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Posted by PrinceIMC

Wow that is the biggest discrepancy between your two ratings. I'm more of a 4 so mid way between.

Posted by G-Man
@PrinceIMC: That's what's great about these reviews, sometimes we're in total agreement and other times our thoughts differ. Makes things more interesting.
Posted by PrinceIMC
@G-Man: Exactly, everyone's got different opinions.
Posted by War Killer

That's what I love so much about this issue, is that it's the Avengers, but it doesn't feel like Bendis' Avengers. It's great, in one book I see a team of heroes saving the world, and then I see another team of heroes doing the same thing, but so freakin' different that it's great! I don't know why, but the story felt fine to me, I heard one person say they didn't like the character titles for each member when they appeared, but I thought it helped, plus the whole jumping right in felt great. The only thing I didn't understand is that I read on Marvel.com that this team was sanctioned by the Government or the President or something like that, which also explained why Beast wasn't as weary to join as he was angry about X-Force, but this just felt like Steve's  secret team that just randomly appear and no one cares, I know that's kinda of the point, but seeing as how things went in this issue, this team is bound to mess up sooner or later, I just wanted to know where they all stand when it comes to some of the other heroes finding out about them, will they act like how the X-Men did with X-Force, or what?

Posted by geraldthesloth

I really liked this book especially Ant-Man, the only thing I didn't like was making Nova look so stupid.

Posted by uncanny89
@G-Man:  I want to start reading one of the heroic age avengers books but i just dont know which to buy
Edited by Nyogtha

This was an awesome book. I love the scenes between Moon Knight and Antman and Steve's recruitment of Moon Knight. Dug Valkyrie too. I was more excited about this coming out than any of the other Avengers books, except maybe Thunderbolts, but that isn't an Avengers book.

Edited by lostlantern13

I really appreciated that Brubaker and Deodato just jumped right in and went into the action. There are so many team books from Marvel right now that are getting started so the whole "building the team" plot is a bit oversaturated. I trust I'll get more explanation later.

I'm with you G-Man, totally excited about the book. Great creative team and a really unique Avengers team (Irredeemable Ant-Man! Heck yes!) just give it a very different feel from Bendis's Avengers. The end definitely took the excitement and kicked it up some. Can't wait for the next issue.    

Posted by danhimself

I really liked this book but I feel like there were better character choices for this team.  This team is supposed to be the Avengers Black Ops team sneaking in and sneaking out of situations but some of these characters just don't feel like they belong.  I think I would have definitely had Spider-man on this team instead of the main Avengers team.  His power set is perfect for this kind of team.  I would have had Beast in the Avengers Academy book as a teacher instead of being on this team as well.  I think the only members that I'm really comfortable with being on this team are Steve, Sharon, Ant Man, and Black Widow.  The rest just feel out of place.

Posted by ImperiousRix

The way the story, with action first and story sprinkled in through flashbacks, is unfolding (combined with Deodato's art) is really reminding me of the post-Civil War Thunderbolts, one of my favorite series.  Definitely interested in this series. 
Not to mention ERIC O'GRADY!  Eff yeah.

Posted by daak1212

I think they shoulda put Doc Voodoo on the team    
Posted by The_Martian

I love this line up!

Posted by Donnieman v5.1
@Nobody said:
" I love this line up! "
It does have a certain charm.
Posted by Rich-Man

Captian Steve Rogers is frickin awesome in this issue! its the kind of Avengers id put together! i loved this, id agree with you G-Man 5/5! cant wait for the next issue!

Posted by ironshadow
@daak1212 said:
" I think they shoulda put Doc Voodoo on the team     "
Posted by FoxxFireArt

G-Man's body language is so easy to read when he likes something. I certainly hope for his sake he's not like that when he plays cards.

