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Love it! We want more!

You need to bring back News of the Week and Video Reviews.

Posted by inferiorego

How much coffee did you have before filming this?

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So... buttons

Also, maybe the name of this should be, "The Best ______________ This Week..."

Otherwise I thought the "#$%&" was a curse word. ;)

BTW - yes, this was awesome. I really like this. Keep doing it. :)

OH, and to add to this...

Best Onomonopia this week:

Magneto: Not A Hero Issue #3

Posted by MethodMan008

So good!

Posted by Bobzenub

G-Man gives a new meaning for the term 'hyperactivity'.

Posted by ElCapitan

This was not what I was expecting, but in a good way. I like the concept of the feature. It'd be fun to rotate members of the CV team too to see what kinds of stuff they'd highlight (and they have different favorite books, so they'll prioritize reading different ones before the video). Good vid.

Posted by Daveyo520

@inferiorego: He isn't always like this?

Posted by Eidderf

Nice little feature, I enjoy watching the videos on the site so keep it up.

Perhaps you could call the feature This Week's Spoils, it would sort of mean the same thing as the current title and allow you spoil things without needing to warn people first.

Posted by flashlantern91

Lovin' it!

Posted by dcfox

I hope Monet never zips up her uniform. And G-Man, what happened to your beard??

Posted by RedR0bin

Pretty sweet. Would like to see more vids like this.

Would it be acceptable to refer to "trolling" as "pipping?" It's like a lingo inside of a lingo!

Posted by Hot_Karl

The screen cap is pretty great.

Posted by G-Man

@inferiorego: Only 1 cup of coffee. I tend to have more coffee when working in the office vs. my home office.

@thanosrules: It's a working title.

@dcfox: Beard? "Fsss"

@VinceNotVance: And it's great that there's a perfectly logical reason for this screen cap.

Posted by Iron Apollo

another awesome video tony! definitely want more vid content, like when we used to get it almost every weekday, so.....

Posted by kennybaese

Always good to see more G-Man.

Posted by kartron

Huge spoilers!!! But that's okay... it was fun

Posted by ohrenclez

@RaduRader said:

Love it! We want more!

You need to bring back News of the Week and Video Reviews.

Posted by LordLOC

@inferiorego said:

How much coffee did you have before filming this?

Way to much coffee, or way to little sleep. Or some combination of both perhaps...?

Posted by originalhomeslice

This is fine!

I think it can do without some of the in-between, non-topical stuff. That'll probably bring it down to under 5 minutes, which is probably all this needs to be.

And maybe you and can alternate each week...I think this has potential, fills a void left by the weekly news video that Sara used to do, and brings video content back to the site, which it should have, since it's such an essential part of the Whiskey Media "portfolio", let's call it.

Good luck, gang!!