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oooh first post! i love trading views, nice job again guys. While not a big DD fan, I may pick this up just for Larroca's art. 

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This was one of my first comic books!

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I read this before in issue form but, I think it was one of the best Daredevil and Elektra stories. And I really wish there was more. 

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It,s good to see more of trading views. And great review
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@haydenclaireheroes: I just realized I somehow missed the Ultimate Elektra series by Mike Carey and Salvador Larroca. Perhaps that will fill in some of the gaps/problems I had between this and her Ultimate Spider-Man appearances. I just picked up the issues but haven't had a chance to look at them.
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nice review; I'm not much for the ultimate universe though

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i hate everything Ultimate. im not saying its bad, im just saying it as my opinion.
Posted by Mumbles's good, but not ultimate different like gman says.

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I picked this up back in the day when I was trying to get into comics the first time.  I tried to focus on Ultimate stories, but this was so unique and different. 
As a superhero book, it isn't the most compelling, but it is a really nice romance story.  The interplay between two characters that love each other, but have such different ways of viewing the world makes this an easy to recommend book. 

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I love DD and Elektra Nice comic I'm going to pick it
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I haven't read this yet. But I agree some stuff in the ultimate universe, is a little off.  Well nice review you two.

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i don't like joe quesada's art either,
i was more offended by the art of One More Day than the plot


i picked up tha issues along with tha ulti elektra series sometime after they came out. this was just around when i was expanding my reading. i like all tha creators involved, but i didnt really enjoy either series.
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In The Ultimate Elektra series, at the end Kingpin offers her a job as an assassin after she takes down Bullseye and i guess that's how she appears in the Ultimate Spiderman issue

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@GT-Man said:
" I love DD and Elektra Nice comic I'm going to pick it "

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The Ultimate comics are non esistence to me.

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I am way more into the classic Marvel heroes but I still really love Elektra! :D

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I had never read this series, but some of it sounded and looked really familiar... after digging through my trades I came across the official comic adaption of the Daredevil movie (because, yes... for some reason I own that) and sure enough, issue 1 of Ultimate Daredevil and Elektra was reprinted in it. Weird.

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i LOVE everything ultimate! the writing's funnier, the heroes are younger and edgier and its nice to see a new spin on heroes we already know, i even like ultimate spider-man better than the 616 one in my opinion

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i have ultimate  Elektra   it was good and im going to pick this too
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I'm not marvelously fanatical about anything Ultimates, and this TPB doesn't really serve a good purpose as a classic hero story, but if you're a fan of the Whedon-esque school of romantic interaction (and as the girliest of girlie-girls, I am), this is a good read for a fresh take on the Elektra-DD storyline.  oh, and it introduced me to the art of Salvador Larroca, so HOORAY!
P.S. - I liked Ultimate Elektra, but I have this odd, nagging sensation that I might have been the only one

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I remember reading this and not liking it much because it came out  around a time when Marvel was using sexual assault in their stories not infrequently. Black Cat, Kate Bishop, Jessica Jones... it started to really feel trivialized and exploited to me. Maybe I'll give this another look outside of that context. 

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For the most part if there is a writer/artist I like doing an Ultmate book/character I care about, I'll buy it.   
I am a huge Elecktra fan so this is a buy for me. 
About a year ago I put Elektra on my must-have-all, list.  This means that whenever I find a "good buy" or a nice "nick and dent" deal on ANYTHING Elecktra, I will buy it.  Eventually, I will have this book, I am surprised I do not have it already. 
Thanks for the review, I like the exchange between the two of you.

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I mean this in the most respectful way, Sara looks like she could be a movie star in this video.


 I had reviewed the original books. I would bury to low borrow using their rating system. Not only is there no real change, there is nothing that really happens in the book either.
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I'll agree with Gman on this.
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this book was a let down.  I anyone read this because they wanted to see a good rating then pick up Frank Millers "Dare Devil Man without Fear" orgin retelling illustrated by John Romita Jr.  excellent excellent book and not outdated at all.
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dont forget the 4th option guys 
steal it!!!! 
haha kidding   trust me    stealing is very bad
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Nice review. I have read all four parts three times and this review made me to read it again :)

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@AlfredYLeVolcmp:  true :)
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"Nothing against transvestites." 
Thank you, Babs! A Batman fan with such a good heart. You rock. :)

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Does anybody else has problems watching this video. My doesn't start after the commercial.