Valkyrie's costume is rather silly. It reminds me of an edit I made to a picture of her. I added the dialog to this scene. Which kind of reminds me that you all haven't done one of those dialog contest to a scene in a long while.
War Machine may lack in peripheral vision, but I'm fairly sure he would have some kind of radar.
Posted by MichaeltheFly
@G-Man: 5 out of 5, is G-man are you getting soft?:P
Great review, for a nice issue.
Can I ask you a question are we going to see the 3-minutes Experts videos again?
Edited by Jim Halpert
Flash Rebirth #1 started off with an action scene right off the bat (jumping right into a chase scene) and no one had a problem with it, giving it like a 4.5 or 5.
Secret Avengers #1 started off practically the same way, but gets a 3 from Babs because of that???
I feel a Marvel vs DC bias on this review.
I honestly thought Secret Avengers #1 was a much more enjoyable read than Flash, and this is coming from someone who's not a fan of Steve Rogers not being Cap.
Posted by War Killer

I'm really digging Beast's new uniform!


Posted by bingbangboom

Really enjoyed this book and wonder where it is going. Art is fantastic too, Deldato is one of the most under appricated artist in Marvel's stable.

Posted by waruikumo

 They (Marvel) need to come to terms with Beast's appearance.   Since Grant Morrison's secondary mutation, it's like some artists refuse or can't draw cat Beast.    

Posted by carnivalofsins00
@uncanny89: if only one title, i would say go with The Avengers.
Posted by Joe Venom

I think its good that they didn't just straight out explain the mission how exciting is "Here's our mission, we have to get in here get the Crown!" this plots has been used thousands of times. At least this way we are offered a kind of temporary thrill like, why are Valkyrie and BW dress as escorts? What are Ant-man and MN looking for? best way to find out is to sit back and  enjoy it.
With the combination of the team, the last page, and the image in the Marvel preview of issue#3 i'm already hooked, I can't wait to read the next issue (and perhaps a preview theater for it *wink* *wink*)!

Posted by DMC

i thought the pacing was fine. This first issue reminded me a lot of an intro to an action flick. I think there was enough info given to know who's who and for some of them, why they're on the team.
Though I would have loved if they had a flashback for Valkyrie. Another Asgardian other than Thor on an Avengers team is gonna stick out like a sore thumb. It would have been interesting to see what lead her to the decision of joining this team.

Posted by ElJuano

I have to agree with Jim Halpert....  Whole lot of biased on the side of snow white there(sorry I could not resist! LOL!) 4.5 to 5 is totally the score it deserves Tony is dead on on this one. This here is what many of us have been waiting for, so far it's looking good!!! Seriously SO much love here for Babs and I do agree with her on the War of the Supermen series not many ppl are checking out, it's totally worth it. Secret Avengers though is starting out exactly like how I thought it would, Kickin' Ass!!!

Posted by sora_thekey
@G-Man: I agree with Babs... It's nice to see you this excited for a comic...
I haven't read this but I can say that this is definitely one of the titles I am looking most forward to. Plus Deodato's art makes buying the comic a lot better!
Posted by doordoor123

This was a perfect secret ops book. I felt like then entire time i was sucked into an intense action movie. I also would give with a 5. I love all of the characters.

Posted by G-Man
Posted by MichaeltheFly
@G-Man said:
" @Michael the Fly said:

" @G-Man: 5 out of 5, is G-man are you getting soft?:P Great review, for a nice issue. Can I ask you a question are we going to see the 3-minutes Experts videos again? "

  http://twitter.com/GManFromHeck/status/14869135550 "
Thanks G-man, for a minute there I though that you've given up on the idea, makes me wonder what they will be with, but who care, they will be great anyways. Thanks again G-man and could you thanks the whole on my behalf.
Posted by Nova`Prime`

I just read this issue last night and boy I have got to say I am pretty excited over this title. I wasn't to thrilled with the lineup when I first say it, most notable Nova yet seeing him have such a seemingly huge role in the first story arc of the run is awesome. I think the rest of the team fits with what Steve is looking for in his team. I am really looking forward to see how this plays out, my only complaint is how they portrayed Rich, he rarely just flat out ignores Worldmind and he's not as wreckless as that. It sorta feels like Brubaker doesn't know how the character has progressed through out Annihilation and in his own title run, more like he was just pulled from the New Warriors and is still a punk kid.

