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Posted by EnSabahNurX

T___T can't even buy this till school starts cuz barnes and noble sucks at updating it's comic book section

Posted by Archepello

As a kid I loved alot of things among them were batman and cowboys. Now this union of both made my friggin day :p

Posted by sora_thekey

I have only read issue 1... I should read the others...
Zorro plug was awesome by the way...
Jonah Hex looks very weird on the page that was shown...
I was thinking that the Bat-People is very much like the Spiders "The Web" that was explained in Grim Hunt...
Not that I'm comparing both of the stories, but it's funny how a simple super hero name becomes into a "higher level" type thing where the accident was meant to happen, for example in these cases...

Posted by Xion

i loved this issue! cant wait for next months issue!!!!

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G-Man & Babs back together again for an Unscripted!!  Was not digging the solo videos.  I love watching you two feed off of each other for the reviews.  
BTW.. I would buy a Cowboy Batman mini any freakin day!!!

Posted by Mumbles

can't wait until bruce is really back.  this is taking foreverz.

Posted by harleyquinnhawkgirl

YAY i miss your unscripted reviews together! Nice job!
Posted by KevinL007

This was the first issue in The Return of Bruce Wayne that it felt like Morrison was using the setting to its fullest. The big problem with the first three issues was that Morrison was toning down how much he uses the various time periods. There was just so much potential that Morrison used very little of in those three time periods. But in this issue Morrison fully explored the time period and how Bruce has acclimated himself to this time period and created a Batman persona in cowboy Batman. While it does not redeem how bad the first three issues were this issue is a step in the right direction as we get closer to the end. 4 out of 5.

Posted by batmanboy11

I really liked this one. 5/5
Posted by abedrak

I have been waiting almost a month for the fourth issue of The Return of Bruce Wayne. I mean cowboy Batman, that’s awesome! or at least that's what I think, but it isn’t. Aside for the fact that Bruce never talks in the issue or emit a single sound (well he does emits a sound in one of the final pages) it does lacks of a story and all of it does feel kind a forced story just to see Bruce Wayne as a “cowboy”.

Jonah Hex makes an appearance here, I can't say that Morrison does a good Hex because I haven't read a much of Jonah Hex. We see Vandal Savage again and the first appearance of Dr. Hurt as Thomas Wayne. The only cool thing about this issue is the cover by Andy Kubert.

I hope the next issue would be far better than this one. Grant Morrison… you just happen to disappoint me big time with this issue. I am a Morrison and Batman fan, but with this issue I'm just disappointed.

Posted by Crimson Eagle

It looks like Jonah's eye is going to pop out.
Posted by johnny_spam


This was the best issue of the series so far despite the cowboy setting this was a pure Batman he was mysterious ominous and driven by justice while being something supernatural to his enemies.  
To me it assumes the Miagani are the Wayne family and the Miagani (Bat People) first appeared Batman The Cult.

Posted by brewski420

this issue was great. this was the 2nd best issue out of this series so far. #2 was my favorite
Posted by jakob187

I'm not really reading any of this until the trade comes out.  It's good to hear that they picked up from what seemed like a generally not-liked-so-much third issue. 
As for the Unscripted review - the lighting is great.  It helps showcase the two people talking about the comic rather than making me look at what comics are in the back.  Very nice work on the production quality, guys! 
Also, G-Man - you still have some of the most awesome T-shirts ever, and Babs - ever-changing hairstyles are still cool.  How long is your hair actually?  It seems shorter sometimes, and then it seems long again.

Posted by Bergquist

red dead:batman his next game
Posted by RomaTotti10

I was missing something about Superman and the JLA in this issue. All the previous issues have told us about their search for Bruce Wayne but nothing in this issue.
The issue was decent but the pirate issue was much better. 3,5/5  

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that is an awesome shirt you're wearing!!!!

Posted by FoxxFireArt

Wow, it's been a while since I commented on an Unscripted segment. I've been going full steam on Anime Vice these past few weeks.
I think a Cowboy Batman mini would be pushing matters. I would be more interested in a mini series that explained what happened in Bruce's life from when his parents were killed to when he decided to go travel the world to make himself a vigilante crime fighter/detective. That's probably already been done.
(FYI: Did you know when I type in Bruce Wayne into the Comic Vince search the only characters that appear are Colonel Bruce Wayne, Hush, and Batman Clone. No sign of the actual Batman. The rest of the options that appear are story arcs.)
Alright, that was funny. Just after you showed that image of Cowboy Batman. I was thinking, "He looks like Zorro.", then the two of you mention the very same thing. Really, Zorro and Batman aren't dissimilar. Both wear capes and masks, both trained fighters, both play the role of a snobbish aristocrat, and both have a level of detective skills and gadgets.

