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Been waiting for this for awhile, glad they haven't messed this on up.
were those actual x-men diapers/nappies?! lol
If she was a true assassin, wouldn't she do like Hit-Girl and use her cuteness and age as an advantage?

Posted by Eyz

Very nice!
I like that cover^^
Im a big fan of 23, I guess I'll be getting this!

Posted by Baillie

I love 23. I'm not a big comic book fan but this has intrigued me!

Posted by Gennadius

Btw guys she is confirmed for being in MvC 3 too (its on gametrailers)

Posted by The Cracked Genome

I was affraid that this comic would be rubbish when I first heard it was coming out... I've never been so glad to be wrong. 
I was hoping to see some interaction between X-23 and Elixir, since he's the only person her age who was in X-Force (and I haven't seen him since X-Force 25). 
Also G-Man, Hellion is Telekinetic, that probably helps when using the bathroom!
Posted by longbowhunter

Glad to hear good things about this issue. I really love everything I've read X-23 in. From NYX to New X-Men to X-Force. I like her way more than Wolverine.
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 wait for paperpack ......that's not fair.....
Posted by countvontrey

This does look pretty cool. I know the cover doesn't fit thematically, but I like it anyway.

Posted by G-Man
@countvontrey: That's what I was trying to say. It's a nice cover, but doesn't really fit with the character. If they did one of those anniversary issues, it'd fit perfectly as one of the pin-ups. Just, even with the broken glass, it didn't feel gritty enough to portray X-23 as she is in the comic. I hope it doesn't throw people off if they're looking for a more cheerful comic.
Posted by countvontrey
And I see what you mean by 'cute little girl' she looks adorable on the cover, but it is a gross misinterpretation of the character.  
Also I like how Babs was complaining about Fraction's most recent issue of UXM with Emma Frost's uncharacteristic portrayal. I didn't like it much either. I think I will have to swing by and pick this one up.
Posted by ka385385
but that is really cute indeed:) 
i really love this character.
Posted by Aspenite

I wasn´t sure about this series, so I didn´t order it. But I flipped through the issue when I was at the store and now I think it could be quite good, so I´ll wait for the trade.

Posted by The Stegman

so should i pick up the wolverine goes to hell and daken-dark wolverine stories too to go along with this?

Edited by ateygheyev
@The Stegman said:

" so should i pick up the wolverine goes to hell and daken-dark wolverine stories too to go along with this? "

I'd say more the Wolverine because of the references to hell. But Daken is still such an interesting character and I'm sure X-23 and him will cross paths eventually...I mean more than the couple panels they already have.
I agree about the cover.  This is a situation that I would pick up the variant if it was at my shop.
I think X-23 left when Wolverine showed up cuz he called her X.  Its just one more reminder that she's not the "normal kid" they want her to be.  In contrast Storm called her Laura and was able to put her at somewhat at ease.
Posted by The Stegman

"i could buy a pair of jeans, that's my bus pass" bravo babs keeping it classy

Posted by N7_Normandy

Can't wait to pick this up

Posted by A-Strondinaire

I liked the cover it looks cute it's like "yeah you think she's innocent not after all the mess she's been through"

Posted by Gawdzilla
Its Maddison Jeffries who made Karma her Leg not Forge, but yeah Hellion needs some hands.
Posted by sparty-dbq

Apparently, I'm the only person who didn't think much of this issue.  I mean, I really like X-23, I think it's great she has her own series, and hell, I'll probably still buy it just to contribute to the sales numbers, but for some reason, I was just very indifferent by the time I finished reading.
Posted by Mumbles

wish they give her a better name then x-23

Posted by CRACKERMAN92


Posted by danhimself

loved this issue except for one thing that really made me mad....Surge was such a b!tch in this issue and I'm not sure that I'm going to be able to get over that....like she made me want to punch her in the face....and I used to like Surge

Posted by sora_thekey

I don't want to read this because it ties into the Hell Wolverine story... which I am really not that interested in
but I want to read this because of the writer and X-23!!!!!
Oh what to do?

Posted by BuddyBulson


Posted by ImperiousRix

I believe there's actually a few different cover variants for this issue, which surprised me when I saw. 
My personal favorite is the Marko Djur....deviic...jur... whatever his name is, variant.

Posted by KamikazeCaterpillar

I can't wait to dig into this. 

Posted by Grimoire

I think I am going to check this out.

