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Posted by aZuLPiNoY

Thanks y'all, I'm excited about where batman's going

Posted by Crono11

I've been waiting for this all day. Well this and the podcast.

Posted by goldenkey

hail  cesear
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I would love a mini-series about Damian Batman, even though I'm not a fan of the character being batman, It's definitely something I would buy and read.

Posted by spiderguylll
Posted by Deranged Midget

Digging the haircut G-Man, and awesome review.

Posted by Kell1775

I am all about a Damian Batman mini series, hell I want like a 10 issue or full year versus a 4 or 6.  The story in 666 and 700 have me hooked.
Posted by Silkcuts

I agreed with G-Man 5/5! 

Posted by ImperiousRix

Awww, no love for Az-Bats?  I guess it's to be expected. 
Still a really cool concept to see all the Batmen.

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You did not mention Scott Kolins was the artist I know Frank Quitley has had back problems and I wasn't surprised when it was said he was just doing some work. As much as I love his work he should have just done the cover and let the whole "Today" part be drawn by Kolins (who seems to be doing lots of fill ins recently) 
It was a great issue and had the theme of Batman being around for many years to it since it was 700 it says Batman has been around for a long time and will continue to be around long afterwards. 
 It was cool to see a Bruce and Dick Batman story as well as Dick and Damian in Crime Alley in honor of Bruce was a great shout out to "There is no Hope in Crime Alley" and I loved seeing Damian as Batman one more time maybe we will see him again in Return of Bruce Wayne since it involves time travel.
That bit with Terry as Batman Beyond has been theorized by many fans including my self that was Damian talking to Terry and not Bruce. 
The "Today" and "Tomorrow" bits were my favorites the "And Tomorrow..." bit bothered me because of Finch's art. I also think this could have been much better if it was without the pin ups and Batcave layout so there would have been more room for the story.

Posted by sora_thekey

It's interesting how the four stories relate...
I have to read Batman #666 now!

Posted by EdwardWindsor

looks like a cool issue , will have to get myself a copy

Posted by lostlantern13

There are times where I wish I could walk through Grant Morrison's head to see how he comes up with these stories. It was really well-done to do the time-travelling and visiting all the Batmen. It was a really good story.

Posted by The Cyan Lantern

I liked how Dick picked up his staffs again

Posted by RedRobin92

Damian as Batman is a grand slam. I want to see how Damian develops as a character during his time as Dick's Robin and beyond. I got the feeling that it was he who was mentoring Terry and not Bruce, which would explain the continuity issues. A Damian Batman Mini-Series is a great idea, just something to give us a taste of what is to come. By far the best part of this book. 

Posted by dbluejays1990

Love this issue,great way to blast the 700s,but why do the videos buffer so much.
Posted by NXH

Looks cool =]

Edited by FoxxFireArt

I was at the bookstore yesterday and I saw they had the trade hardback of Final Crisis out in front with all the promoted books.
Did Damian go on Venom? He's got that massive upper body and kind of a small head. He's the Barry Bonds of Batmen. 
While you bring up a good point, Babs. That theory about things getting worse since Batman suggests that Batman is the cause of the creation of these villains. That all the rogues gallery wouldn't of happened without Bruce donning the cowl. For the sake of argument. Wouldn't Gotham have become even worse if there had been these villains and there been no Batman?
This issue was kind of covered in an episode of Batman: Th Animated Series. The episode where the villains put Batman on trail, and they get a prosecutor who hated Batman to defend him.I believe Joker was the judge.
Nice hair cut, G-Man.

Posted by Sir Duke

I always take these 'future' stories with a grain of salt since they're almost nothing at all like what actually happens.  While it's cool to read, I can't imagine the world of Damian Batman ever becoming the reality in the DCU.  Even so, it's cool they're working Terry McGinnis into the main DCU.  I can't help but wonder if Damian ever took Terry on as Robin.  It'd be cool if the Batman Beyond mini-series followed the current DCU cannon, but I'm sure the mini-series will take place in the DCAU like the Superman/Batman Annual did.

Posted by the_fallen11

Great Review guys!! 5/5!! one thing tho,I'm pretty sure it's old Damian that is watching Terry and not Bruce.     
Posted by RedHurricane24

You did a great review, guys! Better than my review and addressed the small nuances that were in the issue more clearly. Great work.

Posted by Gylan Thomas

I hate Morrisons Batman.
Now I've got that outta the way.....
The two tomorrow's are just possible futures. 
One could happen, both could happen or niether could happen.

Posted by Amircat

I liked the issue because of all the talent, but would have preferred one over sized issue. 

