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Posted by Trogd0r2

Did not really think about how many superheroes wear boots

Posted by advocatefish

I think its just for style, the superhero tradition. And i guess if the step in puddle they wont get any water in there boots but the would if they just had sneaks. Idk Chubbaca.
Posted by Gylan Thomas

Boots are one thing.
The army wear boots.
But boots like Babs is wearin'? Super women in heels?

Posted by Gylan Thomas

No way any superhero is just wearin' socks.
They'd be worn out in no time and offer no protection. 
Ever tried runnin' round in your sock feet out doors?
You get hurt.

Posted by cbishop

Spider-Man's "boots" are all spandex.  He can't get a grip on walls otherwise.  He's always having to take his shoes off to climb walls, but not his socks.  That was one quibble I had with the movies, because he was climbing the wall with his shoes on.  The lack of wear and tear on his footwear is just one of those comic book mysteries. ;)