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Posted by G-Man

“Batman vs. Robin,” the next entry in the popular DC Universe Original Movie series, is now available to own via Digital HD, and will be available as a Blu-ray Deluxe Edition, Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD onApril 14.

Posted by judasnixon

DC needs a cork, because all their movies keep leaking out.....

Posted by StMichalofWilson

Talon: "Join the Dark Side Robin"

Damian: "What?"

Talon: "Sorry, just got Star Wars on Digital HD"

Posted by Wilbertus

So Talon is Ducard now?

Oh well, I'll just wipe my batfan knowledge before watching this movie to make it enjoyable as I did for the Son of Batman. Worked pretty well except for the Damian v Deathstroke fight. Obviously.

Posted by AmazingWebHead

"Dammit Talon, stop using our spare uniforms as training dummies to prove a point! Those things are expensive to make!"

Posted by NightFang

This could have better without Damian.

Posted by superior_prime_maybe

Is That Talon supposed to be Thomas Wayne Jr/Owlman or is that a version of Nobody?

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@superior_prime_maybe: Calvin Rose/ Nobody combination. Movie's basically a combination of The Court/ Night of Owls arc and Born to Kill arc. I've seen the movie already, Pretty good tbh.

Posted by superior_prime_maybe

@impervious: Oh! Cool! Good to see him getting some spotlight !!

Posted by HopeOnFire

That baby voice on Damian Dx

sooo uncomfortable that it gives me chills!

Posted by SilverPool

I hope this is good. The last solid DC animated was Flashpoint.

Posted by Nerd Of A Hero

So let me get this straight…Red Hood is an Talon now and wants to take Damian to the dark side? What a twist (=/

Posted by MrTummyTumms

@silverpool: really? I thought assault on ark ham was pretty solid

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Posted by albusan

I watched the movie online, I hate how weak everyone looked to make Damian look like he was the best fighter. Batman looked really bad in this movie.

Posted by The_Titan_Lord

The movie was OK. But.......

Posted by TheLurker