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This was a brutal issue
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This was a good issue. I read it like 4 times.
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I'm getting sick of the back and forth stuff with regards to the timeline. Did the event in this issue really need to happen at the same time that Osborn's secret weapon beat down Doom? Couldn't it have been a completely new issue but still before Siege?

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This issue was great, cant wait to see the fallout from it :)
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 i was very pleased and actually surprised when i read this. not because of what happened catching me off guard but because it was so well written and just fun to read.

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Let's face it. Norman's not going to survive SEIGE. No one gets away with attacking the gods. *Sigh* . . . now I'll have to deal with crappy wannabe Goblins. . . again. So close.
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My first reaction to this issue after I read it was..... 

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This time around (and I'm surprised by this) I agree with Sara rather than Tony...
How I see it is that both the Dark and New Avengers "tie-ins" were rather more like the March On Ultimatum prequel of Siege... The only actual good tie-in for Siege is Embedded, which has been awesome by the way.
The scene at the beginning I love the "flashback" because it makes sense, at first in Siege: The Cabal the question on if Sentry is the 'Secret Weapon', now it makes sense.
@G-Man: You kept saying of something that happened on Siege #1, I thought of what happened on Siege #2. What happened on Siege #1 that I missed?
Regarding the scene with Victoria Hand: When I read it at first Victoria Hand seem to not know what's going on. On that scene where she doesn't know the radio frequency, the first thing I though was: "Does she know? Was she faking her nescience?" So maybe she was part of the whole event that happened in the issue that you guys kept talking about but couldn't say exactly what it was with all the vagueness
The diffrence in art: Y'know how in a movie, the mood is set with music? I that particular scene with Lindy and Bullseye, if it were a movie, you would hear in the soundtrack a low, creepy mood music. Here in comics the art, colors andshading give you a sense of that mood.
This issue proves that Bendis is capable of telling an extroardinary story!

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@sora_thekey: Yeah, meant to say #2. The big splurch scene.
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I think this is the first time that Babs and G-Man disagreed and I found myself agreeing with Babs! Good review all around though.
I don want to point out, though, that the flashback that G-Man got hung up on was taken from the Siege: The Cabal one-shot. Being that this was a one-shot, there's a good chance that more casual comic readers did not pick it up. So, while it may have been a repeat to us, there's a good chance that this event (which is really important to the overall story) might have been missed, so its good to see it told in a standard, numbered issue.

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LOOOVED IT!!!  Look, the story is so complex, we need to see stuff from diff. angles.  Bullseye is awesome.  That situation between him and Lindy was really disturbing. 
My only ? is when will SENTRY figure it all out??
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@G-Man: Ah Ok! Then yes... I agree with you, that makes total sense now!
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 For the length of this review. It's amazing just how little was actually said. lol It's understandable that you wouldn't want to go too deep. It would be impolite to just drop every detail that happens here.
I think I have a basic idea of what happened just based on the things said in this review.  

If anything. I do hope that Babs gets a chance to express those thoughts some time later when this whole event is no longer spoiler. I would like to read that argument.
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7:19=Babs-"I kno right"
no i dont kno... what jus happened there
and the vagueness didnt help
"refrigerator"... i wonder what that means...

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@Yung ANcient One said:
" 7:19=Babs-"I kno right"  no i dont kno... what jus happened there  ...and the vagueness didnt help  "refrigerator"... i wonder what that means... "
It's a pretty popular concept. I'm surprised you don't "know what it means." I linked to the COMICVINE page to help you out.  
Women in refrigerators
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 I'm with G-Man on this, but I would've liked this more if it were pre-Siege and we had more issues to delve with the aftermath/what's actually going on in Asgard. 
Mike Deodato's art gets better with each issue. He's really what is pushing me to get Secret Avengers.

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About the particular scene that you two discussed, it annoyed me. I wasn't offended because it was a typical "Women in Refrigerators" moment, but because I found that it had little emotional impact on me. It's important because it will affect the Sentry in later issues, but the character wasn't fleshed out to the point where I immediately carried about his/her fate. I'll wait until Babs explains her position to explain mine. 

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Speaking of "Women in the Refrigerators," will you be doing a review on the Green Lantern Corps. that book was amazing!

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ouch... but at least yall are not in the basement! 
An i could hear both of you clear an crisp.

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lol these are always so vague

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 Okay folks, comics is the only thing that helps quite alot of people escape from the bleeding hearts complaints that are all over the mainstream media all the time. 
If  feminists don't like this really good comic issue then TOO BAD.  Its just a comic, get over it.
Comic writers should not bow down to political correctness but focus on satisfying their primary consumers which are mostly males.

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Another bad ass issue, all this Siege tie-in stuff is getting excellent, I loved the way they subtly  changed the colours and inking for Bullseye's scene with Lindy, excellent stuff, a good example of Bendis on form.

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The flash backs kinda kill me too. Mainly because Siege is happening. Give me some insight on how the dark avengers are doing in the fight. It sucks espicially because i chose to only reading the main Seige and the Dark Avengers thinking it would be enough. It kills because i know im missing out on so much and that i have to get all the TPBs to get more siege because this comic is doing flashbacks every issue. 
I do really like the Dark Avengers comic the writing is great and the characters are fun. But it just seems that its going in circles. It feels like the issues before siege were poorly planned, they didnt get in everything the wanted and now theyre using these to fill in story points they missed. 
Maybe they shouldnt have wasted those two or three issues on that pointless Molecule Man story!
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fuck this issue.  this issue was absolute trash.  how can you people even like this garbage?
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Now I have to get Siege #1.  I left this issue feeling upset.  

I kept waiting for the repercussions.  Maybe because Siege has already started and I don't think they will go back into that.  Plus its a flashback so I felt like I should have already seen the outcome of this issue.  Maybe if a timeline was laid out clearer for me, like this happened in in the Cabal, then this happened in Dark Avengers, then this happened in Siege or something.
But it left me feeling like, well that sucked.  Not because I thought it was terribly drawn or written poorly, but it was just so dark and straight forward with no signs of hope.
I guess I just wanted to see some hint at the repercussions because I have no idea where this takes place in the story and what happened after this.
What happens in Siege #1?