Posted by Xtian22

Great review, and it was great issue!
Posted by Man of Lengend

loved the issue .... i really enjoyed the batman beyond part
Posted by JLAsuperdude
@the_fallen11 said:
"Great Review guys!! 5/5!! one thing tho,I'm pretty sure it's old Damian that is watching Terry and not Bruce.      "

Yea thats what I thought too.
Posted by KevinL007

I was actually disappointed by the content of Batman #700. Though each story was good this issue felt like just another regular anniversary issue that is done for when a comic reaches issue #100. This is Batman #700!  The cover art extra and look into the Batcave has been done to death in anniversary issues. DC should have put more of an effort to make this a big celebration of Batman since no other comic outside of Action Comics and Superman next week has reached this point naturally. We should have gotten something like a Batman story by Dennis O'Neil or any other major Batman creator or maybe just interviews of them talking why they think Batman is such a great character.

Posted by KevinL007

Though I will say for just a comic issue the stories were good. Morrison did a nice job with each story and showed us how different each version of Batman is. I especially liked the opening segment with the original Dynamic Duo. I wish DC would give Morrison a book were he could just write adventures of Bruce and Dick as Batman and Robin.
I was disappointed in the art. Was not the best from any of of the artist.
Also does anyone else think this is all setting up a Batman Crisis?

Posted by Lovingdamnation

great review going to go get this now.

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Posted by Mr. Dead Pool

 Okay now I want Damien Bats as a alternate costume in Arkham Asylum 2

Posted by Kowalczyk

Loved this issue 5/5, loved the art for the last panels of "and tomorrow"  awesome batsuit

Posted by csimon

The hair Cut is you g-man much better look

Posted by carnivalofsins00

my favorite, favorite scene was the panel with Joker's huge smiled. amazing.

Posted by doordoor123

I have this but havent read it yet. Getting on it right now.
And i think ill want to read Batman 666 now

Posted by carnivalofsins00

the cheapest i could find Batman #666 is for $11 NM. Worth it? or not?

Posted by bellandye

Nice to see that it was Terry McGuinness....Batman Beyond, who was saved as a baby by Damian.
Posted by johnny_spam
@carnivalofsins00: @carnivalofsins00 said:
" the cheapest i could find Batman #666 is for $11 NM. Worth it? or not? "
The Batman and Son softcover only costs 14.95 and you might be able to find it cheaper somewhere it has the opening of Grant Morrison's arc with Batman 666 at the end.
Posted by X-93

I have not been reading batman for some years now, but this might be what brings me back to batman and DC comics too.

Posted by longbowhunter

I liked the Damian story the best. I wasnt sure after #666 if we'd ever get a glimpse into this future again. Very good issue!

Posted by Theodore

I loved this issue.

Posted by Comiclove5

Maybe Bruce was on Themiscria with Diana.
Posted by dvorak

I can't wait to read this issue.

Edited by zombietag

can i just say that ASM 600 was $4.99 and had *ahem* over ONE HUNDRED pages. so five bucks for this did feel a bit steep, but it was still alright 
oh and two questions: 
first, what was up with the "2 right 3 left 1 right"? i didnt get what was going on there. 
second,  we had terry for like a page, and then damian again (i think?) and then some batman in full mask in japan? what was going on there?

Posted by The Avenging Angel

I definitely enjoyed Batman #700!! It was great! I felt a little confused through the first initial reading; but on second reading it came together and I have to say....AWESOME!!!

Can't wait for Superman's Issue 700 now!!

Edited by Ncm2700

FIRST grade was hard for me

Edited by Aquamariner

This issue was mind-boggling in the beginning, but after you put the pieces together it puts a smile on your face (like with everything Mr. Morrison writes!). Especially the "to 700 more" caption. That's like the year 2070 heh! And the last 2 pages? Beautiful, period.    
I do, however, think it was too pricey for what it was. I was expecting something more emotional and meaningful. And there were like five Batmen in this story (or is it stories?), it was like "Tomorrow...And Tomorrow...and even MORE tomorrows!"  

" Correct me if I'm wrong,

You'd have to ask Morrison for the right answer to that! lol But as far as I understood it, yeah it was. Kinda creepy. huh?
Posted by Aquamariner
@zombietag:  the    "2 right 3 left 1 right" was batman telling all the villains but especially catwoman the combination to the sarcophagus that contains the golden or chrystal sphix or whatever.... Joker's making him go on "adventures" with that maybe machine so he can reveal info the bad guys need.
That's how i understood it...
Posted by RiddlingGambit

i liked Yesterday & Tomorrow. the variety of art was a nice touch for an anniversary issue.

Posted by No_Name_
@Comiclove5 said:
" Maybe Bruce was on Themiscria with Diana. "
Cute theory! LOL!
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