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hair cut!!!

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 Babs is on point with the review, but it seems like G-man's always inflating his reviews... "it's not the best, it's not the worst" and it still gets a 4?  I'm not hating on the meat and potatoes of your review, but I am asking you to re-evaluate your numbers when you dish 'em out.  Other than that, thanks for "Unscripted Review!"

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I keep hearing good things about second coming from all over the place and I'm still hesitant to actually buy this on trade or not. 
I loved messiah complex and the lead up to that when chris bachalo and mike carey were on x-men.

also, x-force was great too. okay. im mouning now. im sorry, ill stop lol

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Definitely agree. You could miss the issue and not be confused.

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@aZuLPiNoY: What's to rethink? A 4 is like an 80%. I mentioned there was things I liked. I mentioned it wasn't the worst chapter but definitely not the best.
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@G-Man:  I share your enthusiasm for comic books, and I pretty much love almost everything.  After seeing your reviews for a little while now, I've learned to expect at least a 4 from you, so I listen to your review, and Babs' number.  Please correct me if I'm wrong, but to me, it seemed like this issue would've been more of an average issue for you to read... Doesn't average = 3?
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Didnt read this. Glad to hear I'm not missing out.
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I missed parts 8 and 9, I've been enjoying Second Coming, I did think seeing Bucky taking charge was pretty awesome, and seeing all of the other heroes trying to help the X-Men is a nice touch. I did notice how all of the girls look the same, but I still like Dodson's art. I do hope the X-Men move off of Utopia and back into San Fransisco, I thought it was nice to see them somewhere other than New York, but now with them being on a random island, just isn't interesting.

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@aZuLPiNoY: No. I'd say a 3.5 would be average. 70%. A 3 would be a 60%, D-. I liked the crossover aspects with the FF and Avengers and Bucky's portrayal. That's what bumped it up from a 3.5 to a 4. Also if you look at my review stats, my average is a 3.5. That means in order for it to average out to a 3.5, there had to have been many scores lower than a 4. Saying I always give 4's doesn't make sense Mathematically.
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@G-Man:   Okay, makes sense.  I guess the Unscripted Reviews I mainly catch are ones that I'm interested in, and that you seem to like as well.  Nice talking with you!  I have better insight to how you rate now!
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It's so weird to think of Bucky as Cap, now.  I mean, you see Cap on the scene, and you expect him to be acting exactly like Steve (and it seems like he is at least in this issue), but it's just crazy to think, "Man... that is the effing Winter Soldier in that suit!" 

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@jedd said:
" hair cut!!! "
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lol G-Man you have my fav shirt on!!!

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It's seems it was planned that Fraction/Uncanny would be the "breather" chapters while the titles do the heavy lifting. Shouldn't Uncanny as the senior book be the flagship title?
I hope they stay on Utopia, at the very least move back to SF/Marin but that does not really make sense to me considering the City is under "siege" (lol) due to the mutant presence. I am good as long as no more NY! As a lifelong Californian I've always been jealous of Marvel's NYC-centric universe. Anyone notice the Lance Briggs jersey in the last legacy issue? That was some nice cali love!

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nice hair cut

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i thought the part where Bucky took charge was also pretty cool.

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I know people normally fixate on Babs' latest hair style, looks lovely as always by the by; but looks like G-Man got a new cut this time. Looking sharp, G-Man.
You can blame Fraction for that red glowing eyes bit. He also made Emma a Omega level Psychic. He just keeps making up crap as he goes along. I know a lot of writers do, but his stuff is far more annoying.
Marvel has 'normally' done alternate time lines rather then changing events in the future. Remember, that was one of the issues in Messiah Complex. Madrox sent out several of his clones to different time lines to investigate.

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I was confused at the beginning as to how the Fantastic Four and Avengers could be inside the dome.  The artist made a mistake that a simple Google map search could of fixed!

In this issue, the first panel of the dome is wrong because it's not covering S.F., the geography is wrong.  The Fantastic Four and Avengers are shown on the Golden Gate Bridge which is at the heart of the dome's inner core.  In one panel, Scott's pointing to a map which clearly shows the only "bridge" area outside of the sphere is on Oakland's side of the Bay Bridge, which is where our outside heroes should be drawn.  The two locations look entirely different and can't be genericized.

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@War Killer: It's not a random island, it's Asteroid M. 
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I can't believe no one mentioned anything about Fantomex's rip on the Watchmen movie.  A lot of what I've read others say thought it was in bad taste, but I laughed for a good 15 seconds or so.
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@Hawkling said:

" @War Killer: It's not a random island, it's Asteroid M.  http://www.comicvine.com/asteroid-m/34-41752/  "

I know it's Asteroid M.
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I love how Babs softly tells us to figure out who was calling Richards at the store....
I haven't figured out where this is all going because I thought this whole event was going to focus a lot on Hope getting back with the X-Men but they already did that so now Second Coming seems to have no focused point.

