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@g_man: Tony, you did it again Justice League United's best stuff it cut out of the video. :-(

Man, I gotta get better at catching these. I can't believe I didn't get any of these especially Daredevil.

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I'll try to get the video swapped.

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Animal man with Beaver power? That sounds interesting...

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@g_man Best entrance this week should have gone to Kara in Red Lanterns #30

I mean come on everything about the scene just screams bad ass.

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Best Water Themed Comics This Week!

Also wales with arms are the best kind of wales.

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The best "come at me bro" moment is actually the best "The Wire" reference.

As one of the most famous quotes from the show goes; "If you come at the King, you'd best not miss."

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Great stuff!

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Best: Tired EIC this week= @g_man ! :)

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Your penguin "WAUGH" was amazing.

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Tony's right...I really have a prahlem with people making fun of how other people talk.