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Prof X mind controlled Amelia Voght for a while, keeping her in a relationship against her will.

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Dogpool is a beast. Literally.
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@Babs & G-Man: If you guys liked this Multiverse, you should read the Del Rey Manga: X-Men: Misfits (It's similar)... and you should make an unscripted video on it! (I know you aren't fans of Manga and Anime but you should still give it a try!)
My head was too big for my body when I was a kid... well I still consider myself a kid, so when I was younger! 
Widdle Wade is soooo cute! I love him!
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I totally loved this issue. I hope it gets better, i hope.
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For this Deadpool stuff I will probably wait for the trade.

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The heads were sorta like that in x-babies I think (from the cover atleast).  
But I'm excited about this issue, me and a friend or two are going to each buy pieces of the series.  Can't wait for Dogpool and what his universe is like. Please put in a spiderdog marvel.

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...issue made me wish i was in that school

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Did I hear Gman talking trash about Daniel Way's Deadpool series?
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wow that was a really odd book. not bad though, good art and good for a laugh.
liked X-Babies alot more though which it seemed to pull a bit from.

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I agree with Babs here. It was alright, but I don't think I'll be rushing out to grab the next issue.  
Although, it's a lot better than Deadpool Team-up. (gag)

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@lostlantern13 said:
" Although, it's a lot better than Deadpool Team-up. (gag) "
so with you here, then again it doesnt take much to be better than that 
poop-for-page-rag. actually i dropped it as of the last issue so ill rely on
whoever to tell me if it actually improves (though im still under the impression
that Team-Up will just get the axe).
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@HaloKing343: Didn't think I mentioned Daniel Way's Deadpool. I did mention Deadpool Team Up and Merc With A Mouth.
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Alright! I love your deadpool reviews g-man , altought Babs doesnt seem to really like deadpool xP
she should check out the classic ones, those are brilliant. Because the deadpool comics nowadays are just not that good anymore.
deadpool team  up *shrugs*

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