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Posted by BuddyBulson

great the two things I DONT WANT, batman... and grant morrison!

Posted by ForbushBug
@BuddyBulson said:
" great the two things I DONT WANT, batman... and grant morrison! "
Then why watch a review about about a Batman comic that says it was by Grant Morrison in the link?
Yeesh, people...
Posted by suikoden352

if you don't like the characters or the people working on the comic then why bother watching the video?? grant morrison has done a great job with the batman series lately. i honestly don't understand why people who hate certain writers, artists, or comic characters even watch the reviews.

Posted by Crimson Eagle

I want this soooo bad!!!
Posted by sora_thekey

I should read Batman RIP and Final Crisis before reading this then...

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir
@sora_thekey: and Batman and Robin and Return of Bruce Wayne
Posted by iLLituracy

Brb. Going to go invest in a crack pipe and some crack and become the next Grant Morrison. 

Posted by zzax
@sora_thekey: I would suggest saving yourself some pain and skip it all.
Posted by BringBackPowerPack

Great issue.

Posted by sora_thekey
@Emperor Gonzo Noir: I'm up to speed on Batman and Robin and the Return of Bruce Wayne (not really RoBW I'm on issue #2)
Posted by thiagofonseca

If i understood this issue, then my comment on G-Man's post about "how time travel works in comics" (way back) is kinda correct.
Just saying.

Posted by FLStyle

I think I'll have no choice but to buy this in the near future. Great Unscripted.

Edited by Nikst

Alright so just to clear things up. Whats the reading order for   Batman RIP, Final Crisis,   Batman and Robin and Return of Bruce Wayne? And is there any other graphic novels thats missing from the list in order to get up to speed with this storyline?  

Edited by johnny_spam

The Last Rites issues written by Grant Morrison that followed RIP? Allot of information was given in those issues. Some of it reiterated in these issues but some big material happened. 
As for this one it went over my head the first time I read it but we saw the Ancestor Box is connected to Darkseid's Omega Sanction and it is why Bruce is traveling through time. This same Box may be the same box seen in Return of Bruce Wayne that the Miagani has kept.  
It is also alluded that the Omega Sanction created the events that led to Bruce Wayne so in essence Darkseid made Batman. There is also a connection to Darkseid and Hurt saying Doctor Hurt may exist because of Darkseid.  Also that monster seen in Return of Bruce Wayne issue two may have been unleashed by the Ancestor Box.
And a hint at Bruce's brother Thomas Wayne Jr. from the Bronze Age. So maybe Bruce's brother will play a part or is already playing a part.
Though on the surface it didn't seem that way some new stuff relating to the current arc is in it.

Edited by Joey Ravn

Rating? I haven't read the issue and I don't want to spoil anything about it watching the video. It's not like the ending can be as unexpected and far-fetched as Batman being sent back in time by Darkseid, though :) 
@BuddyBulson said:

" great the two things I DONT WANT, batman... and grant morrison! "

Thank God no one is forcing you to read Batman or even watch this review, FFS.
@Nikst said:

" Alright so just to clear things up. Whats the reading order for   Batman RIP, Final Crisis,   Batman and Robin and Return of Bruce Wayne? And is there any other graphic novels thats missing from the list in order to get up to speed with this storyline?    Thanks! "

It should be: Batman R.I.P (Batman #676-680) > Final Crisis #01-04 > Batman: Last Rites (Batman #682-683) > Final Crisis #05-07 > R.I.P. The Missing Chapter [Batman #701-702] > Batman & Robin #01-15.  
The Return of Bruce Wayne should be read after Batman #702, but at the same time as Batman & Robin. It's not that I can give you a truly sequential order, as both stories develop simultaneously, but I guess you can start after Batman & Robin #10, the beginning of the Batman vs Robin arc. Reading a bit of Batman Reborn wouldn't hurt either, but it's not really a must for Morrison's big scheme. Maybe Red Robin (especially #01, #04 and #12, if you want to know how the "Batman family" came to realize that Bruce is alive, but's it's not essential. Yost's Red Robin is a great read regardless of its place in the bigger continuity, though.
Posted by Hamz

I really enjoyed the issue. Helped clear up a few things, a solid 4/5 from me. 

