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Next week, will destroy a copy of Action Comics #1 for the subscribers!

Also, I think you should have arrested. Scare her straight! Maybe then she'll return your comics.

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Ya I am a leave it the box guy >.>

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Tony's videos always make me smile. Top man!

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good for you opening your toys, also where can i get my hands on one of them comic vine stickers?

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Free the toys!!!

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oohhhh, I want comic vine stickers.

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I usually give away stickers and sometimes buttons when people recognize me at conventions.

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I liked G-Man's impersonation of Bab's voice.

@G-Man: Pretty fun vid. Thanks for that.

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Always funny, thanks Tony!

"Twist Tie Technology!"

"You like that?"

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@G-Man: If you go to NYCC you better have a button ready, unless you don't which is fine too.

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Aha, sweet office drama! Give us all of the scoops on the shady background intrigue.

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Suscribers? :P

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we'll get some of that, yeah you like that. LOL!!! WTF I actually was thinking about going to my parents and pulling these out to re-read kingdom come, such a great book.

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Poor Babs. She was so heartbroken by Tim's disappearance that she's repressed the memory of him ever being there.