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Well, that was good as usual.
EDIT: I'm saying this just once... First!

Posted by Black Lantern Mar-vell

I like the story arc so far, but the crappy art is really distracting on this run of the Avengers!  They REALLY need to replace Romita on this book.  It's the freakin' Avengers!  It should be the "flagship" book for Marvel, but the ugly artwork is so dang distracting it's hard to look at.  After this current arc is over so that I can figure out what's going on with Kang, I'll probably have to drop this book.  The pictures just make me sick.
Posted by DMC

I'm not buying into that "Rip Hunter" panel just yet, maybe it's because its Bendis. We'll see

Posted by Aspenite

It´s Maestro? I thought it was future Hulk, the whole time...

Posted by Danial79

I really just can't get past the art... which is a shame because I like the sound of the story :(

Posted by carnivalofsins00

Its good seeing Tony so excited. lol.
and give me anything with JRJR and Ill read it. =]

Posted by chalkshark

I really want this story to end. It's not because i don't enjoy it. For the most part... I do.  What I don't like is the filler. I get that.... seemingly.... every title under the sun has to tell stories in no less than 4 issue arcs because it makes for a nice trade. The problem I find is that most writers can't tell stories that large. The pacing is always off.  The reason this issue reads so well is because the story moved forward... a lot.  There's been a lot of wheel spinning up to now.  It's actually much worse in New Avengers, where we've had two whole months now of super-heroes fighting demons in the streets of New York, while the actual story line has only moved forward in the most minute of increments. I know the trades are here to stay, but damn do I miss the days when a years worth of any particular title was made up of, at  least, 6 or 7 tightly told stories, instead of today's  two big rambling narratives.

Posted by Hunter114

G-Man sees the math equations and is instantly excited by everything...
My math teacher was a mean old woman who hated us all and gave us detention :(

Posted by ckal

Great review guys. I'm starting to like Avengers more and more.  As long as Thor kicks ass i'm all good.
@G-Man - I gotta agree man. I can't stand JRjr's art in this book. It looks sloppy and lazy and takes me out of it sometimes. I'd love to see a more realistic looking artist jump on and make this one of the best books around.
Let's see an Unscripted Thor #615 or Secret Avengers #5

Posted by G-Man
@Aspenite: After editing this, I started wondering if it was Maestro or just a future Hulk. My copies of the previous issues are at the office. Maybe the beard and oldness just put Maestro in my head. 
@ckal said:
" Let's see an Unscripted Thor #615 or Secret Avengers #5 "
Hmm...I will say all our reviews have been filmed for the week. We do have one more "dual" Unscripted coming up. As for your two requests...you'll have to wait and see if they're dual ones or single ones or if they even get reviewed. Yes I'm trying to keep you in suspense.
Posted by Bobby X

I've been dying to read this and I went to pick this up after I got out of work and the gym yeasterday. SOLD OUT! GRRRR 
...except for the SHS variant, but no thanks. I'll find it eventually.
Posted by ckal
@G-Man: Fair enough.
Posted by Dr. Detfink

Y'know I just can't buy future Tony and Maestro being the good guys no matter what they say. Kang breaking the time stream doesn't add up either. Maybe I'm wrong. I just sense a red herring in the works.

Posted by zombietag

this was so confusing with the timeline. i couldnt follow it very well after a while. 
so it was a great timetravelling comic! im excited about it. haha

Posted by cbishop

@G-Man: In the comments to the article about the timeline, someone mentioned that "Krats" is written on the timeline, and that "Krats" is "Stark" spelled backwards.  I'm wondering if this "Krats" is going to have something to do with Iron Maniac from the Marvel Team-Up title, a few years ago.

Posted by Mumbles

where did you get that ironman shirt?  it's sweet with the timeline of suits.

Posted by ImperiousRix

Now I feel bad about picking up Secret Avengers instead of this series.  I've since dropped Secret Avengers and replaced it with another series, but that means I don't have the funds to pick up all the Avengers issues now.  I suppose I could get it in trade... but that doesn't really make me feel any better.T_T
Great review as always, Babs and G-Man.