Edited by NightFang

Great issue and a nice review. 

Posted by goldenkey

After watching this I don't care if anyone would mind posting some spoilers on my was about it.  I won't be picking it up for at least a week,  but like I said, spoilers on my wall are welcome.

Posted by ComiCCloseup

Just got this today going to read right now!!!!!!!
Posted by Grimoire

I found the issue the same as Babs. It made a lot of sense for it to come out now and it makes the Batman R.I.P. and Final Crisis feel so much more complete because when I read those it was still confusing. lol

Posted by FoxxFireArt

Oh, the Snow White ribbon is back. Looks so lovely.
It's good to not explain everything at once. It gets the reader to be more engaged in the story. It's just that the major publishers are not famous for always answering the questions of the reader.
Being left in the dark as a reader can be nice at times. It gives you time to make up your own theory and discover if you are right.
So far, all my theories were correct about Bruce Wayne's fate.

Posted by edcerc

this was such a great issue. There is no reason to read this in any other order than as prescribed by grant morrison. Thats why it is coming out now, it is a storytelling device that gives many new insights into what has happened, after the fact, at a pivotal time in the current story.  It illuminates everything that is going on that iv'e already enjoyed. Wanting this in a more linear fashion would be detracting from the artistry of grant morrison and creativity in all areas of fiction in general. This month has been rough because of the lack of batman to spice up the pot of mediocrity that is the brightest day event and non morrison related Batman books, but this issue rejuvenates my love for the medium of comic books and modern storytelling.  Not to mention Tony Daniel raised himself up at least a notch with this one. THis is the best artwork i've seen in a while and maybe ever in a superhero comic.

Posted by brewski420

decent issue.
Posted by longbowhunter

Grant Morrison's run on Batman makes my head spin. I really wanna go back reread all the issues and Final Crisis. I really liked Darkseid's blue jeans in this issue.
Edited by Chris2KLee

I really liked this issue, answered a lot of questions that left me with middling feelings on the whole R.I.P and Final Crisis stuff. Grant Morrison writes good crazy.

Posted by The Stegman

ugh!! i hate when they do that!! i cant afford to buy ALL the freaking batman comics, yet they still divide the plot of return of bruce wayne into like all the titles, just keep it all in one story! god the whole thing was confusing and its because "oh you have to read all the titles together" ugh, just makes me mad

Edited by soap on a rope

i liked this issue too. 701 and 702 cleared a lot of stuff up for me. i also enjoyed some of the smaller details we get, like we get some more information on the device that darkseid used to trap bruce in time.

Posted by CrimsonInuTears

They probably just held this info back to screw with us~ ^_^
Posted by They Killed Cap!

Frist time I read Final Crisis and RIP I was so lost. I gave Final Crisis a second read 3 months ago and enjoyed it alot more. I should probably reread RIP. I am enjoying this arc though.
Posted by The Qu

Hate to be "that guy", but there really wasn't a mystery to why Batman was traveling through time. In Jack Kirby's classic Fourth World series, one of the characters, Sonny Sumo, was sent backwards in time by  Darkseid's Omega Effect. So there really wasn't a mystery on that front to some people from the beginning.
Other things, like the Ancestor Box , are new and awesome, while others, like the Kraken scene, are much better rendered here.

Posted by Gambit1024

When is this whole arc gonna end? I'm trying to jump onto Batman and I'd love to know what's happening. 

