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Posted by ZORN

I may actually read a Hulk comic with this coming out soon.

Posted by UpUpAndAway

After what I think to be the worst hulk run in a very long time, I really hope for the best. I want to get back to reading about that big ol' green sack of joy.

Posted by Mr. Dead Pool

Hulk is his better half now? Well without Hulk he wouldn't have a comic so I guess that fits.

Posted by EdwardWindsor

Heroes + Beard = Win. Thor proved this and bearded Hulk is also cool.

Posted by InnerVenom123

I'll wait for the first review, honestly. The last time I picked up a Hulk book it was by Loeb.... and well, yeah.  
But, I loved Jason Aaron's Ghost Rider. So I'm hoping he does well here. Plus, the art looks damn good.

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Please, I want the Hulk to be good again. Don't let me down Aaron!

Posted by maxicere

I like Hulk with long hair. I don,t like beard

Posted by CanterburyCricket

As a big Hulk fan I am very much looking forward to this. I just hope from the split we see a Hulk grow as we did in Planet Hulk because if Hulk is to be the hero he needs to find a place to belong and inner peace but please not just a "Hulk Smash" solution.

Posted by Seraphim84

I feel like there's been too many Hulk books lately. That being said, slightly disappointed that they're pulling the old "Bruce and Hulk split!" schtick to kick this one off.

Posted by Sammo21

@Mr. Dead Pool: I think Banner has been trying to kill the Hulk or something. I don't remember.

Posted by CombatSpoon86

Might be a hulk reader again. 

Posted by shawn87

Hopefully they can save the Hulk. I say kill all the Hulk's that were made in the last couple of years. We only need the original Hulk and maybe She-Hulk. We dont need a hundred different colored Hulks running around. I just want to read a good old-fashioned Hulk series. I'm loving the cover for the first issue and I hope this series will be good.

Posted by RisingBean

Banner turning into a villain? Where did I see this before? Oh Right, some other hero in the Ultimate U. just up and decided to go that route.
Posted by 00MirageKnight00

The Hulk looks a lot  better less pumped up with muscles an veins

Posted by goldenkey

why is it every time I watch a trailer on here, as soon as I am done it goes to another trailer that I don't want to watch so I have to click back.  It's annoying.
Posted by skprgb
@goldenkey: Click the auto button at the top right of the page next to the video. it'll turn it off.
Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Interesting, even if I still am a Red Hulk fan.

Posted by RavenT2

Now this is interesting.

Posted by mhanson108
@goldenkey: I was thinking the exact same thing after i saw this trailer...and as for the trailer, looks pretty sweet.
Posted by TheShame

Banner as villain and Hulk as hero, interesting....

Posted by keith71_98

Hmmmm, that's pretty intriguing. Gonna be fun to get a new fresh take on Hulk.
Posted by Kairan1979

It was stated before that Banner is the true monster, not Hulk.

Posted by NXH

Can't say I've ever read a Hulk comic before, but as it has Marc Silvestri on pencils, I'm in!

Posted by Feliciano2040

Hope this turns out okay, I'm dissapointed at the typical cliched notion of Hulk as good and Banner as evil, it's never worked and it's always been awkward.
Granted, Aaron may just make it work.

Posted by spider-man 2996

I might get this.
Posted by Super_Gui_1

looking forward to this it'd be quite awsome Aaron makes it work

Posted by Mr Fix It

I am sick of the Red Hulk....just bring back The Incredible Hulk
Posted by emmbro30

Why must every major story change call for a new 1st issue?  This is getting pretty ridiculous.  Enough with the gimmicks and go back to just writing good stories.  Oh and fire Bendis.
Posted by Grimoire

I think this could be good. Finally the Hulk will be far away from Betty and her alter ego. Hopefully they will do the same for Banner or that's the reason he goes nuts. lol

Posted by venomoushatred1001
@ZORN said:
I may actually read a Hulk comic with this coming out soon.
Posted by Dirty__1

With all that's gone on in the Hulk books is this going to be totally separate or am I going to be lost as hell? There's a whole clan of Hulk's now and I have no clue who's who other than She Hulk & Gen. Ross/Red Hulk.

Posted by sinful

looks sweet