Edited by darkwolverineUSMC
@G-Man said:
" @countvontrey: That's what I was trying to say. It's a nice cover, but doesn't really fit with the character. If they did one of those anniversary issues, it'd fit perfectly as one of the pin-ups. Just, even with the broken glass, it didn't feel gritty enough to portray X-23 as she is in the comic. I hope it doesn't throw people off if they're looking for a more cheerful comic. "

They have some nice variants. My local comic shop ran out before I got a copy, so  gotta pick up a variant they have coming in next week.
Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

I think X-23 has lots of potential, and I'm glad to see the character get a good start.


hmmm not interested but nice video.

Posted by dr.x

what happen to wild thing ? 
Posted by H_Rosado

I want to address a VERY serious issue. How does Hellion pee?

Well, he is a telekinetic, so he can undo his pants, aim his peewee and probably control the pee stream with his mind. With enough training, he can even learn to telekinetically shake his member with care, so he won’t have to bother Forge for yet another prosthesis.

Posted by SwaggaB0y

This is prob why shes in MVC 3

Posted by Kid_Zombie

Hellion has been a bitch lately, they really have done no justice to the character, so i really home he is in this series a lot, and make him into a cool character once again.
I'll prob wait for trade on this series, but I am really happy it is good. I miss new x-men (loved that series, really dont like new mutants) so i hope rockslide and mercury are in the book a lot also. hope this book does really well. glad it got a high rating! sweet.

Edited by spiderguylll

Cyclops is just doing his job...He's becoming BATMAN

Edited by k2

Haha.  Liked this interview, only two comments.
1) X-23 was not the only new X-men on X-force. Elixir was on it as well. 
2) The Hellion diaper comment made me lol. Poor guy! It just keeps getting worse and worse for him doesn't it? And yes, how he gets past the mind-boggling challenge of being a telekinetic that lives without hands 
     (and demonstrates how he does it in the same issue),  I'm truly mystified by how he manages to take a leak. Maybe he just hold it in till he gets new hands? ;-) Still the diaper thing was funny and fits his luck.

Posted by Krak0

Do not underestimate the power of the super absorbent X diapers. 

Posted by fenixREVOLUTION

I checked this out based on the ads that I've been seeing in Amazing Spider-Man and having not followed the X-Men in comics before, I thought this was pretty good and will continue to pick it up. Hopefully Marjorie Liu is on this for more than the first five or so issues like what happened with Black Widow.

Posted by BaBaBoom

I got a part-time job just to buy this issue (and every single X-book)

Posted by FLStyle

This video sums up why I keep coming back to CV. In-depth chat powered by pure enthusiasm for comics. Great job.

Posted by k2

Hmmm, thought of something else. Back when Marjorie Liu released her X-23 one-shot, I didn't like it much, or think she was writing X-23 too well. She was in character, but the plot really didn't float my boat. But apparently I was mistaken regarding her writing skills; I think the real difference is you just can't do much with a one-shot issue. I really hope she stays on the comic, this first issue wildly exceeded my expectations and gave me a taste of how I used to anticipate getting the New X-men stuff by Kyle & Yost. Great job. The dream wasn't too strange to me. It was a dream, dreams don't make sense, they usually have symbolic meanings (example: losing a tooth in a dream means loss of control over one's life); and since Wolverine has a "going to hell" arc right now, it makes perfect sense that Laura would dream about it. 
Also, I agree about Hellion's hands. They must be holding back on robot hands for him for a good reason. He's probably going to get his real ones back somehow. I suspect that's what the Nov/Dec Hellion arc is about.
SPOILER (talking about a scene)

Posted by Maverick7
@Mumbles: like what?Sometimes the characters name is enough.
Posted by Maverick7

I bet there wil be 23 isues-ba-dum-sha.lol.

Posted by jakob187

$3.99?  Yikes!  I might have to pick it up.  I haven't been into any Marvel stuff lately, but this whole Wolverine/Daken/X23/X-Force thing has me really curious.

Posted by angelus2402004

If you guys read the other X-23 one shot:
You can understand more about the hell thing going on in the current issue

Posted by riri4life

Def gonna pick this up now! Awsome review!

Posted by Blindside002

I love X-23 far more than Wolverine, I just can't get over my lack of interest towards hims and the over saturation is not helping at all. I want to see more of her and I hope she keeps her series, with her getting more exposure in games and mainstream media, this could be promising for me to see one of my favorite characters get noticed. :)

Posted by Blindside002

Babs please by my mom! I love your way of parenting....

Posted by ahumancartoon

Babs and G-man , Hellion is a telekinetic. How do you think he does he's bathroom buisness?

Posted by Lustwish

weird review.  like you guys were strangers. 

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