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Yay! My favorite feature of the week.

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Hilarious episode!! Did you have some funny juice before you did this? Haha!

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@g_man: Awesome Galactus shirt Tony! He's eating noodles soup, lol. I love the teleporting effects. Imagine you teleported in Chicago instead of Washington for ECCC this week, lol.

The Star Wars reference was only thing I liked in Harley Quinn, Uncanny X-Men and SFoSM was super hilarious and I gotta pick up American Vampire. That's pretty cool for the reference to my favorite movie, Se7en.

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@iceslick: I mixed it with another Brad Pitt movie that I'd be surprised if anyone got.

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@g_man: There's a lot of movies with Brad Pitt and horses, I googled it (lol), but I'm not sure which one it is. I'm wondering if it's Troy. I seen that movie, but not as much as I seen Se7en. I own both of them, I would have to check back on Troy.

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@g_man: I was thinking interview with a Vampire, but I have idea why!

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Lot of poop references in last weeks books

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Ohhhhhhh shots fired! G-man talking smack about @inferiorego

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@g_man: Is it Killing Them Softly?

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I always like these segments but I also enjoy seeing Tony's T shirt every week. The Galactus t shirt made me laugh.

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@g_man: I'm not a mutant! I'm a person and my name is anakin!

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Ha nice bamfing G-Man, the effects were seamlessly integrated there :P

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@g_man: Dig that Galactus shirt.