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Posted by conformist21

i really enjoyed the story. My favorite avengers title so far

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I haven't read this yet but I love brubaker's script and deodato's art, so it's a matter of time before i finally get around to picking this up
Posted by Bossjugg

IMO Secret avengers is my favourite avengers title right now just as G-Man put it its because of the kooky roster on the team and how they interact with each other. To me what I love about superhero teams is how the interact with each other. Secret Avengers out of all the Avengers book has the better team interaction 

Posted by Green ankh

I love Moon Knight but on Mars?! he is a street Level hero.
Posted by Thor's hammmer

avengers prime is my favorite
Posted by lostlantern13

I'm like Babs, I'm not super crazy (yet) about some of the Secret Avengers due to lack of exposure, but I just am not interested by this story yet. I'd like to know more about what Nick Fury's doing cause I know that could really up the excitement level for me.
Still....it's better than any of the other Avenger titles by a long shot.

Posted by sora_thekey

I agree with Tony this time... Secret Avengers is a lot better than Avengers... I think it probably has to do with Romita's art... I just don't like it!
To be honest I like New Avengers, not love, but I enjoyed the issue because it sets up a sort of rotatory set of Avengers in the Avengers Mansion.
Avengers Academy seems interesting but it does not compare to these titles...

Posted by hungup

This one "Secret Avengers" Is definitely the best one so far. I dropped the Avengers already after the second issue. There is something about it I just can't get into... 

Posted by hellfiregod529

Literally, this has like half of my favorite characters in it. Brubaker does a good job.

Posted by Theansweris42

I like the angle that it's not just the main characters that are overexposed.  There are so many good characters that are almost cult classics in the realm of comics but don't get much love in the main books.   
Also it's nice to see Antman getting a shot at being a hero, though in Thunderbolts he did want to do more in the way of saving people.  Also he helped out people in his own book, but alas his scumbag extracurriculars and urge to run away eclipses all that.
Posted by SlightConfuse

Secret Avengers is my favoruite avengers series right now

Posted by Joe Venom

It's amazing how MoonKnight looks cooler without cape and hood! Like you two said I'm enjoying this as well but I look forward to the going back to earth.
So far: 
Secret Avengers
Heroic Age Avengers
I'll wait for the others to get to issue #2 before I rate them.

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I'm really enjoying this title! :D , I also think that the main avengers title is good as well! 

Posted by Krakoa

Best Avengers book bar none.

Posted by Aspenite

I couldn´t care less about the line-up! I´m dropping this book because I simply don´t like it.
My favorite Avengers title is Avengers because there are characters I care about. The story is good and the art is fantastic.

Posted by ForbushBug

With this book it's like Marvel really wanted to make a comic I would buy. Brubaker's my favorite writer they got and Moon Knight is my favorite Marvel character (which forces me to block out his 90's series from my mind). The other SAs and Deodato work for me too. As a big fan of the Serpent Crown stories in "Marvel Two-In-One" I've been digging the plot. My only issue so far is that they gone a lil' buck wild on the shadows making it some scenes hard to decipher.

Posted by War Killer

I agree with Tony that this roster is really crazy, which is good because it's nice to see Marvel mix things up every now and then. But I don't care much for Moon Knight or Valkyrie, everyone else is fine, but those two I never really cared much for. If I had to choose, I like Avengers better but nothing against the book, I just can never get into super-spy comics as well as I can superhero comics (which are really the main reason I buy comics for), I've had the same problem with Black Widow's series as well as where I love her character in here and in Captain America, I just don't like my whole story to be just super-spy and no superhero.

Posted by ramenshamen

great review
Posted by Arkham Lunatic

I like Avengers way better than Secret Avengers. SA seems a lot like Atlas to me, and the only SA character I like in the book is Black Widow.
Posted by Mutant X

This is definitely my favorite Avengers title. I'll have to agree with a vast population of people and say that JRJR's art totally takes a lot of enjoyment out of the regular Avengers book.
And I thought Moon Knight looked pretty cool without the "cowl" or whatever.

