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I was wondering how long it was going to take until you commented on the "El on Earth" subtitle. One of the most overused puns in comics.
The "What If" genre of comics are always interesting. I question why they would want to give their child up for adoption. Especially since the child was already at an age of being aware of who they are. That part seems forced.
I get that they wanted their son to have a certain sense for humanity, but couldn't they of just bothered to be actual parents and try and educate him. It feels more like parents who put their kids in front of the TV to educate them. Rather that being more directly involved.

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Seems like I'll have to go look for this. Missed it in my travels, I do enjoy a good story that isn't following some daft continuity. Sometimes I just want random adventures and stories! :D

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Superman, Carey Bates and the return of Elseworlds make me want to read this. I would get it but it's allot of money that could go to other books and I think this would make a good collection.

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well i like the elseworld books, because they bring new interesting twists to familiar characters that we know. some of these stories go totally left field, thats what makes them interesting. i think the best ones are from batman, but i think dc should try other characters and see what other crazy new twists. what would happen if the joker was the hero, and bruce wayne/batman was a lunatic billionaire. bruce wayne father murdered the jokers parents....lol far fetched yea. but kool.
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I enjoyed #1 a lot but at times it seemed too long. Hopefully the later issues will have a bit more substance to them.
I'd say 4/5, as well. Definitely picking up #s 2 and 3.

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So elseworld is like a what IF?

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This was a great and promising start. I absolutely loved this issue, especially the "realistic" approach to the story. The paparazzi bothering the Els like if they were celebs, so good, so modern. 4.5/5 for me.

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@Zniperking: @Zniperking said:
" So elseworld is like a what IF? "
Elseworlds are some of the most interesting stories DC publishes. Either soft differences or complete reimaginings of the concept.
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1. Awesome T-Shirt G-Man, where'd you get it? :-) 
2. I picked this up, it was pretty intriguing... it's really going to depend on the middle/ending because although there was a short arc resolved in this issue it was mostly a setup issue. 
3. I thought it dealt really well with immigration issues.  Every parent who comes to another culture for opportunity struggles with how much- if at all- should their children be integrated into the culture they're living in and its a struggle for themselves (how much do you impose your culture on others and test their sensibilities and tolerance... and how much do you allow the culture to impose itself on you), all while trying to balance the making of a new life (that every opportunity to came for) itself a daunting task. 
Here, the things Jor-El and Lara-El Lor-Van bring to Earth are mostly compatible with American culture (well, Lara's contribution would cause more of a stir) so the struggle isn't as apparent yet, but it's still there for other aspects and one can imagine if the immigrant's culture is diametrically opposed on one point or another. 
Elseworlds are an awesome reward for long-time comic fans because they play on our collective knowledge and appreciation for the original work and worth supporting... give this one a look!

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@igman51 said:
"what would happen if the joker was the hero, and bruce wayne/batman was a lunatic billionaire. bruce wayne father murdered the jokers parents....lol far fetched yea. but kool. "
Thats alot like earth-3 where the joker is the hero(jokester) and batman is the villain(owlman)
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I think the UN is in Metropolis because in this comic, Metropolis is supposed to resemble New York city :)

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looks cool will look into it

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JorCorp. Little Luthor would love to run that!

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that cover! it looks like Wonder Woman and Superman actully :)
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Wow so gonna have to pick this up 

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I was just thinking that
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@johnny spam:
I think I'll also wait for the trade.. I think.. I'll try
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Hey I know that Pin! 

This book sounds like an opposite of the Moses story... I did overlook this book when I went to the comic book store.. next time I go.. I'll pick it up!

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totally agree with the review.  i had to do a double take when i saw this elseworld title on the rack.  i dig 'em and glad there back...a little rhyme there...

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love it!!! finally another elseworlds book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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Wouldn't be more interesting to see what kind of Superman he would become if he were raised by his actual parents (Jor-El, and Lara Lor-Van) then adoptive ones?

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im a pretty big elseworlds fan, so guess ill be getting this regardless
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As I mentioned in my review, I loved the art but the actual story wasn't that cool.  I knew it was a kind of what if, multiple world thing; but it was just kind of boring. 

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i bet at the end the parents are splinting up

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i wanted to get this but i wasnt too sure cause of the art. but now i know i need to read it. but should i wait until the trade?

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Hm, I'll check it out if I have extra money.

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Does it seem like it'll have a bittersweet ending? I mean, of course, it has to have a light at the end of the tunnel, considering its Superman, and I haven't read it, but I have this horrible horrible feeling that Jor-El and Lara are gonna die in the end.

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i think the art looks real good
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Looked at that yesterday looked kind of stupid so I didn't even bother

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Man, that Lara on the cover looks JUST like Alex Ross's Wonder Woman from Kingdom Come.  Same exact stern and untrusting expression.  It's almost uncanny.
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I'm so excited we're finally getting a new elseworlds. hope there's more to come for us.