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Posted by Tamed


Posted by Secret Identity

I'm not convinced by this but i may well give it a try anyway

Posted by MichaeltheFly

16 years I had that hairstyle. Nice review I like the it although I am not a big fan of the art, could the Avengers have team chemistry like the X-men with multiple roster? Maybe.

Posted by logan48227

I loved the Tony Stark/Steve Rogers interaction and Thor's reaction to ****'s appearance is classic. 
That being said, the issue started out slow and some of the humor felt forced.

Edited by DH69

3 out of 5 to me. art counts for a good deal to me, and this stuff made me nautious. i enjoyed it to the point where im glad they're trying to go all pre-disassembled, but at this point can they really just go "boom guess what we're bringing **** out of retirement to confront the avengers" it seems like a massive jump in story telling to me. not to fond of the single female member so far, hopin more join up later.

Posted by darkxman123

i enjoyed it but not as much as i wanted too

Posted by DH69

i guess avenger kids might be the main point of 2010, tigra just had one. scarlet witch's kids are gonna be spendin the next year and a half trying to track her down (damn bi-monthly release date, taunting me with my favorite avenger), and now with the next avengers being made somewhat conical, it seems to be all about the kids.

Posted by Rob.H

I thought it was a great start to, what I'm hoping, will be an awesome run of Avengers books.  Can't wait for the next issue.

Posted by speedlgt

i thought it was really good....the stark steve thing was nice I loved the part where tony said if he was the leader and steve laughed! that was great! 
dude the art was weak......i am not a romita fan and to me steve looked like kickass! thats very very weak. 
is he gonna keep drawing this book? or was it a one time deal?
Posted by iLLituracy

Bucky not knowing who that guy was...was just off.

Posted by FoxxFireArt

So, now Storm has an alternate universe child. In a way this kind of ticks me off. They bring all these "kids" of the Avengers into the canon universe, but I would really love to see Ruby Summers from the X-Factor comics. She's a cool character. She even mentioned something about traveling in time. I really want Ruby and Emma to meet. That would be interesting. You could call the story "Family Jewels", because Emma turns to diamonds and Ruby to rubies.

Considering what is happening with Black Panther and Storm. I do have to wonder what would if they ever learned about this kid.
I understand that they had to accept Tony back at some point, but it feels just way too easy.

Posted by Branagin77

OMG!!! YOU switched places... AAhhhhhh my whole world just got rocked, I t'nac noitcnuf won ho ym dog....

Posted by DH69
@Branagin77 said:
"OMG!!! YOU switched places... AAhhhhhh my whole world just got rocked, I t'nac noitcnuf won ho ym dog.... "

lol i miss world of warcraft, i used to always talk backwards to annoy the hell out of people, and you just reminded me of that.
Posted by chalkshark

Just two quick thoughts here. I appreciate the reviewers discretion in allowing readers to discover things for themselves. That said, however, the moment you showed that Immortus was in the story, you already gave away the villain of the piece. It's the rare story indeed that features Immortus, but doesn't feature the classic Avengers nemesis, who makes his return in this story. 
I, too, was bothered by Bucky's lack of recognition of the threat, until I thought about it for a bit. Bucky returned just prior to the Avengers Disassembled story. He joins the underground Avengers right around the time of the Secret Invasion... really a little after.... because he thinks that it's what Captain America would want him to do. Looking at their operation, it seems pretty clear that they were just responding to threats as they came up, patrolling the town, & taking down whatever super villains came their way, all while trying to avoid Iron Man's registered team of Avengers. They didn't have access to the Avenger's old records of past adventures. Iron Man's team did. An argument could be made that Hawkeye or Ms. Marvel might have brought up a past conflict with the villain in question, during the teams shared downtime, but barring that, there really was no reason why Bucky would have recognized this character. Known the name, maybe, but not known the character on sight. I'm giving Bucky a pass on this. Now that he's on the big team, though, it better not happen again.

Posted by Gennadius

I remember reading it like halfway and thinking woah I really wanna know how those kids look like, 
And then I facepalmed. 
I didnt really like the art-style.
Posted by mimschkin

I'm tempted to buy this just to see the lunch meat on the back.

