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I'm kinda curious how this is gonna play out. I love the way the artist draws Doom

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I'm also enjoying the Fantastic Four. I feel the Hickman has a real love for Reed. Easy to have though, given he is an excellent, but often misinterpreted character. Can't wait to see more. 

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I might pick it up. I'm not really a super fan of Reed, so him going would be okay.

Posted by Jake Fury

Steve Epting is the man. 

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I never loved fantastic four but, really loved this issue also Babs. 

Posted by Lustwish

I think we all know the answer to who is going to die, especially if they have already put the solicits for future issues.  Its most likely going to be Sue. 

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I am excited for all this issue, story arc.... and I'm glad you both liked it so that means that this will be a great issue... I haven't read it but I want to...
I'm glad that this would be a good issue to jump into because I have wanted to jump into Hickman's run but for one reason or another I haven't been able to.
Here's some speculation; If Reed dies in "Three" is Val smart enough to replace him as the smart team member of the Fantastic Four? or Fantastic Three...

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Really enjoyed this issue.  Babs has a good point, about Doom being untrustworthy.  But not because he'll go back on his word, but because he'll find a loophole or way to make things benefit him best.  It's like making a deal with the devil.

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I loved this issue, I totally agree with Babs I am not a huge fan of  FF but I lovvved this book. 
If they kill Reed, do think that could be a way for the Sentry being brought back in since his little robot dude entrusted Reed with important info about the Sentry at the funeral? 
Just a thought.



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not a fan of the FF but I liked Millars run and enjoyed the Ultimate FF....................the Millar series.

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I think it's going to be Johnny or Sue. Reed can't die because he was in the Avengers #8 cover and Thing cause he's an avenger now.

Posted by Glak

I really liked this 
As someone who's never read FF, it was a good jumping on point 
And I bet either Johnny or Sue will die, not sure which

Posted by goldenkey

Wondering who will replace the missing memeber of FF.  Could it be Valeria or even Doom?  SS is on his way, what about him?

Posted by Tommy_X

Another death? Comics these days seem to be all about deaths & resurrections. Just for once it would be nice to read a comic without having to guess who's going to die in this issue. Not that I really care about FF kill them all for all I care.
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It's either Johnny or Ben... I can feel it.
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I've felt that the Fantastic Four has been one of the best superhero titles out there since Millar's run. I'm glad they got a quality writer like Hickman to continue the pace. I can't wait to see how this one pans out even though it'll be sad to see one of the FF go. I think it'll be either Sue or Reed. Reed seems to be the most logical choice since he did just make one selfless sacrifice for his family which makes me believe another might be on the way. Yet, I also have a strong feeling it's going to be Sue. We'll see...

Posted by brendon277

Redd sorta gets on my nerves cause he's like the most serious and boring character so if it is him i don't mind but i do like him better than other characters> I do hope spiderman don't join the fantastic four

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 Well, does Spider-man really have to replace Reed? Didn't She-Hulk replace Thing while?
That's sort of odd for Babs to say her family isn't fantastic. I'd say uprooting from Brazil to move up to New York and raise a family sounds pretty amazing to me. That couldn't have been even slightly easy. Anyone who can pull that off is fantasic in my book.

Posted by IronSpidy-Rooney

WHO DIED ?!?!?!?!?!??????

Posted by Shadowdoggy
no one....yet 
but the next arc for the FF is called Fantastic Three, so we'll see
Posted by IrishX

I've seen cover's of #584 that make me think it's The Thing but he seems like the most unlikely choice. I also don't think it's Sue.

Posted by Shadowdoggy
I dont' think it's Sue etiher 
I hope it's not! 
she's one of my favorite women of marvel
: Why don't you like Sue Storm????? 
I bet she'd like you
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I'm not big on the fantastic four, but this sounds really cool!

Posted by Gennadius
I thought It might be Thing because their kids found a cure for the thing (wich could go wrong) but I could also be wrong because I missed a few issue's I think (they found the cure and suddenly they go time travelling with reeds father and dr doom.)
Posted by Journey Into Chaos

i'll have to check it out. I still think it's sue. (blames teasers in his comics)

Posted by Charge up

I think it's Johnny.....

