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So this is very Alice in Wonderland-y!  
Scottie Young could draw this!
I so want to get Joe the Barbarian... but everytime I go to the comic shop.. they're out!!!!!
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I'm really, really, REALLY liking the series. Once you understand that Grant Morrison has to be taken "as a whole" (that is, not issue by issue, but seeing the big picture and taking into account all the possible intertexts, like a sort of T.S. Eliot), he's a great read. Things are starting to... make sense? Sorta, kinda. "Some" things are more or less explained, especially the hallucinations. The plot twist at the end is really exciting. What will happen in #4? I think NOW is when the "real" story begins.  
The art, as you guys said, is a-ma-zing. It really goes with the story Grant is telling. I completely agree with Babs, a solid 5/5. Although G-Man has a good point: this story will be better read in a trade, or at least, once we reach #8. As a whole. 
PS: Babs the Barbarian? :P

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I haven't even read the first issue yet, which is sitting at the house still.  Regardless, they haven't been stocking anything other than the first issue at the local shop, which kind of angers me.

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Absolutely think the art is worth the five!! I hope to see Unscripted American Vampire soon...:P

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He's Diabetic not Hypoglycemic
But nevertheless the comic is amazing

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Loved Babs face when Gman talked about his dead rat. 

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I'm really enjoying this series, of course Morrison is my favorite writer.  Can't wait to find out more about the Death Coats.

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@Dr. Maxwell said:
" He's Diabetic not Hypoglycemic  But nevertheless the comic is amazing "
I know. I'm hypoglycemic. I know he's diabetic.
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I'm really enjoying the series so far, even though I have no idea what's going on.  The art is amazing, and as long as they can tie the story together at the end, I'll be happy.

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I like the book but I seriously have no idea what is going on in most of the issues.  I'm still going to keep reading it though I'm interested to see how it ends.  Curse you Vertigo with your initial one dollar price that draws me in lol.  Honestly though I read it when it comes out but it usually isn't on the top of my pile, and I don't think it is as good as Daytripper if you are looking at the new Vertigo books.

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Read the first issue last night finally.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, and like the original review for issue #1 said...I took my time and appreciated the artwork.  Sean Murphy's pencils on this book are AMAZING!

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I have to say, out of all the comics I' reading at this point, Joe the Barbarian is favorite! When this issue came out I re-read them all together and I was just so emerged in this story. The dialogue just roles off your tongue, I found it easy to apply different voices to each character; and the art, OH THE ART! 5 out of 5!
P.S- Babs you are lookin TOO GOOD! OOOHHHWEEE!

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My condolences about your rat G-Man. 
I'm loving Joe. Just another example of Grant Morrison's genius.
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Its Morrison writing, so i never really had a problem with not knowing what EXACTLY is going on, and i know itll turn out great now. cant wait. =]