......Why is that woman crying string??? They don't really look like tears. They are too white.
I believe the language in the Louisiana territories is referred to as French Creole. It's phonetically based of French. Though, I find it odd that a Cowboy Batman story would be based so far east. Isn't the looking into the mysterious box a bit too Pulp Fiction?

Posted by ImperiousRix

Woot, Unscripted is back!

Posted by G'bandit

Yay!  Unscripted :D 
No biggie. In fact Zorro was one of the characters that inspired Batman in the first place. For those who don't know Zorro is WAAAAAAAAY older than Batman and Superman. 
BTW you imagine they decided that Dick will keep on been Batman and Bruce will stay been one of these personas? Like he'll stay been the cowboy bat etc O_O

Posted by kitsuneconundrum

hey the walls back up

Posted by Secret Identity

Cool. You seem very chipper today Sara (not an insult). Really looking forward to this issue, really glad you both liked it because usually I agree with Gman's reviews more but prefer Sara's taste in comics. Good times.  
Thanks for the Review. :D

Posted by Hunter114

Have Jonah Hex and Batman ever done a crossover in the comics like they did in Justice League? If so, wouldn't he know that Bruce Wayne is Batman? 
And I would expect some Zorro stuff, the movie he went to see was "The Mark of Zorro" -  or did that change?
Posted by TimDrakeRedRobin

First things first...I love your reviews, you both are so funny when you do eviews together =D its very fun to watch. 
An the important thing i would like to get accross...G-Man...were did you get that insanely badass shirt?...
Posted by darth bul

good issue
Posted by ComiCCloseup
or is that a green screen of the old wall...hmmm
Posted by ComiCCloseup

I have been looking forward to this one but overall I have not enjoyed these storeis.  Well I really love seeing the other heroes putting the pieces together and folowing the trail but there is not enough of that going on in any issue so far..
Posted by kungnima

Great review.  Gonna get this issue on monday.
Like your Hair Babs!

Posted by Theodore

It was alright, 3/5. The pirate one was better.

Posted by Technoman

Hey g-man nice shirt.

Posted by wingster

Great review. Looks like you got better audio in your new digs. Sounds great!

Posted by Comiclove5
@harleyquinnhawkgirl said:
"YAY i miss your unscripted reviews together! Nice job! "

Me too. 
 This was a great issue.
Posted by imaginaryman

This issue was alright to me , coz it felt a lot like a history lesson in my opinion, especially with the part of tomas wayne and all that, so it kinda felt a bit off...
 And hahaha I also had the same question where'd he get his batarangs, but yeah he probably made them or had someone make them(where'd he get the money for that), coz these aren't the standard looking batarangs. 
but i still give it a 3.5/5

Posted by edcerc

writing=great (arguably the best written of the 4) 
art= ok (there was nothing really stylish or interesting about the artwork. Just flipping through the comic without reading any narration or dialogue didn't particularly make me want to read it again. Considering how cool what was happening and what they were saying was, they should have had an equally cool visual depiction.)    
Overall=4.5 (a little too close for comfort to the 4.0 i gave green lantern.  Even at it's worst GM Batman should be able to clear green lantern, but the coolness of green lantern this month was nipping at the heels of great writing with average artwork.)

Posted by Luthorcrow
@Hunter114: Good point but if I remember correctly Bob Kane used Zorro as a direct inspiration for Batman, so yes it makes sense he would look like Zorro in this issue.
Posted by kennybaese

Loved the crap out of this issue. I mean, Batman vs. Jonah Hex, what's not to love? I thought the art was fine except for the way that Hex was drawn. The way he drew He bugged the crap out of me. 

Posted by Tyler Starke

jonah hex has one cookie monster eye in this issue

Posted by X-23_2513

going to get it.
Posted by BenYang

"Batman? In the old west? This is the most anachronistic comic ever made!"

Posted by Lombaszko

Good Unscripted review.  I like seeing you and Sara doing the review together.

Posted by The Stegman

ok not gonna lie, this series has been confusing me since it started, i have so many questions and all the freakin poetic meanings whether they prelude to something else, or have a deeper meaning are just going over my head, and i like to think of myself as a smart guy!!! any way my main question is, in this issue, they say that "thomas wayne was rumored to be 150"...um how? and who was the guy in blacked who married the girl?!?! was he a wayne too? or was that NOT the same thomas wayne who is Bruce's great grandfather!?! please help me out here guys!