Posted by justafan

i think it's gonna be Reed

Posted by G-Man
@Shadowdoggy said: 

no one....yet 
but the next arc for the FF is called Fantastic Three, so we'll see "

@Journey Into Chaos: Are you talking about these: 

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I hope is Reeds or The Thing..

Posted by OrionStarlancer
@justafan said:
" i think it's gonna be Reed "
I hope so.  He is the weakest link.
Posted by DH69

im still betting on sue being offed as much as it pains me. but i will laugh my ass off if they turn around and just kill johnny. i dont think anyone is really expecting him to be the one they kill off

Posted by War Killer
@Jake Fury said:
" Steve Epting is the man.  "
Other than Bryan Hitch, Epting is my favoirte artist, his run on Captain America was epic!
I personally don't think anyone will die, I know they've said someone will die, but everyone's throwing around "It's going to be Sue!" or "It'll be Johnny!" and really, why isn't thinking it's not going to be anyone? Sure if Reed does "die" he'll probably not be really dead, I mean come on! He's Mr. Fantastic, he's one of the smartest guy's on the planet, it'll probably end up him being trapped somewhere for a time, and then lead to a huge arc with him returning down the road. Doesn't mean this won't still be a great storyline, just thinking people shouldn't fight over who will die, just enjoy the story.
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I think it will be Reed. 
If The Thing or Johnny die it wouldn't quite alter things for the team as much, they'd be missed and it would be sad but I get the sense Marvel wants to change things up here. Twice in recent history Sue has been "killed", I don't think she'll be the one to die, I think it will probably be Reed. If he died, it would unfold the team majorly because Sue would be single, the team would be without a leader, and Valeria and Franklin would be without a father- that would open the doors to all kinds of developments in plotlines. 
But Babs....you don't like Sue? Read "Marvel Knights: 4", it's an excellent comic that completely sold me on Sue! She's a fantastic character.

Posted by Luke Danes

If it´s going to be Reed, get Paul Ryan as Penciller back and let him come back as Doom... :o)

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Flicked though this in the shop yesterday and i was very impressed, and came very very close to picking this up but I'm just gonna have to wait for the trade :(

Posted by No_Name_
@HexThis said:
 But Babs....you don't like Sue? Read "Marvel Knights: 4", it's an excellent comic that completely sold me on Sue! She's a fantastic character. "

Truthfully, I probably haven't read enough of the F4 to make an adequate judgement on whether or not I like Sue Storm. I'll definitely look into that series! Thanks for the recommendation. :)
Posted by Shadowdoggy
glad to hear you're going to give her another shot 
she's always been one of my favorite Marvel heroes and I think you'd really like her given the right source material  ;)
Posted by KumoriKunoichi

Who cares who dies, they'll be back before the next movie comes out -_-

Posted by N7_Normandy

Great review.  I haven't been reading, but I think I'll pick this up

Posted by darkwolverineUSMC

I think it's either going to be Sue or Reed. Play the whole single parent thing for a while, until Marvel brings them back. They always do.

Posted by cbishop

I think it will be Sue.  She's the emotional and moral center for the team, and would have the biggest impact.  So future-Sue died at some point.  That's the future, and it may not happen that way - the future is always up for change (although the comics contradict themselves on that quite often).  Spider-Man would be a great emotional and moral replacement for Sue, although the dynamic would obviously be different, since he's not family.

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they'll come together by FF 600 though

Posted by Chris2KLee

I approve because it makes space for the return of H.E.R.B.I.E. 

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Reed has already "died" in the past, Ben is a New Avenger and so it's unlike it will be him, I think it's going to be one of the "Storm".

Posted by Green ankh

If Reed dies it opens so much more up. Sue showing he has brains too. And a real relationship with Namor can be explored.....
Posted by They Killed Cap!

I thought this was really good.

Posted by Joe Venom

Im just glad to see that all the past stories that just ended abruptly, are finally coming together because it was beginning to bother me that they had all these stories showing new worlds and races and the next month they would just move to a new plot, so let the countdown begin!
Reed Richards must DIE!

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