring.
Posted by sora_thekey

I loved this issue... not my favorite Second Coming Chapter but I agree with Tony that death was like *GASP*!
I think I would give it a 4.5... to be honest my favorite part is the relationship Scott and Hope have created, because this is clearly something that needs to be explored more.
Also I have a question... when Logan and Scott realized ... something ... Emma's reaction was totally random (well for me)... Do you guys know what it meant?

Posted by DH69

god i love the artist doing this series...why cant everyone draw like him

Posted by Bandito

I haven't read this entire event, only three different chapters (and I wasn't impressed by any of them).  But from what I've read and heard, it seems like this whole crossover could have been told in five or six issues.

Posted by Leliel
@doordoor123:  if we are being logical his entire DNA makeup is safe within the virus, they could feed it lifeforce from Warlock and recreate it him but take some time and some willing writers
Posted by UpUpAndAway

the art in xforce especially in this issue is BEAUTIFUL!!
Posted by jakob187
@G-Man said:
" Audio seems unbalanced. We'll rectify this asap. "
You guys need to install a mic into Sara's cheek or something, as her volume always seems low.  Does she just speak quietly naturally?  LOL 
Just pickin', Sara. 
I like the new setup for the Unscripted videos.  While the "comic books of the week" backdrop was really sweet (and I mean REALLY sweet), this simplified version gets right to the point.  Also, the video quality seemed astoundingly better than before. 
Bravo to you guys!
Posted by Stormultt

aww G-man you look so handsome and suitified! 
I liked the issue, first book i've bought from marvel in 3 months.
Posted by Power NeXus

Can anybody hit me up with a spoiler on who died? There are no comic shops in my area, so I won't be able to read this issue unless it shows up at Barnes and Noble or something.
Posted by Bandito
@Power NeXus said:
" Can anybody hit me up with a spoiler on who died? There are no comic shops in my area, so I won't be able to read this issue unless it shows up at Barnes and Noble or something. "
Go read the fifth post of this article.
Posted by Power NeXus
@Bandito said:
" @Power NeXus said:
" Can anybody hit me up with a spoiler on who died? There are no comic shops in my area, so I won't be able to read this issue unless it shows up at Barnes and Noble or something. "
Go read the fifth post of this article. "

Oh, thx
Posted by ComicMan24

I want to see what will happen next. Babs I could barely hear you.

Posted by GraphicCasualFreak

I think someone said this all ready, but Sarah's mic was REALLY turned down for this.  Otherwise good job guys.

Posted by RomaTotti10

A fair rating. When you look at what else came out this week then it's hard to give it a perfect rating. Batman and Robin 13 and Scarlet 1 were fantastic comics and definitely deserve a 5/5 (which I also think G-man and Babs are going to give them). Anyone who hasn't read them yet should go buy them.

Posted by Comiclove5

I loved this issue.
Posted by timrothsays

it was weird seeing *SPOILERS* Cable dead because of techno-organic virus cos, as I recall, he cured himself -_-

Posted by Gothapolis

did the suit come with the set g man?

Posted by Aspenite

So beautiful, love the art.

Posted by Alecco

i hope the comic wall gets a revival...;)

Posted by Gennadius

Was it just me or did this issue felt really really short (without the shadowland preview)
Edited by Gylan Thomas
@timrothsays said:

" it was weird seeing *SPOILERS*

"*SPOILERS*" came a little late there.
I'd allready caught what came next while reading. If I hadn't already known and hadn't wanted to know I'd have found out there :(
Click,, drag and select then click the exclamation mark in the red circle in the tool bar.
Hope that helps :)
Posted by timrothsays
@Gylan Thomas: 
Posted by .Mistress Redhead.

I could not hear Babs like at all... was that just me? 
G-man looking banging in a tie dude!

Posted by timrothsays
@.Mistress Redhead. said:

" was that just me? "

definitely not
Posted by Bobby X

this is the ONLY creative team currently that actually gets the X-men and gets them right. 
Fraction doesn't have a clue.

Posted by Edamame

Still confused if Bastion, Lang and Creed are permanently dead or not.

Posted by timrothsays
@Bobby X: 
Carey, no?
Posted by ILuvMsMarvel

Just power mimicing? No.

Look at the "FX" of her power uses, there's more to it than that.

I agree that the art is A1, and although the stories in the other books have been kind of bland sometimes, X-Force has been leading the pack as to the action of this story.

Posted by ChaosAgent

I think everyone knew that 'he' was going to die. (Lulz, I don't really care if it's already been spoiled here) 

It still tore at my heart strings. He was my favorite Marvel superhero. But I guess I have to deal with it like how I had to deal with one of my favorite Lost characters, Jack Shepard, dying. It happened to save the lives of others, and in reality, it was a suitable end for that type of character.

(Although his death reminds me more of Sayid dying than Jack) 
It's nice to see that after the lackluster issues we finally get something more-than-just-'good' from Second Coming again.


Nice review guys. And, I know this is /extremely/ late on my part, but I hope you had a good 4th. ;D

Posted by NXH

I noticed on Amazon that there will be a trade of just the x-force issues of second coming also.   
I donno if that is legit or not. =/

Posted by Edamame
@ChaosAgent: Apocalypse must be happy that Cable is gone.
Posted by ChaosAgent
When he finds out, probably. :3
Posted by Shadowdoggy

can't wait to pick this up 
I'm DYING to see the last page
Posted by Rave

Babs is so hot.

Posted by Beatrix

Is she cloned from the dna of all the other mutants? 
Her mimicry as a result of Rogue's (notched up a bit, and explaining the link between them sorta), plus cylcops', armors', colossus' and jean's; probably others too. I dunno…

Posted by Shadowdoggy

I think her powers may have to do with activating mutant genes or traits in people, as well as herself 
which would explain why she can tap into multiple abilities 
and would lend power to the idea that all mutant powers stem from something deep within us all 
awwww, that's heartwarming 
Posted by G-Man
@Stormultt: Thanks! I'm pushing for Formal Fridays in the office that Norm (from Tested.com) started.
Posted by G-Man

Oh and yes, the Unscripted "Studio" will get a revamp. We're still getting settled in. The Wall O' Comics (or something will return! The banner was just a temp thing. I wasn't too crazy about it but the show must go on!

Posted by Theodore

So sad about the death, one of my favorite X-characters. It does seem like Hope is using other people powers. This book was FAR better than X-Men #1. G-Man's rating and reason are spot on.

Posted by daveydavey

This was a GREAT issue! 5

Posted by TheLawnWrangler

dammit, Tony, you're so awesomely appropriate and slightly casual/formal. i dig it

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