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I wish I was able to pick this up I like Superman and Batman and The Legion of Super-Heroes and I liked the people in the back ups.

Posted by Crimson Eagle

I haven't read a Superman/Batman issue in a long time.
Posted by G-Man
@Crimson Eagle: Funny thing is, neither have I. I kept buying them but never got around to reading them. It was because I knew JT Krul and Francis Manapul had a story here and since this was the 75th issue, I thought I'd check it out.
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Posted by afierce

Thanks for reviewing this G-Man! I was really hoping you would. I was thinking about picking this up, but you've actually convinced me not to. I thought the two page shorts were an interesting idea, but I didn't know that there was a big story at the beginning that was half the book. Also, it sounds like I would personally only be interested in the Hughes/Manapul stories, so I just can't justify spending $4.99 on four pages.

Posted by Phantim555

I can't believe this but I am going to pick up a $4.99 comic for just 4 pages (at least for now) the two page story with Tim and Conner and the two page story with Damian as Batman. I love Tim Drake's character period and I love Damian as Batman. The only thing this is missing is Terry. He ruled as Batman too.

Posted by kitsuneconundrum

The night and day arc finally closes another earlier storyline in the superman/batman series. Pretty smart.

Posted by Silkcuts

@G-Man.  The Seagle story was more enjoyable if you read his It's a Bird vertigo book, it features the same character Steve and belongs in that universe. :) If you haven't read it I would check it out.

Posted by goldenkey

75 already.

Posted by Nick-SV(ril)

I wasn't able to check the whole video cause my internet is all messed up today, but yeah from what I saw, I agree with G-Man on this. The only thing thats been bugging me is that the volume is so out of continuity, or repeating (in a way) some events that already happened in the past (our worlds at war, the "death" of Bruce Wayne in the following issue). But other than that, I love it.

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this is my absolute favorite series- cant wait to pick up this issue
Posted by Decept-O

Sounds like a lot of variety which I like, something a bit different.   
@G-Man:  Any particular reason why you don't like the Legion of Super-Heroes?  Too many characters or because they use a lot of space settings? 
Posted by Renee

Krypto vs Ace, that is a hard one!

Posted by G-Man
@Decept-O: I never really got into the Legion growing up with comics. Then there were the different versions. Just too many characters and too many versions. I'm not saying they're bad. I just never got into them. They also always felt out dated with their names and all. I guess I just never gave 'em a chance and know I really should.
Posted by Lilja

It's all so cute!

Posted by NightFang
@Renee said:
" Krypto vs Ace, that is a hard one! "
             I thinki Ace will try to make Krypto his bitch.
Posted by Bald Eagle

From how G-man described the issue, it seemed like he was being generous with a 4/5.  Its sounds like alot of nothing that both Marvel and DC sometimes do on a anniversary issue. 
Posted by Decept-O
Understandable.  I know they are a bit "out there" but aren't the Guardians of the Galaxy from Marvel in terms of characters and stories, set in the future and space?   For me I think that's their appeal, though, is the "feel" that they are comic book-y super heroes, if such a term can be used.  Granted some of their names may be hokey but come on, you got to love a character named "Matter-Eater Lad"!   
For me they're the line of classic DC characters, having their adventures with Superboy and Supergirl at various times.   I don't even like the idea of Superboy for some weird reason but having him with the Legion, I always thought that was awesome.   They have had some fun adventurous stories and some heavy handed ones, which is par for the course with a lot of comic book titles but I don't know, they are a bit more escapist from the usual comic book fare. 
Posted by carnivalofsins00

i might have to get this for Manapuls art alone.

Posted by chalkshark

As an anniversary issue celebrating 75 issues of the "world's greatest team", I found this issue sorely lacking in it's title characters. The main story is a Legion of Super-Heroes tale, guest- starring Batman, with a cameo appearance by Superman. Neither of the leads factor heavily into the story. It starts & ends with the Legion. The two pagers are pretty hit & miss, & again, largely  feature characters tangentially connected to the leads, without actually featuring the stars of the book. I bought the book for the two page spread by Hughes, & the two page spread by Ha, neither of which featured either Superman or Batman. The pin-ups are of Cat Woman & Lois Lane, for Pete's sake!  Had this been a one shot, I'd have no problem with it whatsoever. On principal though, I have to condemn the book. It's an utter failure as an anniversary issue, akin to throwing a huge party that the guests of honor are not actually invited to attend.

Posted by Joeybagad0nutz

The only thing that got me wanting this is the Damien and Conner spot. But after you telling me it is only 2 pages? Nope.

Posted by G-Man
@JoeRiccadonna: But those two pages could reveal the whole future of the DCU and Damian & Conner.
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@G-Man: And someone posted the scans on the site already. :) I thought it was more than two pages but apparently it was not.... 
Posted by Grim

That Calvin and Hobbes-esq short at the end got me good. Love it!  i kinda wish the whole thing was short comics instead of that weird story in the beginning,

Posted by G'bandit

Great, mind raped at the beginning of the video..

Posted by G'bandit

Dick Grayson is the last person I'd go for advise when it comes to relationships..

Posted by Eyz

I love this on-going series! Since Jeph Loeb stars to now!
And with this issue, an anniversary anthology!! Even better!

Posted by buttersdaman000

i think i might start collecting this series

Posted by Phantim555
@NightFang said:
" @Renee said:
" Krypto vs Ace, that is a hard one! "
             I thinki Ace will try to make Krypto his bitch. "

Lmao, well in a way Batman did that to Superman so I wouldn't doubt it.
Posted by Big

Sounds like a lot of ca-ca crammed into an anniversary issue. Poo-Poo on you, DCU.
Posted by Shadowdoggy

hey, dont' badmouth the Legion 
they're fricken awesome!
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Two pages for Conner and Damien in the future??? Thats worth five bucks right there!  Cmon DC, why aren't you doing a series of Titans Tomorrow and Beyond since no one is ever gonna really get older?!?