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Ch-Ch-Cha-Chia..Chia Pet!

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Love that slick back look.

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Wha- what this is? Where are you? Are you still a WM employee? Are you just using your account from a basement to upload this video? Shave your face.

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You're gonna get sick spinning around like that the start of each video.

Wolverine has colors? Is he in a gang. With the short hair, he sort of reminds me of Punisher.

@Toodles said:

Shave your face.

What's wrong with his face? I'm not a fan of beards or facial hair, but it works on him.

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The more you know!

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Cool video and awesome Alkaline Trio skateboard.

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Do you think Wolverine's healing factor means he never gets split ends or dandruff?

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Short hair Wolvie sure does look like Frank Castle. There was a guy in high school that was super into Wolverine! He always combed his hair to have resemble Wolvie and even had the points! Dude even grew the chops!

@cyraxible said:

Cool video and awesome Alkaline Trio skateboard.

First thing I noticed was the deck!

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I always wondered what was in that issue, kind of corny. great video @G-MAN, more from you garage!

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I'm just going to point out that only the area around the hair follicle is alive. The hair that you see are dead cells. It's not like your hair grows out from the point where you cut it, it grows from the follicle! Come on, Tony! You know this stuff!

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More G-Man videos!! ^_^