Posted by AmazingSpiderMike
@iLLituracy: i totally agree with your statement in your spoilers review. But don"t you think this character needs a new updated, more sinister look to be taken more seriously as a threat to the Avengers?
Posted by G-Man
@chalkshark: Immortus was on page one and seen in the preview. That's the only page that "Immortus" was seen (and I know you know what I'm talking about here, you know?).
Staff Online
Posted by Theodore

I liked it a lot, aside from the fact that the team wasn't a surprise.

Posted by doordoor123

I liked this issue. I had no issues with this issue.

Posted by llagrok

4.5 hahaha, good god.

Posted by Anthony Robson92

I thought it was well written and I'm looking forward to the future of this team yet I found the art leaving a little bit to be desired, just because I'm not a huge fan of Romita's style. 
As for Bucky's reaction, I thought this was just because Avengers #1 is obviously an issue that will attract new readers, so they wanted to somehow present the villain as known by the team, to show the history and explain Thor's reaction. Bucky would obviously be the best character to show this, even if it does seem a little out of his persona.

Posted by brewski420

i loved this issue. Romita Jr's art is great. i gave this a 5 on my review
Posted by zombietag

i actually noticed all that meat as well when i read this. its ridiculous

Posted by MSBoyd23

I couldn't get past the art. 
It's supposed to be Steve Rogers...   

 "You don't want to be making friends with the wrong sort, Potter."  
...But it's actually Draco Malfoy.
Posted by lostlantern13

JRJR's art aside (do not like!), the issue was pretty good. 4's the right score, definitely.

Posted by Stormultt

storm ain't the mama. 
SOME OTHER GURL IS! ok! i refuse to believe thats her child
Posted by mattydeNero

I loooooooooved the suprise of the villain that showed up.  And the fact that he is seemingly--at this point--helping his most hated enemies is really cool.  Mainly because he could actually be planning on destroying all parties envolved.  And what about WONDER MAN?  That whole conversation with Iron Man and Steve while they were repairing Soldier Field was interesting.  I have seen the upcoming solicits and especially the cover to Avengers #2.  I wonder if Wonder Man is going to rejoin the Avengers, OR is going to cause them a whole hell of a lot of trouble while they try to figure out the situation that "said returning villain" brought to light.  Either way, I'm excited to see the Avengers back.  I am now just waiting for Avengers to return to continuity issue-wise once "Avengers" gets to what should be issue #500 or #600.  Marvel's done it with Spidey, Hulk, and Daredevil...why not the greatest Marvel team ever assembled?
Posted by spider-pig23

The art f***in' SUCKS!

Posted by goldenkey

it's like Steve Rodgers hair is still frozen in ice
Posted by Lokein.Lyesmith

  Sometimes I wonder why I watch these reviews. I get so annoyed so easily. It's like they take turns annoying me.

What files was Bucky supposed to read? Where are these files? It's not like the Avengers have had a steady place to sit down and set up their filing cabinets. They've been outlaws, on the run constantly. But Wolverine was supposed to go "Oh, btw, Bucky, here's an entire list of every villain we've ever fought, including their height, weight, power description, likes and dislikes, turn-ons and turn-offs. Where'd I keep it? In my spandex, of course! Silly Bucky-Cap!"

Posted by Archetype

Story wise the issue is good and I am interested however the art is just so off-putting that it really hinders the quality as a whole.I wish I liked the art, I do, but I don't so I think I'll pass on this for awhile until someone else is on the art duties.

Posted by NXH

I dont know what it is with JRJR's artwork. I used love his style a couple of years back, but then I think at one stage he started to slip a bit. I think his work on this issue is an improvement but I'm still not sure about it. =/

Posted by sora_thekey
@FoxxFireArt said:
"So, now Storm has an alternate universe child. In a way this kind of ticks me off."
Have you seen the Next Avengers movie?
If you watch it then you'll notice that Black Panther's and Storm's son is a really great character!
I wanted to hear you guy's opinion on the art... I am getting all these good opinions on the story, and I know I will love it but I wanna know if my reaction to Romita's art is an over reaction or if it really is as sloppy as it seems?
Posted by DP812

Ridiculously pithy dialogue, check. 
Bad characterization, check. 
Spider-Man and Wolverine posing as Avengers, check.  
Wasted pages, check (a double-page spread of every characters associated with the Avengers in the Heroic Age saying yes? Seriously?) 
A classic character offed in a classless style in order to elevate some crappy threat, check.  
Spidey written as an irritating pest as opposed to a lovable wisecracker, check.
Other than the absence of Luke Cage and the addition of Thor, I really don't see how different this is from New Avengers. I had hoped Bendis was going to write a real Avengers title and I was willing to overlook the years of crap he forced down the throats of Avenger fans.  And the pages at the end detailing the origins of the Avengers were downright insulting to the characters. Romita's artwork is the only saving grace. 
Never thought I'd say this, but Bendis has really made me nostalgic for The Crossing.