Posted by NXH

I havent read any of the avengers books. =( 
If the punisher wasnt "frankinised" or somehow he turns back to normal i would like to see him on the secret warr ----  i almost said secret warriors lulz. secret avengers, i mean. :P

Posted by Video_Martian

why is there even a secret avengers??? doesn't it seem a little unnecessary?????

Posted by Peevo

The space costume designs are so ace! I the X-Men used SA's wardrobe department.
I wish Strange was on this team or someone with a connection to the mystical world, no offense to Valk and MK.

Posted by baker1skter
@mr.obvious: seriously. its stupid. lets stick to the one title, at most two.
Posted by InnerVenom123

I'm REALLY hoping Brubaker gives Khonshu a cameo. Just picture it, Moon Knight in a quinjet looking at everyone else. Then this little ant-like God shows up on his shoulder and he's just like "Killthemkillthemkillthemkillthem--" and then someone interrupts with "Are you alright?" and he squishes Khonshu and he's like "I'm fine." and to them it looks like he just swatted at something random. xD That's my favorite thing about "Vengeance Of The Moon Knight", he was just tossing/swatting/squashing this tiny little God of Vengeance and the moon.

Posted by symphonix

At this point, The Avengers is my favorite, but we'll see how long that lasts.  In regards to Secret Avengers, with the word secret in the title, I thought that maybe it meant they would doing things that the Avengers shouldn't be seen doing.  In my opinion, going to mars isn't it.  I was looking for something more along the lines of the start of issue one where they were working undercover.

Posted by longbowhunter

This was the Avengers title I was most looking forward to. Sadly I dont have enough money to support adding another book to my list.
Posted by brewski420

this 2nd issue wasn't as good as the first issue, but i still enjoyed reading this. i'm also not into the space exploration stuff at Marvel.
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No doubt everything will make sense in time

Posted by carnivalofsins00

Secret Avengers is my favorite, even though it doesnt have my favorite people. Its that good. =]

Posted by jayshaw

I remember a simpler time...........alas......

Posted by thatlad

Babs has got extensions in her hair...

Posted by doordoor123

I cant decide which Avengers i like better. Id have to say top 2 are Secret Avengers and Avengers Prime. But not by much. I still love the Avengers book.
The Secret Avengers roster is great but im not so sure about the mission theyre on. i would barely give this a 4.

Posted by thatlad

I decided with all the new avengers books to order them all. I'll admit I ended up cancelling New Avengers based on reviews and the fact it make no bloody sense. 
Anyway out of this Avenger's & Secret Avengers i'm more inteerested in SA...which is ironic as I'm not interested in Cap being a Brit...until I read the winter soldier trade....but winter soldier is in avengers....which I thought was wank...so even thought it's ironic kind of proves a point about writer's shining through on a book. 
Either way looking forward to this  
PS sorry to be more ironic but now I think about it....I don't really care about any of the characters in the book....wow brubaker's good!!

Posted by Comiclove5

I gotta agree with Babs I enjoy Avengers way more than I enjoy secret avengers.
Posted by DMC

I'm  leaning more towards Babs with this issue, it was a 3.5 for me. There was nothing wrong with the way it was written but I can see how it might have been boring for a while. Nothing interesting happens until the end of course. Still, I think this is a great series and hopefully issue #3 will be better.

Posted by Jord

Great job, you guys!  I was putting it off, but i'm gonna have to get this one.  So far, regular Avengers has been my fave.  Keep up the good work!!
Posted by fACEmelter88

G-Man our reviews are identical.....creepy how much I agree with you...i dig moon knight too hes so complicated and I can't quite get into the cosmic stuff either but, some of the dialogue was lame.