Posted by brewski420

this was an excellent book. i was def more excited about this new series then any other new stuff coming out. i gave this a 5 out of 5.
Posted by JordonFedrick

everything about Steve Rogers is cool. And Deodato's art is freaking sweet

Posted by G Bird

I loved the issue, and I was counting down the days till it hit shelves as G-Man probably was also. I'm super hyped about Moon Knight being an Avenger. I would of gave it a 4.5 myself. I would of liked to see more Moon Knight but obviously that's because he's a favorite of mine. I think this series is gonna be really great!

Posted by conformist21

I also noticed Valkryies strange bra.
Still a fantastic first issue though.
Edited by supermanofste-el

Kind of hard for Beast to be a "Secret" Avenger when he's wearing a uniform with the Avengers symbol all over it. He looks like a team mascot. 
Posted by Sexy Merc

Steve is that dude. 4.3/5 for me.
Posted by daveydavey

I cant wait for Avengers Academy!
Posted by darkxman123

well i loved this and for this i had higher expections than avengers 1  and yet i was not a big fan of avengers 1 

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

My brother and i were commenting on War Machine's armor and weapons too, the scene where is he flying the Spaceship.  He has two big guns on each shoulder which would completely obstruct his view, and probably his flying a spaceship.  Why didn't he just remove them while he was flying the spaceship?
But it was cool, I loved how Beast was drawn and the Avengers costume he has.  Although if they are Secret, shouldn't they not have costumes?
I think it was 4 or 5/5.  Good comic.

Posted by DiabolicVision

probably the best book out this week along with thunderbolts ^^

Edited by jakob187

Right in time for muh birthday!!!  Thank you, G-Man and Babs!!! 
Also, I have the whole set of cards from which that "Atlantis Attacks" card comes from, even the holographic cards.  = D

Posted by Roninidas

I concur with G-Man on the 5 out of 5.  I thought this Issue was dope and lived up to my expectations.  I thought the plot is good, it is obviously that there is going to be a reveal at the end of the Story-Arc, I think he is doing the bouncing around on purpose and it makes sense.  Besdie this is Ed Brubaker we are talking about, not some rookie amateur.  He knows what he is doing. 
Posted by Bearded Justice

As a huge fan of Moon Knight, I am really looking forward to getting this.  And Babs is right, you should buy more Moon Knight!!!
Posted by ofaaron

I agree with both of you, but I think I was just hoping for a bit more. This seemed like a book that would play out a lot like the Captain America run, and maybe it will, but the depth to the story isn't there yet. The art is amazing, although Rogers suit is draw a bit *too* tight in some scenes for my tastes.
I guess I agree more with Babs, but just still have the excitement Tony has about the series. I just wished for more in this issue than was presented. I'm sure it will get there.

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

This has been my most looked forward to book of the month and I'm happy to say I wasn't disappointed. I kinda liked the fact that it jumped stright in, i was under the impression that in the wake of Osborn's downfall things would be in quite a mess so there really wouldnt be much time to stand around and ask people "Hey wanna be on my secret team?" Love the line up and can't wait for the next issue.

Posted by cmaprice

Ant Man should not be in this book. 
Much rather have Songbird (if Luke Cage can be an Avenger and Thunderbolt leader, so can she) and/or Hank Pym. After Slott's run on Mighty, Pym deserves to be a major player.

Posted by Namor1987
@War Killer said:
" I'm really digging Beast's new uniform!

Heck yeah me too brother. Me too
Posted by Namor1987
@supermanofste-el said:
" Kind of hard for Beast to be a "Secret" Avenger when he's wearing a uniform with the Avengers symbol all over it. He looks like a team mascot.  "
LMAO that's so messed up but so true
Edited by Black Panther X

 Typical bias shown in the video that is pervasive in this site and comics in general. Notice how he thinly veiled his contempt for War Machine and basically skipped him altogether?. Even with him being in the Iron Man Movie. They really do their best here to not promote and even denigrate black superheroes. We represent a substantial percentage of the population on this site but i never see black people on their staff.

Posted by supermanofste-el
@Black Panther X:
I bet if the staff were all black, or superheroes were all black, you wouldn't be complaining that there isn't enough whites, asians, or latinos.
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