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Well...at least it was a good excuse! xD

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Oh PLEASE don't let Jane be annoying in this movie!

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I was focussed on his hair...

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Can't wait for this movie

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Thor doesn't need to explain to her, he's THE GOD OF THUNDER!!!!

And besides does Thor need to be exclusive to anyone ? No , he does not.

Jane didn't serve any purpose to the first movie , just being there to be Thor's love interest ,why? They clearly don't have any chemistry with each other. Nothing against the actress, but Jane Foster just annoys the hell out off me ....

The only Marvel couple I liked so far was Captain America and Agent Carter , from the Marvel movies.

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...oooh,how cute...ANOTHER!

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Nice scripting of the scene there. Played off with the humour of the last film with a more mature approach that Taylor takes in this film. Very nicely done, I'm looking forward to the Dark World very much.

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She should have smacked him around some more! I love her character...just don't be clingy.

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So when do jane and sif end up sharing the same body?

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Love it. Sappy, but love it still.

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He's a god, he has larger responsibilities than hanging around some needy Earth b*tch.

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Yay. The sleeves are back. Sleeveless-cinematic Thor looked weird to me for some reason.

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He's a god, he has larger responsibilities than hanging around some needy Earth b*tch.


Jane - "I saw you on TV, you were in New York!"

Thor - "Oh you saw me on TV? If you did then you might've noticed I was a little busy fighting back an ALIEN INVASION! So you'll just have to forgive me if I didn't have time to stop by for a quickie!"

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Ugggh. I don't like Jane in these films. I know Portman has the big name, but Alexander's Sif is clearly a more appealing choice. Nevermind the fact you wouldn't have to worry about saving her constantly.

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Chris Hemsworth is flawlessly cast.

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dont be campy

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I just thought, maybe Beta Ray Bill will get a cameo in the war!

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Tickets booked ready to roll! Can't wait for this...

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...gag go away Natalie Portman. I like Chris Hemsworth but if Thor was somehow and unexplainably able to come back during the Avengers and fight the alien invasion why could he not of stopped to see Jane after they were defeated?