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Great to see things lightening up.
Thanks to both of you for reviewing this.

Posted by reaper2923

No matter how much you make the loser look cool the loser is always a loser aka Aquaman

Posted by Gylan Thomas

I thought it was twice monthly.

Posted by Comiclove5

Posted by lostlantern13

I thought it was great. A really strong issue that has a lot of intrigue... really nice review.

To answer Babs's question...a guy is able use the power of Star Sapphire, but Geoff Johns has said that most guys aren't worthy of it. Though, like you guys said, he's not really using the gem. It attached itself to Hawkman's gauntlet and is guiding them to the bones (which have a tie to the Star Sapphire Corps since it was their love that fueled the Zamarons and their philosophy).

@Gylan Thomas: It is bi-weekly. It altnernates with the Justice League International bi-weekly. 

Posted by Xion

this issue was pretty cool, i really like aquaman being awesome :D

Posted by carnivalofsins00

how do you guys hang up the comics? what do you use?

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this issue was so good!! :D
The writing was so compelling. and the art. Oh my god. Ivan Reis blew me out of the water. i'm a hard person to impress art wise, i'm an art major and i have pretty picky taste. but oh my god his stuff is so amazing i can't put it into words!

Posted by G-Man
@carnivalofsins00: Like the Green Lanterns, we use our will power. That and thumbtacks on the mylar bags.
Posted by Branagin77

IT's so funny when people try to explain something to themselves about what going on in the story, it really makes no sense beacuase it's a piece of fiction. I guess that's what makes It really fun too...

Posted by NightFang

I really enjoyed this issue and I hope the rest are just as good.  

Posted by Archetype
@lostlantern13: Also you can look at it this way...That piece of Saphire was supposed to be a part of Shiera's heart or something so in a way Hawkman literally holds a piece of her heart.I think it is just a nice way to look at it although I may be reading too much into it lol ever the hopeless romantic....
Posted by No_Name_
@Archetype: :)
Posted by jakob187

This is bi-weekly for the rest of the year?!  WOW!!!  That's a bit excessive.  Hopefully, they'll be able to keep the thing interesting throughout it all.  Twelve people do offer some big story potential. 
I'll have to pick this sucka up.  Still haven't read through Brightest Day #0. 
Also, with the whole Deadman thing - I'm curious if maybe his whole thing could crossover somehow into the return of Bruce Wayne.  I'm just saying - Deadman knows that Dick is Batman now (if you read the BN: Batman mini-series at least, you know that).  He knows he has the power to bring people back.  Bruce Wayne is returning at some point in the next, what, six months or so? 
I'm just keeping that in mind.

Posted by Grim
@reaper2923 said:
" No matter how much you make the loser look cool the loser is always a loser aka Aquaman "
screw that. Aquamans always a winner. dude dies and comes back with even cooler powers. 
i hope he lives and these powers stay. if he controls dead sea life, were looking at a slightly increased presence on  the surface.  
i love me some A.C.
Posted by Joey Ravn

This has been a GREAT week to be a DC fan: BD#1, War of the Supermen #1, Red Robin #12, Sweet Tooth #9, I, Zombie #1 and above all... Batman & Robin #12 (are you doing a review of it? Please, PLEASE do one :D). 
Brightest Day #1 was awesome. Extremely awesome. So many questions are raised, but that's fine... They don't seem forced and being bi-weekly is the perfect pace for it, in my opinion. There's plenty of time to answer all those questions. And Deadman, oh, Deadman! He has been elevated to stratosferic levels of awesomeness :D Too bad I can only give it a 5/5, because it deserves a LOT more. Great way to start a year-long event. Congrats to the artists =D 
PS: Sara looks really cute in this video, especially when she says "Blackest Day... oh, you got me there!" :P 
 PS2: Where's there suit, Tony? It was soooo cool :(

Posted by Storm Rider

As much as I enjoyed this issue, there's still no indication of the various elements coalescing into a single story. I'm surprised that wasn't mentioned in the review. With the bi-weekly schedule I'm sure we won't have to wait long for things to start making sense though. Overall, I say 4 out of 5 as a standalone issue; probably 5 out of 5 in a few weeks when I reread it after everything has started coming together.

Posted by johnny_spam

Max Lord won't be explored in Brightest Day but Generation Lost. 

Posted by Nyogtha

I am iffy on this issue. I dug the exchange between the lanterns in the beginning and the end with Atrocitus. As well as the bits with Boston and Hawkman and Hawkgirl but Aquaman left me...eh and Firestorm part was annoying.