Posted by DH69

dont like space stories either but great review either way

Posted by zedmanovic

i'm definitely digging this book...
Nick Fur--err-- "eye-patch guy" got me interested in the story...
the team's line-up is something to look forward to since they're an odd bunch save for Rogers and Widow... how can they have personality clashes and still respect one another? -- that's where Brubaker comes in and changes every reader's mindset...
how about Deodato's art -- what can i say? he never disappoints me... his signature light and shadows never looked better (whether it's on Earth or Mars)
still a long way to go but i'm definitely digging this book...
did i just repeat myself?
i'd do it again in a heartbeat

Edited by ArtisticNeedham

Don't feel bad for either not liking what others like and giving it a bad review or for liking something others don't like.  I actually really like the New Avengers book myself, its fun.  Not in love with yet, parts were odd and, but anyways.  I also loved the regular Avengers, for the most part.
I liked this too, I love teams that seem randomly put together like they were scooped up by a giant hand and put on the team.  Something about this issue was, maybe it was that they started straight into the action and didn't really slow down or something.  I still think its too soon to judge the whole comic though.

Posted by G-Man
@fACEmelter88:  You have good taste. ;)
Posted by Ferro Vida

I'm too asleep to put more effort into this. Secret Avengers is by far the best of the Avengers titles at this moment. I'm not thrilled with Bendis' work on the Mighty Avengers (it feels too much like the superhero squadron most of the time), and I just can't wrap my mind around the Thing being on a new team. Call me old fashioned, whatever. I love the character of Ben Grimm, he just doesn't feel like he belongs in this book.
Ed Brubaker is one of the best writers in comics today. There, I said it. His work on Daredevil and Captain America was iconic and I'm loving what he has been doing with this new book so far. Some of my colleges expressed a concern that he would be unable to write for a team, but the be perfectly honest I think those fears are groundless right now. He has done nothing to make me lose faith in his abilities as so many talented writers seems to be doing (cough Bendis cough).
As you mentioned in the video, Deodato's art is another huge selling point. I can't really add anything to this other then that I loved it in Dark Avengers and I love it now. The cover art by Marko Djurdjevic is also worth noting in my humble opinion. He's the man, plain and simple.
I could go on further about how far Bendis has fallen and how he feels like a soap writer preparing the script for a sitcom, but I may as well leave it at that. It's a shame to see how far he has gone from his nigh on biblical run on Daredevil and the first twenty issues of New Avengers.
I have recently purchased Secret Avengers #1 and fully intend to purchase #2 at the earliest opportunity.

Posted by moviegeek17

i absolutely love secret avengers, besides steve rogers and black widow the rest of the team has characters that you wouldnt really expect to be on an avengers team and its awesome!. So yeah secret avengers is my favorite though im really enjoying the regular avengers too

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Still loving it, the art, characters, story & setting, I even ended up huming the Total Recall score :P Deffinatly one of my favorite titles at the moment. As for the rest of the Avengers books, i have very little to no interest in them, Secret Avenger has the only elements that stand out enough for me to think 'Ok i want to follow an Avengers title' I'm afraid there are just to many Avengers books out there and I'd rather pick up somything elce like the Iron Man annual or The Flash.

Posted by ateygheyev

Does anyone else think the "Heroic Age" covers look horrible?  The "Brightest Day" covers aren't that great either but the "Heroic Age" covers almost make me NOT want to read the issues.

Posted by Big

Babs is snide. And is that a WEAVE?!!!

Posted by remy250

5/5. Babs is wrong as usual.

Posted by ZaberCat

Avengers. There are too many characters in the lines of Avengers getting worse and better through their lifetime. Secret Avengers. Who are in Secret Avengers? Valykrie seems to appear on the cover of Secret Avengers or someone different.
Posted by G Bird

Hottness factor for Babs just dropped lol! Stop hatin on Moon Knight, he's f'in awesome! #1 was better but I did enjoy this one too, can't wait till they get off Mars though. This is my favorite Avengers title since Moon Knight is in it, and I love the interaction between the characters here that normally aren't involved with each other. I never thought I'd see Moony mixing it up with Beast and War Machine, its cool!

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