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New costume looks awesome!

Posted by phantomzxro

I think i'm warming up to the new look!
Posted by punisher1313

Wasn't  a fan of the new  costume  going in after seeing the photo you guys previewed but after reading the comic it looked a whole lot better in the issue.

Posted by Joey Ravn

That's Sara? It seems not only WW is getting a new look :P I love the long hair and the foulard!
Anyway, I've never read WW-specific books, only general DCU things where she appeared. I'm getting this issue, just to have a "jumping point" into the character. And if you guys gave it a 4.5/5 average, I feel quite safe :P 
Good luck in the new HQs! ^^

Posted by Baddamdog

Babs, you look beautiful today :)

Posted by johnny_spam

Well Greg Rucka has left DC to pursue other interests I am sure he would have stayed away even if given the opportunity. 
John Bryne has burned his bridges with the the big two so no surprise he wasn't asked. 
Louise Simonson has been doing X Factor forever.

Posted by ForbushBug
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I was going to make a comment about her direction ... but on second thought - I think I'll just remain silent.(funny!)
But enough of OUR opinions. Lets see what Diana HERSELF thinks about it.  (↓↓BELOW↓↓)

  ...I'm scared ...
Posted by ElJuano

The only thing i liked about this comic was Lynda Carter. The Pin-up gallery was cool too, that new story or take on WW, seriously sounds like a cop out. So now she's a tough city warrior? with a horrible "rogue" esque costume from the 90's? really? Jim Lee.... Really this is the best you came up with? I don't know what else to say but I can't wait for DC to bring back Wonder Woman, not this cheap version of an icon you are trying to throw at us. After that debacle that was Jonah Hex, this just seems like an attempt to sell a movie script, not a comic book. Stop selling out DC!

Posted by jaymastergwapo

hahaha lol to Amanda Conner's part.. manga monster hahaha!
nice review guys! I am also excited to WW's next storyline

Posted by lostlantern13

I'm excited for issue #601. I think JMS has something special up his sleeves.

Posted by emerald_lamp_2814

I wanted to get this yesterday but a hurricane brushed by my town so every thing closed down even though nothing happened
Posted by Korialstrasz
+1 Great hairstyle
Posted by Krakoa

I agree with G-Man, that damn Action Comics preview has been popping up everywhere. 

Posted by Skogen

I still can't help but think of Gypsy whenever I see the new costume.

Posted by Hamz

I really enjoyed this issue. Definitely a 4/5 from me.
The new costume looked better on the page than in the Jim Lee concept drawing. That being said the jacket still looks bloody daft.

Posted by sparty-dbq
@ForbushBug said:
"Paradise City? Isn't that where Mr Brownstone is from? "

I hear it never rains in November there.
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As long as they don't retcon her, I do like the costume (not as much as her old costume) and I am looking forward to this issue. But the frigging store doesn't even have it yet >:(. They never have anything on time. 
I was worried, but this vid made me feel better about it. But what's with all the Linda Carter hate? Sheesh. I've never seen that show, but she was on it a while, so that's something.
Posted by G-Man
@ForbushBug:  They also say that Captain America was torn apart there. Now he's a court jester with a broken heart.
Posted by logan48227

Great review as always, and I'm digging the new look..........of Babs! Diana's new costume is growing on me the more I see it though.

Posted by doordoor123

meh :)

Posted by MrDirector786

I'm getting this tomorrow.

Posted by ComicCrazy

I had said before that I don't mind the new wonder woman outfit but now I'm actually starting to like it.
Posted by RedHurricane24

I'm at a loss. They said that the Simone and Conner stories were cute... I didn't find their contributions cute.  I actually found it heart-warming and funny at the same time. And the reason Rucka is not on this issue is because he wanted to work on personal projects.
Can't really think of many positives for this review. And that's coming from a guy who wasn't such a big disciple on the early works of Wonder Woman before the internet came.

Posted by Blackestnight

And the winner of the thread is Axel Rose

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Babs, the hair is great! 
As for this issue, probably going to pick it up just because it looks like a good jumping on point for some Wonder Woman finally! 
Also, I care about Lynda Carter!!!  That was my introduction to Wonder Woman!!! 
Also also...you and G-Man are totally Twinkies in this video with the yellow shirts!!!

Posted by FLStyle

Interesting stuff, can't help noticing that the cover looks like they've pasted Joker's face over WW. Amusing.

Posted by Mbecks14

i like your ascot babs!

Posted by DavidRose

Hopefully Geoff Johns never watches this video...
Posted by DMC

Nice review guys. 
I thought WW #600 was the better than Superman #700 and Batman #700.

Posted by Comiclove5

Cool can't wait to get this, So new office?
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Why and Where are they moving to? Is it because of comic con or the July 4 coming up?

Posted by ChaosAgent

Lynda is amazing! D: She's the only woman who could ever bring life to Diana. Well, -cough- except for Susan Einsberg, but that's a different story.  
All things aside...I'm not feeling the redesign. Maybe I'm just being anal about her classic look.  
However, I do intend on purchasing this.
Posted by kitsuneconundrum

haters gotta hate.

Posted by fatyman

i really dont think i am going to check out this issue. it really doesnt look good.

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

I like the costume, there I said it, she's finally has pants

Posted by HexThis

Babs is real angry in this, hahahahaha.

Posted by RomaTotti10

I have to agree with the 4/5  Babs gave this issue. Of cause if you like cats then I guess it's a 5/5. 
The last story is very good and exciting, but the rest really didn't do it for me.

Posted by sora_thekey

I am going to start collecting WW starting with the issue... O.O

Posted by thatlad

I started watching this review as I've heard loads of good things about wonder woman (especially on the recent CV podcast) but I dunno what it is but WW just doesn't strike my interest. I hope JMS changes all that but a new costume isn't helping as all I see is a black canary clone (another one after white canary.

Posted by CylonDorado
What's so great about JMS? I've been really into the Simone run, and I've been worried about the change.
Posted by WW-Fan

i think Lynda Carter is important actully! if it wasnt for her i would't be reading wonder woman actully :)
Posted by El Dudp

Wondah Woman!

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I like WW's new costume but I hope they don't use it for the live-action movie.

Posted by mattydeNero

First, I like the new costume in the plane of existince she's in right now works.  It kind of screams Amalgam's BULLETS AND BRACLETS.  But as a kid that was one of my favorite one-shots.  JMS rocked on Thor, he's a god.  I think he is going to rock the this title.  Also, a little Jim Lee art and reading about the detail and work he put into designing a new costume(for the time being) topped it off.  I basically picked this up for the JMS prelude.  In all the years I've been an avid reader, I have never bought a Wonder Woman monthly before this one.  I hope that it's cool and I hope to gain a little more knowledge.

Posted by KevinSchultz
@Krakoa said:
" I agree with G-Man, that damn Action Comics preview has been popping up everywhere.  "
Now the Flash: On Break preview got really annoying.