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looks good!

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G-man, I always seem to agree with what you say about comics, I don't know why. As for the Catwoman thing, she is my favorite Female character in DC and I didn't mind this issue, I don't see what the problem really was I mean there isn't a pressing need for her to be a vigilant or a criminal at the time so they have to keep filling it in somehow while I believe they were focusing more on Poison Ivy rather than Harley and Catwoman.
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Filler issue, but not a horrible read.
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this is an awesome comic love all three characters and i would recommend this to anyone

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The cover is nice, but it sort of looks like Ivy backhanded Harley. I think she's suppose to be doing a cartwheel.
That's a good point about Ivy's motives. Why is she getting a job? If she is mostly plant now, does she even need food? Most people get jobs to be able to buy food and the sort of processions they desire; entertainment, hobbies, ect. I can't imagine she would be the type who would care about such things. That would seem more like the sort of things she despises.
Though, Babs' apprehension behind this issue is valid. A world class thief has resorted to finding dogs and baby sitting. I get why Harley would do this, but Selina?? She is a cool character who deserves a much better movie...... Strike that. She needs A movie.

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@FoxxFireArt:  In the comic she says she wants to have a purpose in life
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Fun review, CATwoman out searching for DOGS? 
It looks like a fun read, I can see why the iritation on Babs side, loll 
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I love Selina Kyle.
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I didn't read this, stopped around issue 3, But I loved that Babs looked as though she was sitting there seething during the review. The book has been crap from the beginning, I enjoy that this review isn't trying to mask that. Call a Spade a Spade.

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well i believe that catwoman is spending her time with harley and ivy because she lost some confidence after what hush did to her. safety in numbers while she recovered. this book has not been the best book ever but i have enjoyed it.
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I don't think this book was ever designed to show Ivy and Harley as good guys. The way I see it, after being used by Black Mask (in Battle for the Cowl) and with all the "Crime Lords" popping up Pamela decided to lay low for a while.....something like that.

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Paul Dini has a huge problem with making Bat villains heroes and it's also a huge problem in general I'll say I think Catwoman wouldn't be a supporting character now if she was in fact still a villain making her like a hero may have done some damage to her.

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The more I read this series the more I start to hate Catwoman. I like evil Catwoman more and Pamela is so awesome in this series. And... HARLEY RULES!

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gotta love Babs' fake smile... 

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Babs you look really distraught over Catwoman's character in the story...hrmm, I guess I have to read the issue now.

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I dont think she was necessarily babysitting Harley.  I thought it was a good issue. I think Selina would help find any animal that is in trouble, but mainly cats. 

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I liked Catwoman in this issue i really don't know what anybody expects from her other than laying low i mean she did get her heart gutted would you be out trying to stir up (big) trouble just for the hell of it? I mean Catwoman has done all she needs too what else is there after getting revenge on the SOB who did said gutting. I don't know this seems like something in the realm of possibilities she did bust up an old lady and semi-handicapped person cause they were trying to get a Stray in the animated series. And Babs dissing Harley shame on you i'll chalk that one up to the issue missy
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o no cat woman is saveing puppies i wish she ruled the world lmao !!! lame  

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All this, is pretty much just a filler issue.  And I don't think Catwoman is really that much of a babysitter.  Just didn't want to put up with any crap Harley might cause if she went out by herself.
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I really dislike that Paul Dini made the mistake of mentioning the Legion of Doom. Poison Ivy was not a member of the original Legion of Doom on the "Challenge of the Super Friends", & she only appeared as a member in the Legion in the 12-issue limited edition series "Justice" that ran from 2005-2007 which takes place outside of  regular DC continuity. Dini is great sometimes, but I'm really getting sick of him reinventing the rules. I really do hope Dini was joking when he wrote that, & I also do agree Catwoman is being underused, & that Dini's habit of reforming villains is now obvious, & getting boring.

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this was an ok issue it was prob just a filler but i love this series
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ahaahahahahah! poison ivy is not evil, mankind is evil. sure her actions are harsh but its nothing compared to what humankind has done to nature just look at the fucking gulf of mexico!

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I always like these unscripted segments

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I love catwoman and I'm just happy she's being used. Her appearing as an occasional guest appearance in Batman is fun, but like to see her on a regular basis since her series canceled. I really don't understand the criticisms here. I mean, I can understand if Catwoman had something else to do and got dragged into looking for the dogs, but she had no plans, so why not help find people's pets, being the animal lover she is and the helper of the people the other heroes tend to ignore. 
Poison Ivy is well...poison ivy. I love her character and love the fact that she really isn't as reformed as the others are, which stems from her really feeling apart from humanity. Hr reference to the Legion of Doom, sure maybe a joke, heck, maybe she was a member of the legion between issues, who knows. Doesn't really matter to me as long as the book is a fun read, which it always is.

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How can Harley still have her "Babies?" The Joker ran them over in Batman 663. Did she steal new ones from a zoo?
I love Ivy, but i think she could be more badass if she started eating vegetarians.  :p
I kinda hate Catwoman. I think she's more tollerable toned down like this.
Heros, villains, what does it matter? Most heroes are anti-heroes & an anti-hero is just a villain who fights other villains.

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Oh Babs! I'm so with you. This series has been such a disappointment for many Catwoman fans. I've basically dropped the book since last December since I can't stand how she's written. 
WTF? First, she's all but fridged so that they have a lame excuse to get her into this book. I didn't think they could sink much lower than that, but apparently DC is a bottomless pit. She needs to get out of Dini's clutches ASAP.