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I feel like DC invented Space Squids and Space Sharks so that if Aquaman is ever in space, he can still use his telepathy.

Posted by TimeLordScience

I love your voice for Cyclops, I loled.

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@timelordscience: I do really like and respect Cyclops. I'm super-excited for his series this week. But seriously, I don't plan or prep for these. The voices just come out. That one was what came to mind and it worked. Bravo to Cyclops for doing the right thing, even if I made him sound...different.

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Posted by TimeLordScience

@g_man: I'm very excited for it also, Cyclops is my favorite X-Man. I still thought the voice was absolutely hilarious, Cyclops' relationship with Jean has become a bit of a comical trope, I'm sure you know (JEANNNNNN!), so I thought it was intentional. I apologize if it came off as me knocking your voiceovers, I think they're all great and I appreciate the work you put into them. Thanks for the video!

Posted by G-Man

@timelordscience: no offense was taken. I've had some that like the voice overs and some that don't. More seem to enjoy them. It's pretty easy to recognize when someone is hatin'. And I have fun doing them. That makes the videos more fun to do and keeps me doing them week after week, etc.

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@g_man: Are you sure you don't want Brain Candy? Lol (I'm not sure but could probably be made out of horse meat. so, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't eat it either, you being a vegetarian and all. I also remember you said that in one of the old podcasts). I really had no idea gummy candies or candy like gummy bears were made out of horse meat. It did sort of gross me out to realize that but since I don't mind eating meats of animals I never ate before, it didn't stop me from eating them. I also notice there an engery drink called Brain Candy when I typed in google. I really don't know what it contains, lol. By the way I also enjoyed your Cyclops voice. I found it hilarious, lol.

I'm glad someone came up with the same ones I thought of on "beststuff" because I didn't have time to put them up. :-( - "hashtagspideywhites"

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Kitty seemed like a jerk to me

Posted by MatthewParker

Thank for powering through!

Hope you feel better soon!

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@jonny_anonymous: Same here. Scott went in Jean's room, more or less, because he'd been avoiding her and felt bad about it. It's not fair to her for him to treat her differently than he treats the other students just because he was involved with her older self. Yeah, it's weird, but the two of them are trying to make the best of a bad situation. Scott handled it well, and Kitty heard him handle it, yet she acted like a bitch (like she's been doing about pretty much everything else). I took Scott's "Yes, ma'am." as more of a sarcastic reply than one of obedience. Maybe Scott accepted her help because he figured she'd keep him in line with Jean? It's possible, I suppose...

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Kitty Pryde kicks ass in whatever she's in. Too bad there wasn't a mention a couple of months ago when Ultimate Kitty fought Galactus. There must have been something about it that could have made a mention (back when the comic first came out of course, not now it's too late).

Posted by Lykida

That dialogue between Scott And Jean was one of the best I've read in a while. While I enjoy Bendis' run on Uncanny and All-New I miss long character driven scenes like this. So I've been waiting for an issue like this one ever since the young X-Men joined Cyclops' team. Bendis already showed in one of the first issues of Uncanny that he can handle emotional dialogues when Scott and Emma had a talk, I just wish there was more of this.

Kitty seemed like a jerk to me

And yes, my thoughts exactly. I found her comment mean and immature.

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Best Cyclopes voice. On par with Harley Quinn voice.

Gman, keeps us up to date with develpoments in that scott and jean relationship.

@iceslick that reflective surfboard is agreat thing to have. So that way you have a quick way to check if you have a booger stuck to your face. Lol

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How hilarious it is that kitty thinks of scotty as a perv capable of sleeping with his ex-girlfriend teenage-slef? I'll tell you, is is a lot, I love it!

Posted by MannEffest

That conversation between Cyclops and Young Jean was one of the most uncomfortable scenes I've read in Marvel comics recently. But it was so well written!! Good job Bendis! And thank God for Kitty, Cyclops needed that reminder.

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I know a lot of people are coming down on Kitty but the reality is, Cyclops, or any of the teachers, should not go into ANY students sleeping quarters. This may not be the typical school setting but it's just not something you do. When I was teacher, I always made sure I had the door open when ANY student was in the room. I'd imagine any boarding type school would have the same rules about teachers entering student's rooms. Scott made the right decision but this was a conversation that could've happened in a more appropriate setting.

As for Cyclops always doing the right thing...well, he did fall for Madelyne Pryor who bore a striking resemblance to Jean (because she was her clone) and then later pretty much abandoned her and Baby Nate when Jean returned from the 'dead.'

But as I mentioned before, I do really like Cyclops as a character. He's just not perfect. But no character is.

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I loved anxm 26. Here's to more awkward moments. :)

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What music did you use in this?

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@orionbolt: It's licensed music from the CBSi library.

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@manneffest: Sorry, but I have to fully disagree with your statement. Scott told young Jean basically it couldn't happen and even after all that Katherine Pride got in his face about the whole situation.

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Cyclops killed me!

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@midgard2 said:

@manneffest: Sorry, but I have to fully disagree with your statement. Scott told young Jean basically it couldn't happen and even after all that Katherine Pride got in his face about the whole situation.

I just don't care for Cyclops ever since Schism with all his arrogance, doing what he believes is right, when it is clearly wrong. I just portray him as a anti-hero in my mind and it works out better I guess, and I could of love Kitty so yeah. Plus I would have done exactly what Kitty did just to make sure he knew that she was off limits, considering his infamous infatuation with her (see video). As Tony mentioned above, he had no right to go in there in he first place. Although, I knew he wouldn't resort to going THAT far, but it was just a nice reminder that Kitty doesn't care for Scott that much, and I don't blame her. Also, he loved Jean so much he become infatuated with the Jean clone.

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Great stuff! Loved your Cyclops voice! Fresh Meat!

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Kitty is a condescending jerk. As for a ninja. NOPE> NInjas kill. Don't confuse the issue. I know, have the issue, and read what your speaking about. Its like calling an assassin who doesnt kill, an assassin. Nope. Ninja was a word to describe a group who used misdirection and deception to KILL someone.

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I really love Bane's Batmask, why did he take it off!?

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That Cyclops voice lol