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This actually cleared a lot of stuff up for me. Can't wait for this event!

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So it's a crisis-like event to clean up the mess of multiple crisis-like events?


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Awesome. Looking forward to this

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Awesome. Looking forward to this

I'm looking forward to this also, because I love these types of stories.

I just wonder what changes they are going to make, what they will disregard or incorporate...The N52 launch was very poorly done looking back, despite the sales boost it gave, so I'm hoping this event has been planned a little bit better.

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It feels foolhardy, but, I am actually excited for Convergence as an event. It isn't being billed as THE ONE THAT WILL CHANGE TEH UNIVERSE FOR EVER NOTHING WILL EVER BE THE SAME !!!!!121!!!! Well, that the vibe I get from Marvel marketing at least. Sure this is being used as a means to relaunch titles like Earth 2 but this is all taking place outside contonuity so it isn't really affecting anything but Eart 2.

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man this video was awesome can not WAIT for Convergence!~ really hoping this event will come out in omnibus form because I will buy it! can't buy every title in this event but im grabbing the ones I'm most interested in!

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Braniac is DCs greatest villian but disappears at the start? So I guess that whole Darkseid war is for D-listers?

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''Reason behind Brainiac's actions are because we messed the background of New 52 so much ..we need a Crisis of all Crisis..es to clean it up ''

I will take whatever Pre-52 I can get. The ''aftermath'' look of convergence doesn't look bright to me though O.o

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i am even more excited now

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I still think Secret Wars is going to stomp this even tho I'll be checking them both out. Marvel events usually suck, but Hickman did so damn good with Infinity I think Secret wars will be good too. The corp story at least.

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So pumped for this!

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This seems like a world changing event to stop all world changing events, so it better be done well >_>

Like fix all your f@ck ups DC

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Ok now I'm more exited more Convergence

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Great video! It made clear what Convergence is and what it means for DC moving forward. They're looking to its tremendous past to pave the way for the future of DC. It's a bold idea.

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Im really looking forward to this !!! It also seems to make a hell of alot more sense then what marvel is doing with secret wars...

I cant wait for the return of the 90s looks on quite a few of the heros !!

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They should have released this video much earlier to clarify and get people pumped. I certainly am after seeing this!