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grreat review you two kept them up
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great review! didn't like the issue though

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This series is FINALLY picking up. Not to mention the cool crossover with Green Arrow in his title. I dig.

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good review guys...ive decided to drop this series and just wait for the trade though. 

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Didnt like #11. It felt like the less interesting half of #10's story. Total fill in issue.
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This series is one issue away from dropped of my pull list. We are 23 weeks in this thing and we still haven't seen anything all that interesting. 

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Not kinda awesome TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

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Black Manta finally getting cool?  he has been the coolest villian for the last 30 years.  Aquaman being the coolest hero of course for that same period of time.

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Mars rising is going to be too epic for words. 

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................Why are the pages stuck together?! =O Was that comic that good?
Hey, I'd share my cookies, but not with everyone. Chocolate chip.
The whole revival of Black Lanterns doesn't seem all that strange. Perhaps, while the rings were attached the the original bodies. They absorbed the essence of the people they were a part of. That possibly became a part of Deathstorm and allows him to use his darkness to recreate.
It's not unheard of. This could be similar to how the Green Lanterns (and others) make energy constructs  with thier rings. Perhaps these are similar to that, but through the dark powers of the Black Rings he can make zombie copies. Since they came from him, it makes sense. Firestorm has an abundance of energy he's producing and has transmuting capabilities. Deathstorm could be using those nuclear based powers to augment the Black Ring powers.

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Black Manta and Aquaman are awsome, what is cool, and who cares about being cool?

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Good review. Cool to see that Black Lanterns actually appear.

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I agree, they are trying to put too many storyline in this series

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LOVE this issue

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Fury of Firestorm was an older title. I looked it up after seeing that in the comic and being confused.

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@The Mighty Monarch: Yeah, I realized that afterwards as well. But perhaps they'll bring the title back if and when they decide to give Firestorm his own title again.
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Still excellent! 
It's like a drama show with some overall mystery wrapping it all!
A perfect serialized comic!

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this series is getting better and better. it used to be too slow and always laying the ground work, now finally some action and conflict 
deathstorm!!!!! this name is so 90's so badass