Posted by spiderguylll

this issue had awesome banter...even for Bendis

Posted by dvorak

I like the direction it's heading, but the cover art... oh man.

Edited by ArtisticNeedham

Steve Rogers, letting his hair grow out, to me seemed like he has been through a great deal and, you know how sometimes someone will take some time off and grow a beard and let their hair grow longer.  Thats what it seemed like to me.  Steve let his hair grow and sideburns grow.  Its like, after being stuck in time for a long time Steve returns, doesn't want to be Cap.  Wants time off, to relax.  Its like he came back from a long vacation and look he grew his hair out and grew sideburns.
I think Spider-Man and Hawkeye could be like the Marvel version of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle.  Or the New Beast and Wonderman.  I liked it, it did feel like the classic Avengers from before the whole big events of the recent years.
I also love where this story is going, not just focussing on the present and current bad guys like the Hood or something.  but doing big Avengers stories that span time and space.  And it will be fun to see characters like Spider-man reacting to the everyday Avengers stuff like fighting the bad guy they fought this issue and watching Thor destroy some guy with one hit of his hammer.
That was awesome.
I agree with the comments about the speech and the part about Bucky not knowing about the bad guy.  It did feel odd.  And so did Thor's reaction to Bucky, although that one was more reasonable.
I would say 5/5 or 4/5 myself.
i want to see George Perez draw this team, and I really want more scenes between Hawkeye and Spider-Man.

Posted by InnerVenom123

I didn't like the two spread page where its people saying yes. That was just .... stupid.
As for this attempt to make "Next Avengers" canon... I just don't like it.
The book was OKAY. Not a really good start, for me. I do like JRJR's art though, except his Steve Rogers. His Steve Rogers is weird to me.

Posted by speedlgt

ya know i think the kid of steve rogers is from him and  the widow? RIGHT so hows that gonna go down with bucky since hes with the widow right now!! i forgot about that.  
also i didnt even miss luke cage at all! i mean i dont like cage as an avenger but i mean after reading this i like TOTALLY forgot about him.
Posted by Preacherl2k
@MSBoyd23 said:
" I couldn't get past the art. 
It's supposed to be Steve Rogers...   
 "You don't want to be making friends with the wrong sort, Potter."  
               ...But it's actually Draco Malfoy. "
Now that was funny!!!!
But I agree the art was Horrible- but I did like the story and G-Man was SOOOOO right about the jump suit!
Posted by The Human Stain
@Lokein.Lyesmith: Bucky's been staying at Steve's place. Since Steve is such a strategist, you'd think he'd have something lying around. It doesn't seem likely that Bucky would dive into being Cap without knowing who Steve's enemies were.
Posted by Thor63

i think its stupid their bringing in the kid avengers and that art is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by hero vs. villian

I don't feel like reading Back to the Future II in a comic book. Bendis literally came out in an Ifanboy interview and said the first Avengers story arc would have quotes from the film, and what not. JRJR's art was awesome. The only thing I like about the series is JRJR art. Bendis' shallow movie rip off, Tarantino wanna be writing is too much for me these days.

Posted by Green ankh

"that's what its like to be on a team with Thor"
Posted by ILuvMsMarvel

Art aside, it was a good book.

Though I'm waiting for someone to show up on the pages, not saying who...

Posted by Aspenite

I´m looking forward to it - have to wait until next week!

Posted by RoninKane

 I hate  John Romita Jr  artwork. It takes away from every issue he draws and it seems to me that at the very least, Marvel could have picked one of their better artist for the beginning of the "Heroic Age".    

Posted by movieartman

loved this issiue story wise BUT I CANT STAND ROMOTIAS ART EVER IN ANYTHING 
would have done anything if mike choi and sonja oback would have drawin this 
it would have been INCREDIBLE
Posted by sagesebas

I like how G-man says do and his d's

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