Posted by Suigetsu

Aquaman was my favorite super friend. Last time I saw him he had a beard and a hook.... O.o srsly wtf?
Glad that he has his good old look back.

Posted by Fenrir085

I have blackest night, but I haven't read it yet. I'm currently working on finishing Green Lantern Rebirth. but I can't wait to read this one.

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So no one could lift the white lantern.  I wonder what would happen if Green Lantern or Sinestro tried to charge their rings with the white Lantern?

Posted by Aquamariner

I loved the Aquaman bit... he's (sorta) bulletproof now! That is AWESOME!!! cant wait for ish 2! Thank God it's bi-weekly!

Posted by 00 Raiser

So they are on a search for Dead Man. Interesting. The bit with Aquaman was pretty cool. The summoning of the dead sea life made me wonder if Blackest Night was truly over for a hot second. Im curious to see how the Green Lantern series ties in with this.

Posted by Aquamariner
@Xion:  Looks like Geoff really kept his promise and brought Aquaman back cooler than ever! Love it!
Posted by blds_bane

brought a tear to my eye

Posted by KRYPTON
@G-Man said:
" @carnivalofsins00: Like the Green Lanterns, we use our will power. That and thumbtacks on the mylar bags. "
So do you hang up your favorite comics, or all comics?
Posted by the_fallen11

this issue was fantastic, the art was amazing, all around solid issue.

Posted by G-Man
@KRYPTON : When Ryan and I talked about "Who Won't Wield The Shield," we mentioned how we're in a huge room lined with comics. I just make sure the ones seen in the video are THIS week's comics.
Posted by davidkenneth

Is that a wall of comics or a wall with comics on it?
Posted by Captain Norway
@reaper2923 said:
" No matter how much you make the loser look cool the loser is always a loser aka Aquaman "
True, he's like Namor only useless.
Posted by Quest

i am a big aquaman fan i loved this issue but since i am a big fan i knew who the mystery man was but it was still cool
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 so awesome, looking foreward to it!

Posted by CylonDorado

Aquaman FTW!
Posted by Mahtu

cannot WAIT to see what Boston can do later on!  AHHHHH i need to pick this issue up NOW!

Posted by JAH_Donuts
@carnivalofsins00:@carnivalofsins00 said:
" how do you guys hang up the comics? what do you use? "
I too would like to know this.
Posted by MKF30

So glad this got a good review!! I'm looking forward to it! Babs looks so cute with her new haircut lol :P

Posted by doordoor123

Am i the only person that wasnt in love with this issue?
The Aquaman part was cool, but i cant really think of anything else really significant that happend. Maybe im forgetting in my old age. This issue seemed more of a set up issue. It gave us more of the information that we already had from Brightest Day #0 and gave us a question at the end of each character's segments. If those questions are answered by next issue ill be a happy camper, but again, this issue wasnt all that and a bag of chips for me. I would give this a 4/5 ONLY because i loved Blackest Night and im loving Brightest Day (minus this issue).
P.S. I loved the art. Most notably the two page spread in the aquaman segment (Dont want to ruin it for anyone who hasnt read this yet)

Posted by Preacherl2k

Babs, G-Man: cmon how could you guys give this issue such a good rating. Babs 5/5 ??? G-Man 4.5/5.
I'll give you this the art was awesome but that was the only redeeming part of this book. 
I'm with doordoor123 on this one- the story was WEAK! It really didn't advance much of anything and left me with more questions than answers and in the end not very much of anything really happened. It's a total set-up issue. Way to much back story here, not enough forward progress. Don't get me wrong I would have bought this for the art alone- but I'm not very impressed with this issue overall and Babs I'm even a hopeless romantic.I would have preferred if they just focused each issue on just one or two of the resurrected characters at a time. Give my man Martian Manhunter some love and half an issue and I would have bought it 3 times over ( I'm just glad he's back.. can you tell?).
Overall this issue get a 3.25/5, 3 for the art .25 for the story. Hey It's just my opinion too....

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This book is freakin amazing. 'Nuff said.  I'm not a GL fan at all really, I usually stay within the Marvel universe and occasionally check up on Batman but a local comic place around me enticed me with a free white power ring if i bought it so i gave 0 and 1 a chance and I couldn't put them down. I read them both twice and can't wait to finally see Aquaman do something cool. So yeah, great issue and I'm completely with Babs on this one, J'onzz's scenes where pretty awesome.

Posted by Darknite32

if you were to choose to read first, would you choose brightest day or blackest night?

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