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It looks interesting. Also for a quest, I think,....First!
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Second grade was hard for me!

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you ment Wonder Woman #600 not 700 :D
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Bitch-slapping Superman should probably be 1 of the top 3 things that will get you killed instantly.

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OMG I loved that random clip of Britney Spears. Great job guys!
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Psyched for JMS taking over writting duties.
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What? Lois is a playa'. While Clark is away. She's going to play. She even talks like one....."Baby." lol
Well, seeing how Lois is an investigative reporter. It makes more sense that she would get herself into trouble. Much more then Mary Jane. She got in trouble so often. I kept wanting to say, "For the love of Pete.  Buy a car and stop walking down dark, New York allies.".
Though, I sometimes wonder if Lois is too well known to do her job well. To really investigate stories you need to be an observer and blend in. Almost akin to being an undercover cop.
A lot of people forget about the intellect of these characters because of the writers that never focus on those character traits. It's mostly about beating the crap out of bad guys. A lot of people always forget that Batman is suppose to be a world class detective, but how often do you ever see him being a detective in his comics? Everything is too often really straight forward.
It's ironic when you consider that DC used to stand for Detective Comics. Similar to how Mtv used to be "Music Television", but now all they show are reality shows.

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LOL at the Britney Spears plug! 
I haven't read this but I really want to!
Was this crazy lady like the woman who blamed all the superheroes for the death of her kid on the Civil War story?
I am one of those people who thinks... thought... that Superman is way too perfect, but I have never read a Superman comic book so I need to give it a chance before giving an opinion and I will use this issue for that... hopefuly I will end up liking this series!
I though Wonder Woman was getting her #600 issue not the #700... or am I wrong?

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I loved this issue!!  I'm so glad to see him back on earth and back in his costume!!!  Great score Babs!!!

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I thought it was wonderwoman 600 not 700

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Yes, 600. Just a slip since these are "unscripted." I'm sure you guys know that Babs is fully aware what issue number WW is at.
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I'd like to read that Dick Grayson story. I miss Jurgens on Booster Gold. Interested to see where JMS takes Superman!
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I beg to differ Babs. I like the mushy.

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I liked the issue too. Lois's constant "baby"s did seem a little out of character to me, I've never heard her call him that either. 

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I was a bit disappointed in this. The first story was good but very short. The second story I didn't like at all. And the third story was good as well. But the hole think wasn't anything special. I wanted something more :-(

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i know Batman's 700th issue was natural, but is this also natural or not?

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Of course Babs will gush over this book. It says DC on the cover. So impartial. Does DC pay you ?

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Wasn't too sure on JMS's take, not sure Superman should be walking around, reflecting and moping about but let see how it goes.

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mehh dc still boring to me


i've only read a few supes stories, but i was kinda thinkin bout pickin this one up. got a couple shows comin  up, maybe i'll find it cheap lol

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@G-Man:  Right just checking because I also heard a question earlier saying which are you most looking forward to Batman 700 Superman 700 or Wonderwoman 700. And there was no correction. I was pretty sure it was 600 but after Babs said it again, I thought well maybe it is 700 if they combined it with some other series or something. Because last Wonderwoman I had was in the 40s or something so I thought I'd ask. Of course babs knows the number which is why I doubted myself when she slipped.
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I was just thinking about picking up some Superman trades. Since the next Wonder Woman trade doesn't come out till October... Ugh. 
It is Wonder Woman 600, but it's an easy mistake to make, what with Superman and Batman 700 coming out around the same time.
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This was a great issue.  It's rare that an issue can reapply you to a character and his recent goings on, tell you a story in the past that you never have heard about(and it works), and then set you up to a new story that appears to be something we have never seen in the world of Superman. 
I loved the second story because it gives you a little tales of why Dick Grayson has always looked up to Superman.  I mean, Supes gave Dick the idea for the codename: Nightwing.  It also really made me realize how important it was for Dick to be raised by Bruce, but still have Clark around when necessary.  The topper was Supes doing the Geometry.  I did feel like an early 80's story.  And Dan Jurgens is still one of the best to draw and craft Superman stories.
JMS has waited for this.  I have waited for JMS to finally write a Superman on-going title.  Now it's happening.  The final story was so awesome and I have always loved reading Superman out of his element and having legitamite reasons to second guess him as not only an icon, a beacon, but also as a person who jest wanted to do the right thing.  I. Can't. Wait.
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Superman is perhaps the most uninteresting character in the DC universe. Loved Batman though.

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Such a good issue one of my all time favorite 10 stars out of 5

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@danhimself said:

I gotta get this issue.

"I loved this issue!!  I'm so glad to see him back on earth and back in his costume!!!  Great score Babs!!! " 

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I'm going to get this next time I go to my comic store for sure. I also can't wait for Wonder Woman 600.

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I really enjoyed this! And i definitely agree that Superman does have a lot of humanity, and a lot of people don't realize that unless they actually read him.
PS: Where did you get that shirt G-Man?!

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I can't wait for this!!
(BTW, what a lovely cover!)

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Why does lois cheat on clark weird
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Can't wait to pick this up!!! ,Everyone should be reading superman!!! :D