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Posted by Overlander

This feature is outRAGEous.

Battlejack of Jackstar 9 is/was the best new character of the week. Glad to see he had a moment to shine.

Posted by CaptainMarvel4Ever

That Mustache is OutRAGEous!

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I should really get around to watching Batman: Brave and the Bold. I knew Aquaman says "outrageous" but I completely missed it in Aquaman.

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@g_man: Did you get him to say that in ECCC or was that some old video?

Oh man, none of mine made it video. :'-( I wonder how does Guy Gardner know that Supergirl is too young to drink when she's older than and not older than Superman at the same time? Lol,

That Batman The Brave and The Bold reference was awesome! I even chuckled when he said that.

Posted by iceslick

I didn't get that Dr. Who reference either, lol.

Posted by lifeboy

Wow! What a stroke if genious as well as great timing. Took corrilate the aquaman brave and the bold Best Stuff in... to ECCC Voice over actor.

Posted by G-Man

@lifeboy: no, that clip is pretty old. I interviewed John DiMaggio some years ago, during Brave and the Bold and he said that line.

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Ooh a new location. I wonder where this installment was shot at. Wait you literally answered it in the first second of the video so why didn't I watch the start of the video before posting the comment? :P