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Can anyone explain just why Zemo would hate Bucky? They would have had minimal to no interaction with one another in their entire histories. To take Zemo in this direction after his very cool miniseries is also a disservice to the character. Cover was cool but the interior art left me wanting a little more detail. I agree, way to much talking over drinks in the bar, what is this the View?
Posted by sora_thekey

I dropped this title on issue #601... 
The stories were just flashbacks... so it didn't do anything for me!
Should I start reading this book again?

Posted by VenomMelendez
@Icemizer said:
"Can anyone explain just why Zemo would hate Bucky? They would have had minimal to no interaction with one another in their entire histories. To take Zemo in this direction after his very cool miniseries is also a disservice to the character. Cover was cool but the interior art left me wanting a little more detail. I agree, way to much talking over drinks in the bar, what is this the View? "

Are you kidding? James has met Helmut before, way back when he was a child. There's also the fact that Bucky doesn't have a good relationship with the Zemo's at all.  After all, it was Helmuts father that killed James back in WW2. Really, Helmut makes a perfect foil for Bucky.
Also remember that Zemo is an important part of the Captain America mythos. He's an A-ist Cap villain.
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good review

Posted by TheHood

I noticed you guys didn't mention the Nomad backup story. Any thoughts on it?

Posted by G-Man
@TheHood: We did have some 'footage' on that. Not a lot to say. The video was getting lengthy so it was just cut. I wanna like Rikki but the back up stories just haven't been doing it for me. Honestly, I could do without them.
Posted by the_orange_crush
@G-Man:  Nice shirt!
Good review. It'll be interesting to see how Zemo works in both the t-bolts and Cap. Am. I wonder if both books will have some sort of crossover. Totally agree how the Steve/Bucky/Sam scene was kind of dragged out.

I think Bucky is still in the process of making Captain America his own and trying to stand out from what Steve did during his iconic run. I’m not saying that Bucky has to be better, he just has to establish he own separate identity as Captain America. And that maybe difficult to do now that Steve is back. With a prominent Captain America villain in Zemo returning, it’s going to be a turning point for Bucky on how he handles the mantle of Cap and if he is fit to wield the shield. It doesn’t help that he just killed a man who was Cap that strongly resembled Steve, so we’re looking at Bucky from a somewhat low point mentally. He may find it great that Steve is back, but it can also be a burden.

Basically, all I’m saying is I like Bucky in the Cap role and has a lot of potential to succeed. Brubaker is great at developing his characters and showing readers who they really are. And with this arc, I think Brubaker is still scratching the surface with Bucky.

Posted by ofaaron

Eh. I think I would rate it higher than this. I agree the Two Americas arc was weak, but so far this seems a lot stronger.
To me it seems like most of the Brubaker stuff up until Two Americas was one long 50 issue arc, and now he is trying to figure out how to write 3-5 issue stories with this character. I don't think he really had it with Two Americas, but I think he is finding the balance. 
So far as Bucky's struggle to be Cap, I think that is the reason he is Cap in the first place. Rogers knows Bucky has a lot of stuff he needs to work through, and thinks that he will by trying to live up to the ideal that is Captain America. Its kind of the same reason Stark gave for making Bucky Captain America, and its one of the few things Rogers seemed to agree with when he came back. If he had finished working through his demons though, I don't think he would need to be Cap anymore. Rogers would just take over the role again.

Posted by shawn87

good review 
i gotta say just seeing Baron Zemo makes me wanna read this...to bad its not getting better reviews though

Posted by Jord

yeah, you'd think Zemo would be more ticked off at Rogers being given so much power as head of Shield... And if he respected Steve/Cap as a nemesis, would he see Bucky as someone too pathetic to ever fill those shoes?
Posted by Icemizer

Have to agree with Jord there is no reason for Zemo to waste his time with the replacement Cap. This guy organized the take down of the entire Avengers team. Far better for him to have started a plan to take down shield.

VenomMelendez your comment illustrates my point. these two characters have no history. Really how hard would it be for Zemo to ask around and find out how Bucky survived until today without all the useless villian nonsense.

Posted by Comiclove5
You don't talk alot.
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the issue was okay. im not really a fan of butch guice, he seems inconsistent. the cover though is stunning. djurdjevic never ceases to amaze me.

Posted by cosmic master

Say I was looking to start picking up Captain America, what issue would be a good jumping on point. Also is there any specific arcs I should try and read?

