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This was a beautiful book. Buy it!

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A story about talking animals...
When I was younger my mom would read to ma a story about linos... a funny book that talked about friendship and morals and stuff... it was funny because I remember wondering if Lions really behaved this way, and if they were really like people in a way (I had this book and the Lion King movie... what do you expect?) but I became fond of lions because of this...
As you guys were talking about this I remembered those stories, so I am guessing I will like this!
 I will definitely try to find this book to buy it...

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Thank you both so much for reviewing this. I've always been curious about this book. I love Brian K. Vaughn's Y: The Last Man and Ex Machina and also have a real soft spot for animals (especially cats). I'm glad you said its good for people who dont read comics. I may get this for my girlfriend for her birthday. After reading Grant Morrison's WE3 recently I could really go for another talking animal book.
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This is required reading and sits proudly on my shelf.

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Pride of Baghdad is my go to example of a graphic novel. Not only because it's good but because it isn't a collection of issues like what most people call graphic novels. For example people would call Watchmen a graphic novel but it's really a trade. Don't get me wrong I call them all comics but for people on their high horse that only claim to like graphic novels I tell them that Pride of Baghdad is a example.

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Great to see Trading Views again in such a long time. 
And yes, this graphic novel is very different to what you guys have reviewed in the past. 
As a massive fan of the lion king, I might check this out if i can borrow it, that is lol. 
Great way to start things off again, guys! 
Thanks =)

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This is a great book.  I have one myself and have given two as gifts.

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A very excellent book, and was only more astounded when I found out it was based on a true story.

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It's my goal to try to do these Trading Views more often. It's just a matter of time.

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Checked this out from the local library a couple months ago and really liked it!

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 The story is simple but the theme is not. This is one of those books that stands as an excellent piece of work and a fine addition to both the evolution of the graphic novel and a different point of view to the Middle East crisis.

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I was misty after reading this, it's that powerful.

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Brian K. Vaughn is the anti-Bendis. That is, he won't hog up 12 titles for himself. He writes very few titles at a time but when he does write, it's incredible.

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This was required in one of my English courses a few semesters back at my old Jr. College.  While I definitely did think the story is worth reading for a few different reasons, I'm not as enthusiastic about it as a lot of people.  To me, the themes are introduced and resolved too abruptly. 
I'd personally borrow it, but I'm in the minority. 
Great review, guys.

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I'll have to check it out some time.
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I really love this graphic novel. I bought it last year and thought it was awesome. Really great story. And the art is amazziiinngg.
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Absolutely loved this book, read it a few months ago and that ending still chokes me up, fine example of the perfect OGN. The artwork is flawless, the writing superb. Top notch.

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i love this book. its short and to the point, but really great and makes you think a lot. well done. i am definitely a briak k vaughn fan. 
ps your outfit is cute babs. no homo haha

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This is one of those books I've been meaning to buy.  My to-buy list just grows faster than I can keep up ( of course ).  I still plan on picking up the hardcover when I have enough spare cash and something else on my list isn't more appealing.

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 JUST ORDERED IT! You guys should be salesmen lol...    

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I totally understand Babs' and G-Man's mutterings and talk-arounds and just saying "yeah it's good".  Pride of Baghdad is one of those things like To Kill a Mockingbird, or Watchmen, that's so great it's difficult to put words to.  Whatever your justifications or critiques or joys are, chances are it pales in comparison.

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this book was one of the first things i read when i was getting really heavy into comics (i kno im a bit of noob). they had it in my high school library and i loved it

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Sounds like a nice story.

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I will have to check it out
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BKV is money with he writes his creator owned books.  I loved this book.

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Brilliant book, so touching and beautiful. Brian K Vaughn can't put a step wrong when he does self-created stories. 
Hope there are more trading views - I need some recommendations for my shelf.

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Sounds like a very good read.

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i read this book years ago and i loved it. the three triangle of any good comic (story-art-color) was amazingly done in this book. a must read graphic novel!

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I'll definitely try and buy this. 

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yeh this comic book story was very symbolic of the war's effect on the people of Iraq.  very powerful read.

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Yes! This book is phenomenal. A great, great read.

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This book is one of the first I read when getting back into comics a few years ago.  It's still one of my absolute favorites.  Will you guys do "the Nightly News" next?  It was the other one that got me back into comics again.
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This amazing book, which was first published in september 2006, was also made available two months later in a french translation by Panini Comics. This later version of the book actually won the "2006 Critiques BD!" award for best graphic novel of the year:
Hopefully we will get to see more of Niko Henrichon's amazing work in the next few months!

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This made me get a teary eyed. It's awesome.

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I'm not very partial to emotional stuff like this

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Great entry for your most interesting feature in my opinion! Being one of those silly Europeans trade paperback is the only form I can conveniently read comics at all so I'm all about your coverage of larger stories or collections of single issues.
PoB seems very unconventional so I'll have to check it out. That and the Chew collection you talked about in an earlier episode.

Posted by jmills

Best original graphic novel EVER!!! I know so many people that have been lured into comics with this book. Actually, anything Brian K. Vaughn is a good way to get people into comics, but this self-contained story is a low commitment way for people to check out the medium. One of my favourite books of all time. Love love LOVE!!! Oh, and I may be totally off and making assumptions, but because the artist is from Quebec City, I think his last name is pronounced ON-REE-SHOW. But I could be way off on that.