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I've been meaning to start reading Wonder Woman but I never get around to it...maybe I should start.

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You are Wonder Woman.  They should cast you !

Posted by Lustwish

Just to let you know guys, whatever you are doing, the video quality has since improved, good stuff :)

Posted by Amegashita

  I read this issue and it didn't really appeal to me all that well.

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Clearly, Joe Venom did not listen to the review. :P

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Faith in JMS is rewarded, he is the master of the long story.
Posted by sora_thekey

I haven't read this issue... and i was going to but I'm not anymore...
I picked up issue #600 and although I enjoyed the first few stories... the ending by JMS made no sense to me whatsoever...
I am sad that this character is being "destroyed" in a sense because even though I never read a single issue of WW I did think highly of her...
I am sorry you were so disseminated Sara...
I think this proves that JMS is probably one of the most controversial writers in the comic book industry since he was also responsible for " Sins Past" when he was writing Spider-Man...

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It is part one of a year long character if not enough information came through then it's because it is number one. 
Maybe this temp reboot is good for her in the long run no Wonder Woman story has been good enough for her fans in years and the number of people buying has lowered over the years this new take could serve to bring people in while reminding people why they like the classic version.

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I would call the story at the end of Wonder Woman # 600 a prologue. Going with the book/Greek drama theme.
So, some force just happen to suddenly attack moments after the protections on the island are revoked? A force stronger than the combined power of the Amazons, and no one saw them coming? Of all the powers in the world. There wasn't a blip on anyone's radar?
I'm still not fond of the outfit. Someone needs to alert Jim Lee that the leather jacketed heroes went out of style in the 90s. While I like the basic design of the gauntlets. They shouldn't of changed the color. Though, I still don't think the design needed to be changed. They are an icon to the character. There is a history to the item.

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Babs is never wrong ;P 

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I'll pick it up in the store.

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All I have to say is that this issue was pants. I did not enjoy it.

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Good review, but I'm hoping that single-person reviews don't become the norm.  The conversations are a lot more fun and don't seem as stilted as they do in single-person monologues.  

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 You being an older fan of Wonder Woman really impacted your reception of the issue. You have a preconceived idea of her as a character and other stories to compare it to. The problem is that the cover denotes that you're reading the "All-New Wonder Woman." Changes are being made and you have to be open to reading a new tale with an alternative, younger Wonder Woman who really does have to discover herself since she was never raised on Paradise Island.

I never read Wonder Woman, but want to give JMS a shot to sell me on her as a hero because she is a big hero and I, and more people, should know more about her. I understand that there's a journey to be made and eventually we'll see the real Diana back, but it's nice to get a new streamlined origin tale. I think it's perfect for a new reader to jump in to because you don't have to know anything about Wonder Woman to get this story. JMS gives you everything you need in 22 pages so he can jump to the story next month. Everything else (the villain, etc) can happen over the course of his story.  It wasn't perfect, but I enjoyed it and want to continue to see what JMS's master plan is.
 Of course, I definitely understand that it's one of your favorite characters and it must suck to see it getting the entire make-over....so I definitely get where you're coming from.

Posted by grifter78

JMS had some actors do a reading of this at his panel at SDCC.  Made the issue stand out more in my mind.  Of course, that was the 1st time I've ever seen the inside of a Wonder Woman comic so I've got no basis for this character other than in crossovers.  :)

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i like wonder woman, i just never know where to start reading. so it seems like i have a few random issues...

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I understand the criticism, but I think your disappointment stems more from your own considerable expectations and strong perception of who/what WW should be than any failings on JMS's part. It feels like you're asking too much from what is only book #1 of a new era.

Give it at least 3-4 issues, let JMS develop his story and themes. Based on his previous work, it's safe to assume that he has a plan for Wonder Woman, and that there's a very good reason why she doesn't seem like herself.

I felt there were way too many shadowy areas to take everything at face value, as the basis of a new status quo. I'm willing to bet there is much more going on than has been shown in just that initial issue. #601 made me curious, made me want to know more. I'll be disappointed if "that's it, this is the New Wonder Woman, this is how it's going to be now, deal with it", but I don't believe that for a second.

We will learn what befell Themyscira, Diana will (re)gain a sense of self, we will find out who the "bad guys" are. Just give it time: JMS has more than proven with Thor that he knows how to reinvent a mythical character.

