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good comic

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I'm definitely curious to see the new direction the Oan Guardians will go in.  They lost alot of respect even from their own Corp, and their other 7 Laws still haven't been released
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I think 2 points were missing on the whole "Not much happened" idea because A) it's an Epilogue and B) this was the last issue of the creative team (tear)
Wasn't a great issue, but there were some good moments. Definitely necessary to breathe after "Blackest Night."

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That seems like a good start for someone like me who wants to know more about Lantern Corps.

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G man I have to ask what is with the suit?
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Speaking to the first minute of this review. You two hardly seem enthusiastic.
At first, I thought Babs was bored. Later, I realized that she was just looking at her notes.
Nice to see they are taking a breather. Unlike with Marvel recently. They never seem to take any time between events.

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@superboy12: Just another day...
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I liked this issue, its a solid 3 outta 5. By the way, sweet suit!

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@G-Man:  Im a writer and (i know this is creepy) i spend a lot of my time watching people. i notice how they react, etc. Something big happend. I could tell. And whatever it was... im sorry.
THAT SAID. It was an okay issue. Not the best of the week by far. Your ratings were fair.
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Who the hell put the Guardians back in control, these evil little smurf's screwed the pooch and almost got the universe destroyed.  
Why can't GL's run the Corps?  Is that what Guy is working on, with Ganthet and Atrocitus? 
"THE WHOLE $#%^ BAR!!!!"

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great to have the beautiful sara lima back. =]

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I really enjoyed this issue, and unlike G-man, appreciated scenes like the one at the hospital and the tree on Mogo. I am a big fan of the series, read it since Recharge, so all the "main" characters grew on me. Sure, I can't name many members of the core(hell, I doubt most of them even have names at this point) but I do have strong ties to many characters in the book. Like you guys said, this is a recharge and a new beginning after Blackest Night, so I am not surprised much didn't happen in the issue. I'd would have given it a 3.5 or a 4, but to each their own.
Great review as always, even if I am more ecstatic about the issue.

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You guys match, Sara with her black t-shirt and red nails, Tony with your black suit & tie and red shirt.

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nice suit g-man
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Babs' back & lookin' Fabs!  G-Man...  whats with the suit???  you got a meetin' with some guys about somethings afterwards???  fahgettaboudit!  I think G-Man's blatant bias against cosmic comics is starting to hurt these reviews...  if you're not a huge fan of Sci-Fi in general, you should let other people do the reviews on those comics...  Not trying to say you cant give a bad review about a comic that isn't up to snuff...  But, giving a mediocre review because you don't like that genre in comic book form to begin with is kinda unfair, don't you think? 

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@Freddy.Mercurial: I don't think giving a "mediocre review" is unfair. What is a "review" after all? It's just a person's opinion. Just because I don't like something doesn't mean I'm telling everyone not to get the issue. I don't (think I have) that kind of power. All I'm doing is telling you guys what I think and why. You don't have to agree. Just listen to my reasons and then make your own decision. I love sci-fi. On our podcast I mentioned how I recently reviewed a Star Wars comic and gave it a 5 out of 5. It's all about the execution. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) is one of my favorite characters. I wear my silver GL ring every single day. Are you saying I should only review comics I "like"? Brightest Day is a big deal so that's why we did this issue. We choose what we're going to do before reading them. If it happens we're not super excited about it, we're not going to shelve it and pick another comic. All this is funny since I usually get a lot of flack for giving "high ratings." It just happens that for this I give a slightly below average and I'm told I shouldn't review it? Sorry but this is part of my job.
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I read this issue at the shop, as I'm a little strapped for cash on comics lately.  I enjoyed it, but I think that the tagging of the front misleads the reader into what this issue was really about.  It's not Brightest Day - that's just marketing and selling.  It's what you see in the bottom right-hand corner:  Blackest Night Epilogue.  I enjoyed the GLC stuff in Blackest Night, and there was a LOT to take in from it. 
With this issue, I felt they did what Babs actually complained about in Brightest Day #0 - they followed up with these characters, gave them some breathing room, and I loved that.  You've got Kyle and Guy, you've got Hal arguing, you've got Arisia...MAN, ARISIA, HELL YES...and of course, the Kilowogg thing that you mentioned which has me curious where this particular series will be going in Brightest Day. 
Overall, it was an excellent issue if not to just catch your breath and see the aftermath of Blackest Night before we get started right back into the insanity of Brightest Day. 
Also, I wouldn't be surprised if we see a slimming of sorts in the ranks of the Corps after the Brightest Day issues of this are done.  I just have a feeling, with the way some things were worded and hinted throughout the BN GLC and this issue...that you'll see a few less GLs.  I mean, Johns showed us that he's not afraid of playing around with the Lanterns - who stays, who goes, and who joins the ranks of.

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@superboy12 said:
" G man I have to ask what is with the suit? "
G man used to dress up a bit in the older vid's.
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I like it.
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No one mentions that Arisia's family has unquestioningly given up generation after generation to the GLC and the Guardians.  Her reacting to what has happened in the way she did seem damn near minuscule compared to what I'd do if I'd given my life and family to a purpose only to find out it was all a lie or kind of one.

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@G-Man: maybe i should've taken greater steps to clarify my post, but:  
"Not trying to say you cant give a bad review about a comic that isn't up to snuff...  But, giving a mediocre review because you don't like that genre in comic book form to begin with is kinda unfair, don't you think?"
I have NO problem with you giving a comic a bad review man...  Quite to the contrary, your reviews really help me decide what comics to order & which to avoid...  That being said, you are on the record with your dislike for MOST sci-fi or maybe I should say "cosmic" comics due to their exuberant use of color, right?  am i wrong here?  if so, please tell me I am & feel free to explain to me why I am if you'd like...  I think I can dredge up enough evidence to show why I have made this assumption...  That's neither here nor there tho...  My point is, I personally feel as if you bring a different energy into your reviews for most cosmic books that you do comics you are a bigger fan of...  To me, that's kinda unfair... All comics are created equally dood!  
It was't meant as a personal attack on you man...  You should know better than anyone that, with posts, a lot gets lost in the typing...  You guys all provide a great service to anyone across the world who digs comic books...  SPECIALLY for a guy like me, whos not located in the States as of the moment...  U really help shape my decision making more that you probably know...  Don't underestimate your reach...  
All in all, I just felt like Babs' energy about the review was more appropriate...  & she gave the issue a 3 as well!  Remember, just because it wasn't your cup of tea, doesn't mean it doesn't have any merit...  Something you both give a 2, may be a 5 in my book...  & vice-versa...  It's YOUR JOB/RESPONSIBILITY to give us the good & the bad of every comic...  Lately, I feel like you focus more on the bad with cosmic comics...  If I'm wrong, so be it...  But hey, a wise man once said:   "It's just a person's opinion."
Didn't mean to offend your sensibilities, man... 
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When I read GL Corp these days its hard for me to believe that I stopped reading it for about ten issues when it first came out because I didn't think it was any good. Man was I ever wrong.

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You guys okay? You sounds really sad in this video.

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@Abnormally Warm Guy said:
" You guys okay? You sounds really sad in this video. "
              They act like the life was sucked out of them.
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LOL @Babs: and @G-Man: , you two are my favorite moderators and its good to see you too together on a project. You clean up nicely G-man. Babs, you just kinda seemed uninterested or preoccupied or something like your head wasnt really all in it; also something seemed different. Did you get your hair cut or something?

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my favorite part of the entire issue was when Arisia punched the Guardian. lol.