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Get an in-depth look at Marvel Knights Animation’s Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers animated mini-series, adapted from the acclaimed story by superstar creators Robert Rodi and Esad Ribic! The Prince of Lies has seized the throne of Asgard and marked the Mighty Thor for execution. Now, Loki finally has a chance to tell tale of his brother’s crimes...and inflict the punishment he has craved for eons. Don’t miss the dramatic first installment of this incredibly rendered Marvel classic as Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers makes its debut on iTunes, XBOX and PS3!    

Posted by Journey Into Chaos

It's because they've been rivals for quite sometime.
Posted by White Angel Of Death

dont really like the look of it :-( plus thors voice is just weird

Posted by brvermee

Thor looks...old

Posted by cattlebattle

no thank you

Posted by lastdrag0n89

eh, it could be worst

Posted by kungnima

They both look old.
Im curious, but it doesn't look to promising.

Posted by pikahyper

looks kinda boring, I thought it was a cut scene from a video game until I read the text blurb, that animation really isn't cuttin it and that is a poor way to promote/hype the new live action movie.

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Posted by Smars

kinda' ugly and stiff. 
and yah, thor looks old.

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Posted by brvermee
@isaac_clarke: it's faster and more dramatic with that music, but it still has the same drawing style.
Posted by sora_thekey

Oh my! This is probably the best Motion Comic animation ever! (or at least So Far)

Posted by Nasar7

Thor's voice is really terrible.

Posted by Iron_Turtle

This looks and sounds horrible. I want to give the voice actors a karate throat chop.

Posted by isaac_clarke

Honestly, something tells me it will be like Thor's voice in MUA2 something that will grow on you.  
It's definitely a very NORSE voice though lol.
Posted by The Impersonator

Thor wins!

Posted by Gambit1024

Marvel should make more of these. This looks awesome but they gotta get better voice actors. 

Posted by Cronoman66

love the animation and style of this, the voices however are pretty terrible and don't really fit the characters

Posted by ntb1124

 A little disappointed in the way this is looking, both Loki and Thor look old, sound off and movie stiffly.

Posted by Mr. Dead Pool

Well there goes my expectations for this.

Posted by triangle

thumbs down
Posted by Eyz

Huh..quickly improvised animation to tie in merchandise alongside the movie? Yep.

Posted by CRTrobinson
@Mr. Dead Pool said:
" Well there goes my expectations for this. "
I wish it wasn't so but you hit the nail on the head my friend. 
Posted by MAV

I don't like Thor's voice, Loki's is ok.
Posted by RYU/BATMAN

What ever happened to Avengers Earth's mightiest heroes and Iron man armored adventures?

Posted by Z3RO180

really marvel...really.
Posted by blaakmawf

Looks crappy.

Posted by Thunderscream

the graphics suck and the voice work is even worse...and they move stiff like late 90's cgi

Posted by MrGutts
" What ever happened to Avengers Earth's mightiest heroes and Iron man armored adventures? "
Yeah what happened to that!   This does look like a bad 90's cartoon.
Posted by Mediant

This is just an abomination.

Posted by ImperiousRix

This could have been really cool with good voice-acting. 
It does not have good voice-acting.

Posted by longbowhunter

Posted by Coldbrand

It feels like it's lacking frames of animation.

Posted by Renee

I don't like Thor's voice. :/

Posted by Out_of_Space


Posted by Sammo21

Thor's voice is better than it was in the MARVEL Ultimate Alliance 2 game.  Man, that was pure crap.

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Loki: "I lay ontop of you and make a speech"
Thor: "AHAH! I now lay ontop of you and make a speech"
Loki: "Wrong, I trip you and make a speech"
Thor: "No you are wrong, cause I fly and make a speech"