Posted by NXH

My eyes were sore after looking at that timeline! 
Still got mixed feeling with JRJR's art.

Posted by G-Man
@Mumbles: Ha ha, I didn't even think about the fact I was wearing a timeline shirt talking about a comic with a timeline. I got it at Old Navy a little while back.
Posted by Full_Spectrum

the last panel in the book made it all work for me. my heart probably stopped for a good 10-12 seconds. then i geeked out a bit.

Posted by Ry Fryy

Well I guess I'm picking this up.  A 5 out of 5 (and Thor v. Galactus!) works for me.

Posted by Preacherl2k

Great Vid- It's exciting to see G-Man so excited about a comic! Now I know when he REALLY likes a book what to look for!

Posted by MuscularThighs

I'm sure it has to be plain Old Hulk and has only been made to look like The Maestro for the purposes of messing with our heads and a super exciting last page cliffhanger in a previous issue. I know when I saw him I said "HOLY CRAP! THE MAESTRO!"  
Or maybe it will be revealed that he is really The Maestro and has been pulling the strings all along! In which case I will need to sit down, breathe deeply and rub my temples for 12 minutes or so.

Posted by darkwolverineUSMC

I bought the first issue. But either than that I don't like the concept of time travel, it makes things confusing.

Posted by They Killed Cap!
I hate this art, I really do. It is way to cartoony. The story is dragging. I am interested to see how this issue resolves some of it. But the art sucks.
Posted by geekvine

i dropped this after the second issue because of the art...maybe i'll tough it out and pick it back up...avengers was the first book I ever read almost 20 years ago.

Posted by daak1212

I want Terry Dodson to do the art on this
Posted by difficlus

whats the background music in these videos? 
anyway great vid yet again...

Posted by Mr. Dead Pool

Looks like Big G's gonna have one major headach when he wakes up. Thor's on his way to getting back to his classic strength.

Posted by Crymsun

I just can not get into JRJR's art.  It's just something that I can not get past, in order to read this book.  It also really annoys me that Bendis takes the "Rip Hunter's Chalkboard" idea and blatantly copies it for his own uses. 
Posted by ShirEPanjshir

I loved this issue ( like I also loved the previous issue ). I agree that the first three issues weren't as good as these last two. But issue four and especially five were awesome.
On JRJR's art: I had some very mixed feelings about his art when I first started reading this book. I love his art on Spider-Man issues and Kick-Ass. But on the Avengers, certain characters seem to be just ill-drawn. One of those would be Iron Man ( which doesn't look good at all compared to Salvador Larroca's art ). But I must say I've been able to overlook certain flaws in the art during the first few issues and even started to appreciate it's charm by now. I realize it isn't what we're used to seeing these days, but it definably has it's charm even besides its flaws.
On the Bendis' alleged idea stealing thing: Seriously, the whole time-line - events  - on a chalkboard / paper / wall idea isn't created solely by Rip Hunter either people. That idea has been seen in several other forms in media as well. So DC-fanboys should seriously take a breath and realize that in the current world, most ideas have borrowed some things from previous ideas.
Oh and yes. The last page was kind of .. mind-numbing.

Posted by They Killed Cap!

I have been waiting for this run to go somewhere, it finally did and was really good.
Posted by Joe Venom

JRJR .... well what can I say I love his Spiderman but that's about it, my main problem is his Ironman whenever I see him fly I sorta cringe. I kinda felt relieved when he came to without the armor on, but it doesn't seem like it will change so whatever.  
The story so far is pretty interesting I just hope the conclusion is interesting as well, I've never been a huge fan of time traveling plots but Bendis seems to be handling this pretty well, it almost feel like and episode of Sliders

Posted by spiderman4ever
@Black Lantern Mar-vell: 
I agree with you about the art, but I wonder how much of it has to do with the inking. Janson has always had a certain look to him and I think he hurts JRjr's final pencils. JMHO
Posted by Black Lantern Mar-vell
I don't know, I just think it looks like crap.  Makes it had to get thru an issue.  It's very distracting and really hurts the quality of the book.
Posted by Emerald Dragonfly

In my opinion, John Romita Jr.'s art was better in JMS ASM issues than it is nowadays.