Take it as a temporary departure from the WW you love which will make the reunion all the sweeter.
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I didn't like this issue, even though I don't really know much about the character that well. All I know is I've been wanting to read about wonder woman for a while and now that I have been reading for a few issues I'm kinda disappointed and this story so far just upsets me since I really didn't think she needed a new origin and unless this gets really good really fast I might not be reading anymore Wonder Woman comics in the future after this arc.

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As far as her personality goes I agree that she is different but in this timeline her whole history has changed so it's not that surprising.You would assume that much of her personality her compassion etc..came from her mother and in this reality she was denied that. 
 I think this looks like an interesting run and WW needed to do something to attract new readers so I really hope JMS can make this work.I enjoyed this much more than his first Superman issue. 
Posted by Latuki Joe

I dig the pants.  Don't know what the big deal is.

Posted by Farley Deering

Completely right Babs, poor issue and poor characterisation.  First Superman, now Wonder Woman, stay away from Bats JMS!

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I never read Wonder Woman either, but I guess Id give it a shot now Looooooooooooooool. 
Looks interesting.
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@sora_thekey said:

I think this proves that JMS is probably one of the most controversial writers in the comic book industry since he was also responsible for " Sins Past" when he was writing Spider-Man... "

Putting the blame for Sins Past squarely on JMS's shoulders is more than a little unfair, don't you think? His run on Spider-Man was notoriously fraught with editorial interference. Sure, he could have refused to write Quesada's stuff, but a) I assume he had contractual obligations, and b) there's something to be said for sticking with your characters when you realise their fate has been decided regardless of your reluctance, and all you can do is either walk away or accompany them through it as best you can.
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Best issue of last week, I loved it.  Read my review of it for more info.

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I read the issue, and I liked the action (since I'm an action junkie) and the art and that's it. I'm wondering with WW's new direction, Supes is walking, and Bats isn't Bruce, where does that leave the Justice League?  
I'm curious to see where MJS is going but I'm not making this a part of my automatic pull list. I do like the new outfit but I think we all know it's only temporary.

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I was actually excited for this issue but, now I am less excited

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@Top Flight Security said:
" I read the issue, and I liked the action (since I'm an action junkie) and the art and that's it. I'm wondering with WW's new direction, Supes is walking, and Bats isn't Bruce, where does that leave the Justice League?  I'm curious to see where MJS is going but I'm not making this a part of my automatic pull list. I do like the new outfit but I think we all know it's only temporary. "
I think the first couple issues does a good job of showing that it's only temporary.  I really enjoyed the first issue for the fact that I can still see how it can do a good job of pulling on new readers and introducing them to a character as she's rebuilt.
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Babs I think you are hitting the panic button far too soon. Have you read any of JMS's previous work on other titles, be they DC, Marvel or other. He has consistently done a fine job on the titles he has tackled, be patient and let the story unfold. As for Diana's lack of emotion, I would chalk that up to the current story. Of course she will not react the same as she has in the past, her past is completely different. It has been previously stated this is a temporary change telling the story how her world was changed and Diana's journey to figure out what happened and correct it. Try to judge the story on its own merits. Wonder Woman almost more than any other major hero has suffered from inconsistent writing, no villains that define her, and a bloated, convoluted history,  that has hampered other writers. I hope when completed this creative run  will trim some of that history, with out permanently altering the character, making the title more accessible to unfamiliar readers.

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I have a question, how does this effect Wonder Woman in other titles, I mean when Bruce comes back is he going to wonder who this new girl is or does this continuity only exist in the Wonder Woman title?

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Great review!!! 

Posted by Blackestnight

holy crap I agree with babs 100%

Posted by Switchdoctor

I'm still not a fan of that costume.  JMS has a pretty good resume that precedes him though, so I'm keeping an open mind.

Posted by NXH

Babs. I gotta say your solo reviews have improved so much. 
It's great to see you and G-Man going solo again. Not saying I didnt like the duel review, I loved them. epecially if its a comic i like lol. and it was great to get a second opinion from one of you.

Posted by No_Name_

Sorry to those of you guys that disagree! :) I just really felt that the issue was all over the place and that JMS could have definitely drawn out the scenes between Diana and the Oracle. He breezed through those way too fast, and that just really disappointed me.

