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Posted by ldg220

I really liked this issue!!!  The story is awesome!!!!

Posted by EdwardWindsor

adding to list for sure sounds cool

Posted by mimschkin

You guys are really making me want to buy this. I love Jason Aaron on Weapon X, but I was put off by Spider-Man. Now I'm not so sure...

Posted by jlat89

it's a really good issue.  It was very entertaining

Posted by Benzo

oh that's a shame I really wanted this to be an ongoing series.... 
But the issue was really good though! :D

Posted by doordoor123

I also really liked it. Im really confused about the continuity thing. In astonishing x-men, arent storm and beast part of the team? That comes out today doesnt it? Im just really confused.
But great issue. And i think wolverine and spiderman are more hostile twards each other because theyve been in the past for so long.

Posted by danhimself

Adam Kubert's art is ASTONISHING <<see what I did there!!  
also their banter and thought bubbles really reminded me of the early issues of Superman/Batman back when the title was written by Loeb....loved this book so much that I think it was my pick of the week last week

Posted by Joe Venom

Yea this issue totally caught me off guard I thought this would be just another story of them in New York but after the first page I was like Savageland "LAME" but its not these guys are somehow back in time so at that point I just sat back and stop judging it and it turned out to be awesome issue.
Its funny you kinda figure Logan(or James, I prefer to call him Logan) to be a loner but for some reason in almost every possible reality and/or future he always finds a place among people.

Posted by goldenkey

Kubert is the man. is this a one shot
Posted by Joe Venom
@goldenkey:  nope 1 of 6
Posted by the_fallen11

I wasn't going to pick this up but I for sure am now!

Posted by Aspenite

Top notch!

Posted by RedK
@danhimself said:
" their banter and thought bubbles really reminded me of the early issues of Superman/Batman back when the title was written by Loeb. "
that what I was think with the exception that Superman and Batman were complimenting each other but Wolverine and Spidey were complaining about each other, especially when Wolverine said he rather be with Banner on his worst day and Spidey ssaying if he was with Reed or Tony they would of already built a time machine
Posted by sora_thekey

Huh... I will buy this...
Surprised at Babs review towards the issue... so it must be good!

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You guys are funny. =)  We're going/have to find out about "where" they are.  Let's not fret about the timeline and whatnot.  I thought that this book WAS running along with continuity?  I'm kind of confused about that because I kind of get your point.  If they never explain the timeline, then we riot.  
I think that Wolverine being so cool in this book has to do with Jason Aaron.  Like you guys said, "he gets it."  Bendis is the same way.  Think about it, Chris Claremont wrote Wolvie for years, and THAT was the only Wolverine we knew and it was the one that we wanted.  When Claremont left the X-Men books, too many writers tried to keep Wolverine the same.  The only problem was he was everywhere--much like the Deadpool we know now.   I think that Aaron has been one ofthe best since Claremont, it's really good stuff. 
One of the first comics I ever bought was MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #48.  Erik Larsen's Spidey, AND his Wolverine are fantastic.  This is definitely one of my favorite all-time covers.  I was introduced to Spidey and Wolverine teaming up from the jump.  It seemed like it never happened until New Avengers.  Anyway, this mini-series will be pretty good.  I just wish it wasn't only 6 issues.  I was thinking of it being an on-going like Superman/Batman when the new first broke a few months back. 
Unfortunately, I don't know what Astonishing X-Men is going to be like.  They look like the Bad News Bears.
Posted by zombietag

first of all, how is wolverine so high in the air? hahahah 
anyways, this was funny. a lot different than my review of this issue.

Posted by jordama

I know wolverine comes back months before he left, and one wolverine stays on the west coast and the other stays on the east.
Posted by carnivalofsins00

so why do a lot of people say this sucked?!?!?!?!?!?! i loved it.

Posted by ImperiousRix

I love it when Wolvie and Spidey team up.  They're just such polar opposites in terms of personality and crime-fighting style that, with a good writer, they're a lot of fun to watch interact.

Posted by DH69

i found it interesting, liked the artwork too

Posted by NXH

This does look awesome. Will have to check it out whenever it comes out onto trade (i only buy trades now) :/

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Spider-Man and Wolverine are my two favorite characters ever, this is the best comic I've read this month.

Posted by growup

Babs gave 5 to a comic with Spider-man in it...nuff said

Posted by FatBoiFreshh

i so didnt pick this up Pow!!!

Posted by Gennadius

Loved the story btw did you guys see that in like the first page's when spidey slinged next to a bus it had like a picture of the statue's spidey made in the past ?  
And i loved the bonus pin-up gallery, especially the 2d one and the last one.

Posted by Calvin
@Red_Justice said:
" Babs gave 5 to a comic with Spider-man in it...nuff said "
I knew Spidey will conquer Babs' heart...  
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@carnivalofsins00 said:

" so why do a lot of people say this sucked?!?!?!?!?!?! i loved it. "

They wanted to see Spider-man and Wolverine fight to the death to solve all the boyfanish issues??? IDK...
Posted by Blackestnight

I give this one a 4.5 I would have given it a 5 except for what G man pointed out and I took a guess too but guessed wrong and then had to re-read it. it's an interesting story though I'll be getting the whole series. 

Posted by jayshaw