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why dont u and babs do unscripted reviews together anymore

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  Doesn't seem like I'll be eager to pick this issue up anytime soon.

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@AdamWentz: We do every week. (We just did Batman #702).
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Bendis is writing Thor as the team's main strength, clearly. Kick @ss first, ask questions later.   As for "who's leading the team", I think that things are a little too chaotic for them to be organized, becuase they're all just standing around and going "Hey! What is this?!" over and over, imo.
As for the plot, it's.... moving really, really slow. I feel like the past two issues could have been compressed, but that's just me.
Very glad Tony wasn't so horribly out off character this issue. That was irritating me to the point that I was gonna drop the book (Yes. That's how much I like Fraction's Iron Man.)
Also, the art was good. Thor VS War Of The Worlds FTW.

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When I knew that it was Maestro and not the Hulk from the Next Avengers flick, Bendis's storyline made sense to me after that Maestro's involvement was verified. 
Maestro is an impulsive and irrational villain who has no feelings nor remorse for human life or the destruction of other universes. A man that would destroy and screw up the whole timeline just to get what he wants, which is seen in this issue and to see the other half Avengers try to clean up the chaos and destruction that he has caused. 
Bendis's storytelling was dragging until now, but for this issue it was John Romita Juniors storytelling thats really killing it, I think him and Bendis dont do so great working together. 
But I loved how the aliens from War of the Worlds are in this issue and seeing Thor go against these alien invaders was awesome.
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@G-Man said:

" @AdamWentz: We do every week. (We just did Batman #702). "

I think he means, what everyone has been saying. We like to see different perspectives. I could read a normal review. What made unscripted reviews special was that we got to see two different views on a comic at once. If youre going to do video reviews, use them as your regular reviews. I dont think i speak for only myself when i say we want more team-up reviews.
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I think Thor just doesn't want to work with this line-up as a team player. He's lost a lot of respect for Tony, he'd take Steve over Bucky, and although he considers Hawkeye an old friend - it's the god of thunder as opposed to someone who shoots arrows. Basically, Thor is the seasoned veteran who doesn't want to break in the new recruits, as he probably sees the rest.

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I am so happy I dropped this series after issue 2.

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This was a awesome review.

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Geez G-Man, you just won't let the Pony thing go! XD

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I think bendis and other writters are writing stories meant for TPB's.  The Story just seems to be chatic at the moment.  I am waiting for the big payoff.

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dude, this series is unforgivably atrocious. dull, trivial, uninteresting, horribly illustrated, absolutely wretched.
congrats to bedis for ruining a franchise.
i can't express how badly i hate this series

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The ending was good, left me hanging.
But I drop the book after the next issue.

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@doordoor123: We enjoy doing the dual Unscripteds but we also look at the number of views and comments. Believe it or not, there has been several comments and pm's saying they enjoy the single ones better. This is a matter of trying to please everyone.
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This book was ok, I think his rating is pretty fair. It is movine slow and is all over the place. I think all the Avengers books at present are a little watered down. I think the best out of the group is probably secret avengers, but adventures on mars...lets get something a little more stunning than that. 
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ok two things: 
1) why is tony stark talking to wolverine about time travel? logan has travelled in time maybe more than anyone besides cable or bishop. i thought that was a little weird. 
2) also, is thor always so reckless? i mean he didnt even try to see whats up with those alien ships or where they came from or what they're doing. it was just bam smash boom. idk how i feel about it. 
definitely a weaker issue than the previous ones, but the story is interesting enough for me to keep buying thats for sure

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In the recent New Avengers, with Luke Cage, I don't remember seeing Hawkeye in it.  I know the issue 1 had him but does this mean that he has picked the Avengers over the New Avengers?  Or did I miss him or something?
And i enjoy the duel and single reviews, both are good.  I prefer the duel because I like the conversations and they go on tangents occasionally and are a little longer and stuff like that.  But both are good.
Perhaps Thor just flies off because, other than maybe Hawkeye, Thor doesn't really know these Avengers and maybe doesn't feel like he needs to say anything to them before taking off.

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I personally am a fan of the dual unscripted. With G-Man and Babs both giving their views on a single comic. Or even G-Man/Babs and someone else, like Babs has done with Norm a couple times. I do like the Podcasts where there are at least 3 different takes on a single issue.

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i am not very good with shorthand so what does  
FTW mean
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i have a question, do these next avengers have the same back story from the animated movie or are they just the same characters but with a completely different past, or will i have to wait and find out?

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i love JR JR's art in here.

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@Texan75 said:
" I think bendis and other writters are writing stories meant for TPB's.  The Story just seems to be chatic at the moment.  I am waiting for the big payoff. "
  I think you might be right, I've seen this happening more and more lately in both Marvel and DC.  I think the writers are feel the pressure of a limited page count in their books.
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@G-Man:  alright
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@innocence: I get the feeling that the son of Captain America and Black Widow is now the son the Captain America (Bucky) and Black Widow.
Other than that???
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When My friends and I were looking at that  double page where all the stuff is happening when Thor is in the Sky, we looked at each other and yelled "WHAT IS GOING ON?!"

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@jimmykudo09 said:
"@InnerVenom123: i am not very good with shorthand so what does  FTW mean "

It means For The Win.
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I still prefer both G-man and Babs together
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I am LOVING this run of avengers ... 

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It's been years ago now, but Dr. Doom met a future version of himself once, and that "everything go boom" theory was mentioned.  Basically, one Doom said to the other, "Obviously, that theory is in error."  So if they're true to the history, Stark will meet Future Stark, and nothing adverse will happen.  Although carrying a cryptic warning back to the past is always a winning story nugget. ;)

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Step on a crack.
Break your mothers back!

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@JAH_Donuts: My daughter doesn't really approve of that shirt.
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I love it so far, but enough hasn't happened yet for 4 issues.
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is that scene with the walkers not a hint to War of worlds with Killraven from the 1970 ?

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Technically, I think Maria Hill is leading the team in the present.

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@AdamWentz:  Shhhh.....someone might here you. It's better this way.