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Babs I love when  you said that all of the woman do poses and that would never happen in real life

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The sad thing is, that, you could both give this comic a revue of 1 (does that ever even happen), & I'd still feel compelled to purchase the issue. For completion's sake, if no other reason. Honestly, though, I'm over $40.00 in on this particular story. We're past the point of no return. I'm going to see it through to the, potentially, bitter end. I agree with the commentary regarding sameness in Dodson's renderings. It seems to be a fairly common problem with a lot of artists. I'm going to give him a pass though since his books come out on time, & he's capable of doing full interiors, which is more than can be said for a lot of the popular favorites right now. Not everyone can be George Perez or John Byrne.

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G-Man i love the CRUSH Shirt lolol :D
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yeah it kinda sucks that the Uncanny, New Mutants, and X-Men legacy chapters have to be so weak compared to X-Force....did it really have to be that way?

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Regarding Babs and women drawn the same, I couldn't agree more, sometimes it's hard to tell who's who only the different hair colour and costumes tell them apart. Gwen Stacy/Mary Jane Watson is the best example of lazy artists and everyone does it
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Did no one else notice they spelt 'to be continued', "to be coninued" on the last page of the story? I kinda laughed sadly after I realised nothing had really happened… I thought it was just warming up. Wasn't bad though, just felt short.

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G-Man got a haircut.
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yeah, it's sort of ironic that they let Terry Dodson draw this issue 
those faces on the wall in DoFP is SUCH an iconic image 
and they let the guy who draws everyone's faces the same draw it

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@chalkshark:  The sort of sad truth is since we only do five Unscripted's a week, we're not going to seek out a comic worthy of a 1. We basically review the stuff that we're excited for and the stuff we think you guys might be excited for. This is why doing Second Coming and Brightest Day is pretty much a given. It's what everyone is talking about. But sometimes we'll review stuff we really really like (like I, Zombie). But we also do written reviews and I have given 1's a couple times.
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I haven't been reading this series.  The spread where you showed the pictures of mutants, or was it mutants and hero's, suppossed to tie into Day of the Future Past?  The whole Nimrod connection, even tho It was just Sentinels in that story line.  Nimrod came later. 
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@goldenkey: Yes. Days of Future Past timeline. Nimrod came from that timeline and Bastion spurred the production of over 170,000 Nimrods in that timeline to attack the X-Men in San Francisco.
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Come on.  This was horrible.  Nothing happened, and we had no character moments.  The dialogue between the characters was completely devoid of emotion.  This was like a mindless action movie.  Emma saying shit like "Blow 'em to hell."  All of X-Force sitting there and saying "Don't stop 'til we've killed 'em all!"  Archangel whining about being dead, despite knowing that alternate futures aren't necessarily their future.  You've been friends with Rachel Grey for years, Warren!  Don't even get me started on the Dodson art.  It's not bad, but it certainly doesn't match the grim and gritty future/dark tones of this book.   As for pages of the non-mutant heroes outside?  I enjoy seeing them, but nothing happened out there.  We wasted six pages on them.  And Bucky's "leadership moment" was him saying "You guys, figure out how to get into the bubble.  Everyone else, hit the bubble."  Nice thinking, boss.   I wish I had thought of that. 
In all, I hated this issue.

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There is nothing better right now out there than Second Coming!!!

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@Beatrix said:
" Did no one else notice they spelt 'to be continued', "to be coninued" on the last page of the story? I kinda laughed sadly after I realised nothing had really happened… I thought it was just warming up. Wasn't bad though, just felt short. "
well the "to be continued" on the last page of my book was mostly cut off......................mostly
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@Aspenite said:
" There is nothing better right now out there than Second Coming!!! "
Third Coming is better.
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@Aspenite said:
" There is nothing better right now out there than Second Coming!!! "
That's ridiculous.
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Haha! Babs doing the X-23 pose was brilliant.  
What is Dodson thinking when he draws this stuff? *Sigh*
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@Edamame said:
" @Aspenite said:
" There is nothing better right now out there than Second Coming!!! "
Third Coming is better. "
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what did they blow up ? Did they defeated the nimrods ?

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@victorvndoom said:
" what did they blow up ? Did they defeated the nimrods ? "
LOL. There are at least 170,000 Nimrods. 
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Not following Second Coming and only getting Uncanny to me this was far more interesting  than it's been for a past few issues even though it took a little bit to get up to speed. 

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It's probably a good job that Uncanny only acts as a filler.  That means all the GOOD writing can be left to the decent writers.   
BTW, nice haircut G-Man :)

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Uncanny X-Men has been pretty pap for a while in my opinion; between Terry Dodson and Greg Land's art and the fact that barely anything happens every issue and the constant crossovers I dropped this quick smart.

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I give this issue a 4.5 I liked it alot.
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agree what they say about x-23 didnt look much like her.