Posted by Gylan Thomas
You guys should read Rucka's run.
That's my own favourite. Best she's been.
@VicDiGital said:
" Good review, but I'm hoping that single-person reviews don't become the norm.  The conversations are a lot more fun and don't seem as stilted as they do in single-person monologues.   "

Two person review give a better outlook on the issue too. 
One reviewr's just one opinion after all.
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I have my questions about this Arc. I did not like the art and that is strange since I usually love Don Kramer but this art was too different from his original style and though it is a Kramer  style concentrated on lady parts too much but I feel for this story that it is inappropriate and he should know that. Now I do like the story boarding that Diana is in some alternate timeline and she has to fix it but most of all I enjoy that she is extremely depowered and is slowly regaining her abilities. This adds danger and adventure and it shows that Diana can still be unstoppable with her fighting skills alone. Though the story does jump around a little to much for me and JMS poorly introduced it I believe. Still I hold high hopes and the fact is they have a wonderful Idea I just hope the creative team can roll with it.

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 @Babs: I found myself caught in the middle of that. On one hand, he could've drawn the entire scene out and really developed more emotion there. On the other, he may or may not fill it in, but he's jumping to the modern narrative next month (which is what this story came across as...a quick table set so he could get going) and avoiding any criticism of filler or stalling.
Perhaps the entire issue would've flowed better if it were a 32 or 40 page story? The longer length would have also added a bit of weight into how important the new origins were. That seems like it would've been there way to go perhaps.

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Normally I'm a huge fan of  Straczynski's  work but with the radical character change, including the costume (which btw looks like deodato's hoochie WW but with more clothes http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l0z6nhr8T41qzvhk6o1_500.jpg ) leaves me wondering if his run would be a good fit for WW...
p.s. is she wearing a choker?... sigh*

Posted by Stormultt

Posted by Comiclove5

600 is a good place to start reding Wonder Woman. Don't worry Babs this is obviously temporary. You can tell when JMS doesn't want to do a story because he doesn't put his whole heart into it. His run will probably start to be good afte the Timeline goes back in the second story arc. And DC are also giving Batman a costume redesign. Most likely Superman's costume will be redesigned next year or not never know.
Posted by fACEmelter88

I should read this series

Posted by greenenvy

This issue was dark (light wise) I don't know it could be wonder woman's new costume which is darker than colorful which is a big no no or the atmosphere. When she had the original costume everything would shine more and a american feel not a dark Grimm retro tone which this issue had damn it that is such a bad sign and feel here. I ALREADY SEE  HOW THE NEW COSTUME IS EFFECTING THE STORY ALREADY : ( 

Posted by Silver2467

I have to say I agree with the critique given. Normally, when a character I love goes through a drastic change, I would have a sincere aversion to it. The same in a way can be said in this instance. My only consolation is that I do not believe this will be a permanent change. That said, I can tolerate this story arc is it does give a new outlook on the character. I just do not want it to be a perpetual change, as these changes are somewhat radical. She is a very different person in this, obviously, as her experiences are different. I am interested to see where this storyline is leading though. 

Posted by clumsyninja

Love your pickiness, Babs!!!!!
I do believe she needed to be more emotional about her mother. Maybe she spend to much time with Clark and Bruce in the past?

Posted by Mumbles

more of babs comic reviews alone.  sorry gman

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I haven't been able to read Wonder Woman with her new costume yet. But I can tell you that I originally hated her new costume. It has grown on me already though :)

Posted by Joey Ravn

Well... I do think she's MEANT to be completely different from the normal, good ol' WW we all know. That's the point of the story, I guess: something happened and her story is not as it should be. The Oracle says that several times between #600 and #601. Plus, you get a certain scene where she "remembers" certain stuff...  
Yeah, I think we should give JMS some time. This is the first issue of a year-long run, if I'm not mistaken, so things will get start to develop more towards #605 or #606. Mind you, I'm not really into the character, so I'm not the best judge, but personally, I liked this issue. It wasn't "Lex Luthor in Action Comics"-good, but it was a good read nevertheless.

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@Babs:  Don't worry, i'm sure we'll have good old Diana back in under a year. This "reboot" wont stick
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Wait, I feel a little confused here... is this story in the DCU present, or is it a flashback to her origin?  If it's going back to the origin, there's every reason for her to not be the character we know today.  If it's in the present, that's another thing entirely.

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yes you r always    right