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good review

Posted by ComicMan24

Nice review. I'm curious where this story is heading to.

Posted by Hamz

Yeah I wasn't too keen on this issue. Didn't really grab my attention too much and like Babs mentioned, the whole reveal thing with Mera felt awkward and odd. Wasn't my cup of tea I'm afraid!

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 This issue was my favorite one. I was actually really interested in everyone's tale this time around. I saw the cover of the next issue has Martian Manhunter on it. I'm hoping we do some catching up with J'onn.
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fill-in issue but a damn good fill-in issue. I'm still convinced that the most interesting stories - with the Martian Manhunter

Posted by waruikumo

I wonder if Aquaman's new bend is gonna be like enviromental crusader?

Posted by RomaTotti10

Great review. A 3.5 for me.The Aquaman storyline could get interesting but so far it's been a bit slow and disappointing. I hope Mera does something unexpected and crazy to get things going.  

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this is just moving so slow. But i believe itll be something great.
reminds me of 52 but i expect better from it.

Posted by Theodore

I thought the issue was fantastic.

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wats the music in the background

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I the only one that is getting sick of UNSCRIPTED? I appreciate the work put into it, but I feel 5 minutes is way too long. I feel like they should be short, sweet, and to the point (3-Minute Expert videos are a good example of how to pace it). There's just too much rambling and one trying to get their point across to the other.  
I know UNSCRIPTED is supposed to be like a straight shoot on the comics with no prep work, but I just think they should sum it up a little quicker.

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people wat is the music in the back groung

Posted by the_nightwalker

most boring miniseries ever!
my god, how can blackest night be so good, and this be soooo boring!
nothing of significance happens ever!!!!!

Posted by Comiclove5

This issue felt like filler, but it was still a good non-the-less. I'm gonna take the middle ground and give it a 3.5 mysterious voices out of 5.
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I was reading it, but I had to recently become more selective with my buying.  So I didn't buy this and I wont buy the rest of the series.  Probably will get it as a trade.  Just felt like a story I would enjoy more as a whole story, and I could use that money buying other comics.

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look at g-man looking all spiffy 
personally, i am enjoying brightest day so far.
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I thought this issue was the best so far...finally some action with the Hawks, the Aquas, and Deadman finally tries to use his white ring!!! What are you all talking about "filler"...whatever! 
And Babs, don't get me started on the Mera plotline... Geoff has been laying this one down for months and how can you say that her reveal was any more soap operatic than any other big reveal (um, including: "Luke, I am your father...")  This will lead to a whole new dynamic between the Aquas, as well as a fleshed out origin for Mera AND her homeworld's connection to the White Lantern (which brought them to earth somehow in #4).   
#5 is where things finally started moving forward and I loved it!

Posted by Jslab425
Aquaman has always been an environmental crusader in his previous incarnations and series.
Posted by lostlantern13

I feel as though the book is hurting because they are stalling on their reveal as to the 12's purpose. It's been 5 issues of establishing and (re)introducing of heroes, villains, backstories, and worlds. I'm hopeful that the book will get consistently on track soon...hopefully.

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I love you. I love both of you so much; so very much.

Posted by jakob187
@Jslab425: I definitely agree.  I don't think I've read a Brightest Day issue that actually moved stuff along so much in one issue.  Sure, we missed out on a lot of the characters, but not since the Black Manta reveal in issue...#1, I think...did we actually see so much happening in the books. 
I wrote a review for it.  If you want, go check it out.  That's my thoughts on the book.  I'm kinda sad that the general reaction from CV was just "meh" for the issue.
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*in flys Uppity Math Nerdboy* 
Zero's not an even number, G-Man. 
Posted by G-Man
@sparty-dbq: I really really hope you're not serious in saying zero isn't a number. Also, I did teach Mathematics for ten years before doing CV full time. 
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I think that Brightest Day is going to be a book that's going to be 100% better in trade format

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I like how this is going.  I really don't care about the Hawkman or the Dove sotry.  But i am looking forward to more Aquaman.  I was never really in to Deadman but i am digging his line as well.
Posted by sora_thekey

Brightest Day is really interesting, but like any other "event" book... there comes a moment where you (and when I say "you" I really mean Sora) get lost and can't tell what the point of the story is....

Posted by Kid_Zombie

How is this issue in every ones minds? I have not been liking this seires to much have found it extremely boring. But i heard this is were it picks up, does it?

Posted by sparty-dbq
@G-Man said:

" @sparty-dbq: I really really hope you're not serious in saying zero isn't a number. Also, I did teach Mathematics for ten years before doing CV full time.  "

I didn't say zero wasn't a number.  I said it wasn't an EVEN number. 
It's not, isn't it?  I mean, you can't divide it evenly into two whole numbers.  Hell, you can't divide it at all, or else all reality will unravel, if you were to believe the pinheads on some of the other message boards I've been on.
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gurlfriend is hidin' something- hilarious bravo Babs, bravo

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Here is the problem i have with this issue. Aquaman was dead recently why didn't the XEBEL warrior's show up then ,the whole Sandiego under water thing would have been perfect timing to try to kill Arthur.

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good review