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good to know!

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Handy.  That answered quite a few questions.

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Thanks for the video

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man that makes editing look easy hopefully this helps more people feel confident about editing pages so we can make all of the whiskey media sites even bigger i might try some editing tomorrow   

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This was helpful. 
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Man Giant Bomb needs something like this. And an updated and consistent style guide to top it all off.

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I'm going to keep that in mind when I add pictures over on Anime Vice to start adding captions. I didn't know how important that was. The same for any underlines on the H3s.

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loved this video because I've gone through many pages just fixing up errors in general formatting, to be honest I did it because it just feels like an assault on the eyes the way (for example) that Superman looked when you started editing...it's good to know ComicVine also discourages said sloppiness

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thanks for putting this up, now we know. And knowledge is power!\ 
Now I will be going through all the pages looking for this stuff. Mowin' em down quest, you are mine!
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Helpful stuff, cool.
And knowing is half the battle!

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Very nice indeed. Especially the tips for outsmarting the editor glitches. Hope the other sites follow suit soon.
Question: Looking at the source, there seems to be some inconsistency with when a new P tag is inserted by the editor rather than a BR.  Is this something you're aiming to resolve?  I mention because I would've thought that double-spacing between paragraphs was better solved via CSS for P tags within wikid-block-description... but if there's no certainty for which tag the editor generates I can see it causing confusion.
WYSIWYG HTML Is damn hard, and you guys have done a great job.

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Hey everyone I completely re-did this video tutorial.   Over the last 2 weeks we've been working on our style guide for character pages, so watch now.

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@Red L.A.M.P.:  Are you going to do a Wiki Page Tutorial for the other Whiskey sites as well?
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@Red L.A.M.P.: 
I'm looking it over now on how to apply these lessons to Anime Vice. What if a character really doesn't have a "Character Evolution". Some do, such as Goku; but many don't change much at all. Also, there isn't a Story Arc section on Anime Vice. Also, not every anime or manga really has story arcs. You don't have a lot of the sub-menus for a lot of on Anime Vice.
The Psychological Analysis seems like something that would be around Character Evolution.
I do disagree about being too detailed. I don't see how having too much detail could be a bad thing. To basically have a collection of a complete history of characters in fine detail. More so in manga/anime when characters only have one true story.
That's what the One Piece wikia specific page is like.
I can't tell you how many times I've had to deny submissions where someone has cut and pasted paragraphs for the deck/overview. I'm sick and tired of explaining to people about two to three simple sentences max.