Posted by ofaaron
@cosmic master: 
You could jump on at this issue, or at 601. This issue is starting a new arc, and 601 was the beginning of the Two Americas arc. To be honest, that arc wasn't that amazing though.
Before that, I might just recommend going back to Issue #1 of volume 5, as it does to well of a job of leading into the Death of Cap and then setting up Bucky as the replacement. Also, its just amazing stuff. But you could maybe start with the Road to Reborn if you don't want to go back that far.
Posted by cosmic master
Hey, thanks for the reply. I don't mind going far back for some great stories so I'll definitely have a look into the ones you've recommended. I recently read some of the Civil War issues of Cap which I though was pretty good, probably the main reason I'm interested in getting into it now.
Posted by ofaaron
@cosmic master: 
I started reading Cap with the Civil War issues, but eventually went back to the beginning of Volume 5. Issue 1 basically starts the Red Skull story off that is still going on during the civil war issues, and culminates in issue 42. To me it felt like one big arc... which is good and bad. Hard for me to recommend people to jump in between it, but hard not to recommend people to read it, as its really good.
And I can correct myself from before, you could also jump in after issue 42. Issue 43 starts the Man With No Face arc, which is also pretty stand alone. Then you got Road To Reborn, Reborn, and then Two Americas, and then the current stuff. The Two Americas TPB will collect the "Who Will Wield The Shield" one shot, but its not out yet, and that issue is still pretty easy to find. Its definitely worth reading. The Siege Captain America one shot isn't though, I was very disappointed. Issue 600 is collected in one of the TPBs, but if you buy them by the issue, you could skip it. It doesn't have anything to do with the story line. Collector value only.
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Step aside Osborn the true master of superhero deception is back

Posted by G-Man
@Comiclove5: Thanks, you're too kind.
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@sora_thekey said:

" I dropped this title on issue #601...  The stories were just flashbacks... so it didn't do anything for me!  Should I start reading this book again? "

I actually dropped this before 601 (dont remember what issue) but i picked it up at 601 and ive been really enjoying it. To be honest, right now i feel like Captain America's book tops Ironman and Spiderman. Or at least until the Grim Hunt.
Posted by Freddy.Mercurial

aw, G-man, u had to throw in the whole Steve Rogers is better at being Cap crap at the end...  HATE!  HATE!  HATE!  haha!  Steve sucks.  Bucky is FAR more interesting as Cap... He reps the current state of the States & the scrappy soul of American people in general FAR better than good ol' blond-haired, blue-eyed, square-jawed Mr. Rogers...  Steve is a relic who should've stayed dead.  Its odd how people have the same complaint about Bucky as they do about Dick as Batman: "he's not confident enough".  Dude, if he was, he would be STEVE ROGERS (or BRUCE WAYNE)!  Batman's a whole nother, more complicated debate tho...  
Bottom line:  Captain America needed a change.  Steve Rogers doesn't represent the U.S.A. in 2010.  He should be dead, but having him in Nick Fury's old role makes a lot of sense, so it deserves a chance...  Bucky Cap should be here to stay.  Somebody change the Captain America page on this site already!  :)

Posted by Icemizer

Captain America is not supposed to represent the current or any current state of America. He represents the ideal of what America should be. In this Bucky fails completely. So he fails at being Cap as well.  
Steve Rodgers as the leader of SHIELD also fails. He is the wrong man for the job. Lurking in the shadows and doing things behind the scenes that would be considered illegal will eventually grind against his psyche. At that point he and Bucky will switch jobs and things will be returned to the way they should be, say right before the movie comes out.
Posted by Freddy.Mercurial
@Icemizer: um, how does Bucky fail completely in representing the American ideal?  & how does Steve Rogers embody this supposed "ideal"?  what century are u livin' in buddy???
That being said, u made a couple of good points.  Captain America was supposed to represent the American ideal...  upon conception.  But, naturally, the character evolved with the times.  The American ideal has shifted dramatically since WWII.  I don't see how Steve still represents that...  The whole, man from a different era, was kool up until 20 years ago...   Bucky is more "everyman" while Steve is more "uberman"...  haha!
U are probably right about Bucky & Steve switching places at some point...  Maybe a 3-way switch with Fury...  Don't like it, but i guess Marvel has to stay true to its over 40 fanbase...
Posted by GregBell