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Posted by BringBackPowerPack

I didn't love the art, but I enjoyed the issue.

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I've loved this series so far but this issue felt a little lame. I didn't care for the art either.
Posted by Alphaproto

The art looks "rushed" to me. but it was agood issue.
Posted by thiagofonseca

I liked the art. It's moody, feels right for the spying stuff. It also has a classic feel. White, empty gutters, they're becoming rare in superhero comics.
I also liked the story, but it's kind of repetitive: the secret life of max fury,  the secret life of foggy nelsom, 
the secret life of bucky barnes,... lots of revelations of stuff that happened in the past that we were unaware of. I feel like i've seen lots of these. But then again, i liked it.

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I created a CV wiki entry for Max Fury on Wednesday. Can you relink this article to the Max Fury entry?

Posted by ckal

I really liked Aja's art on Immortal Iron Fist, I'll probably check this out. I was really looking forward to the team again, but I guess we will have to wait til next month. Isn't Shang Chi on the cover of Secret Avengers #6?
@G-Man - Nice review man.

Posted by ImperiousRix

As interesting as this story looks, I'm glad I dropped Secret Avengers.  Really, it's still yet to come together as "Secret Avengers".  It feels like a series that should be called "Steve Rogers and His Super-Friends", because he's the only one written with any detail in this series.  I love Steve, but I read team books to get comradery, banter, and actual team-work.  Heck, Nova was crazy throughout this first story-arc and not even on the team! 
This is just me ranting, but still.  Just need to express my disappointment with Secret Avengers.

Posted by ForbushBug

This was a so-so issue for me. The "revelation" was pretty predictable. It also seemed a stretch to think that Nick Fury would know exactly who Max was right off the bat considering the variety of possibilities and what he had thought had happened to Max. Didn't care for the coloring and inking either. Way too much dark blue, even in daytime skies. Likewise when there's heavy shadows all the time, it loses its dramatic appeal. Also, with the series being action from the get-go, I would've like to have seen at least a page or two of the Secret Avengers during their downtime.

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Oh that explains why Nick is on the run because SHIELD thinks he's an imposter? I better read the issues to find out.
Posted by Mumbles

cancellation coming soon....

Posted by G-Man
@jamesewelch: I didn't want to make Max the direct link as that entry gives away most of the issue. That's why I chose Secret Avengers even though it's all about Max. He is associated with the video. We'll have a VIDEO tab on character pages soon. 
Posted by carnivalofsins00

didnt michael aja do the art for the immortal iron fist?

Posted by G-Man
@carnivalofsins00: Yup.  Good stuff.
Posted by carnivalofsins00
@G-Man: yup, it is. im still missing the final trade though. ill buy it soon enough. really enjoyed it. =]
Posted by zedmanovic

Mike Deodato will be back when the story involves sexy heroines ;P

Posted by They Killed Cap!

This is the first issue in this run that was really any good.
Posted by KamikazeCaterpillar

After enjoying the first four issues as much as I did I must say that I was let down by this issue. Yes it is important to the story, but after waiting a month for this issue to come I can't help being a little disappointed having to wait another month for some action.

Posted by warmonked

They. Are. Robots. They don't really have feelings!