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rated m, not t? damn, i can only imagine what's in the game to make that happen

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@dagmar_merrill: well, I didn't hear it until now. must've missed it. sue me

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@amazingwebhead: there is apparently a torture scene that pushed the rating over the edge.

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gave me chills, makes me even more excited for the game

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How does going to play a basketball game encourage you to be selfless and all that other stuff? Its just a ball game...

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What is it with superhero trailers and NIN??

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Anyone know the Villians in the game? I saw someone at the end didn't recognize him.

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Nice brb saving people and being batman.

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@fuzzylittlerodent:After looking at it again i think it is Scarecrow. I think i read Hush was going to be in here too, but that was awhile ago.

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Marvel fanboys jelly. Go back to playing disney infinity

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Scarecrow looks damn creepy.

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@zackattack93: He broke his fingers and kept playing. It was showing he's determined.

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1 month to go *sigh* ....almost there

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The basketball player doesn't really fit in.

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I pre-ordered the game last august and have been excited for it every since. Cannot wait!

Posted by zackattack93

Hes gonna risk damaging his hands more to finish a game? Ok then...

Posted by Wilbertus

Would have been so cool to randomly come across this and be shocked when it says "Be the Batman" the caption took the surprise away.

Still pretty kick-ass trailer nonetheless.

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@edgejohn said:

Marvel fanboys jelly. Go back to playing disney infinity

lol I know right?

lol is it me or are most WB games rated M? MK, Daylight, LOTR Shadows of Mordor, Condemned and now Batman even? :-O

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why be batman, when you can be spider-man?

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I wonder if there are people who still think Joker is alive.

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Just take my money...

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That trailer was okay.

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good trailer