Posted by saiyan_earthling

This is a very interesting review G-Unit........... ah, I mean G-Man lol, as well as Babs. I'd love to see what happened to Bruce =)

Posted by BrianDusel

I'm okay with it coming out now, but I like a fluid story.  I'm not a fan of jumping around.  I am very interested to see everything once Bruce is back though.
Posted by Kid_Zombie

I havent read batman in awhile but i must comment on that first Post. Grant Morrison has made batman awesome! he is the brubaker of DC. I really didnt like RIP, but loved everything leading up to it, Need to catch up on everything afterwords. I read some issues of Batman and robin and loved them. I wish Dick Greyson was staying batman and bruce stay dead. well for a little while longer. they should have actually killed him off then brought him back in brightest day. Would have made that book way more interesting IMO.

Posted by ivy's creation

babs u were like 'yeah i gave it a 5, so what? who cares? i said it bitch

Posted by RomaTotti10

This missing story was a lot more exciting and well writing than what Joe Quesada is doing with Spider-Man. I wish Grant Morrison would write some Spider-Man but I guess I will have to wait a long time for that to happen.

Posted by timrothsays
you should read all Morrison's B-works
Posted by SmoothJammin
@ivy's creation:
Edited by Secret Identity

I'm confuse. Does this issue cover what happened between RIP and Final Crisis AND explain why he's gon back in time? Because I think what happened between RIP and Final Crisis needed explaining a long time ago. Now would be the perfect time to explain what happened to cause him to go back in time though. Having not read this issue I don't know if those two elements can be told apart? Is that the case? If it is then they really should have cleared up all the mess between RIP and Final around the time that happened. If not, I can kinda see why they waited.

Posted by Lombaszko

Anyone else think the tentacles coming out of the Ancestor's Box and the creature Bruce fought in The Return of Bruce Wayne #2 are the same thing?

Posted by imaginaryman

I kinda understand why g-man wants this over and done with... I feel like its been a long time too
kinda makes me feel like batman is Final Crisis's back lag hahaha and can't wait for november :D bruce is coming back

Posted by Xenozoic Shaman

Thank you G-Man for spreading the word, warning children everywhere of the perils of crack steppage.  An important message indeed!

Posted by Mbecks14
@ForbushBug said:
" @BuddyBulson said:
" great the two things I DONT WANT, batman... and grant morrison! "
Then why watch a review about about a Batman comic that says it was by Grant Morrison in the link?  Yeesh, people... "
Posted by jarraku

very good review. babs looked fine aswell

Posted by johnny_spam

I just looked at Batman 700 from a few months ago and there was a line of dialog that Joker had that hinted at this issue.

Posted by kennybaese

is it just me or was Tony Daniel's art... weird in these last two issues. 

Posted by CaptainGenisVell

I feel the same as G-Man about going forward and not being forced back in time, especially with a missing chapter....doesn't O.M.I.T do the same?

Posted by Skies327

Really G-Man? A 4? You're killin' me Smalls. :(

Posted by MarchToWar

Maybe I should read them all again. I’m still clueless. its been a while since I read RIP and FC.     

Edited by Joey Ravn

Loved this issue. It's SO revealing, so well-written. Did you notice that the narration is actually part of a larger text? It's seen in Batman RIP (when Dick is supposedly reading it with the Black Casebook), Batman #701-702 and Return of Bruce Wayne, and it's what Tim finds in the cave in Red Robin. That's AMAZING writing. To think that Grant Morrison had this written for so long, and he'd been dropping clues for years now... wow. 
Anyway, if you're interested in Grant Morrison's Batman, and his writing in general, I suggest you take a look at Rikdad's blog. That guy's amazing. His ability to untie knots and read between lines is incredible. 
@CaptainGenisVell said:

" I feel the same as G-Man about going forward and not being forced back in time, especially with a missing chapter....doesn't O.M.I.T do the same? "
I think the difference between this and OMIT is that this is part of Morrison's story, it's not something written to explain a retcon. I'm not questioning OMIT, mind you. I don't read it, I don't like Marvel, so I'm not gonna judge it, but I think the aim of each project is different.
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