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Posted by iceslick

@g_man: Thanks for using the two I posted. I was so hoping for people to see it. People definitely need to get that issue to see what happened in Teen Titans Go! It's well worth it! Damn I missing out on Kick-Ass and I can't believe I never caught that Watchmen reference. It's a shame because I read the actual book. Most of the issues were funny especially Batgirl with Strix. lol

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Poor Tony, has to watch and read Teen Titans Go

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@captainmarvel4ever: I don't think he minds doing that. He loves the show.

By the way, Tony I just remembered that you wore that shirt when I first met you in NYCC. lol

Edit: Never mind, it was the other Madman shirt Tony. The red and white one. I always get confused. lol

Posted by cameron83

I came here specifically for the Teen Titans GO thing

Posted by G-Man

Poor Tony, has to watch and read Teen Titans Go

Haha. You sound just like Bizarro.

Posted by AlwaysTheBigSpoon

Love the Teen Titans Go New 52 reference. Then it's gotta be Bobby's Disney moment and finally Batman #28's Spoiler!

The way she was designed might have finally convinced me to get in with Batman Eternal but 2.99 a week, 11.96, a month, I'd have to cut down a lot on other titles.

Posted by lifeboy

YES!! Strix! Now I'm going to have to pickup Batgirl#28.

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@lifeboy: Yeah you definitely gotta pick that one up! Strix is pretty funny in that issue. lol

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@iceslick: These last several months I've had so many statues, figures, comics and art coming in, my house looks like a museum. I don't know whether I have really good taste or really really bad taste in home decorating. But there's always room for Strix! :)

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Great stuff this week! And I think Tony likes saying ass. Ha!

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Haha that Teen Titans GO! reference… omg I was dying of laughter. I love that show :p

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@lifeboy: Yeah, I'm really starting to love that character. I think she will be cool to have her own series and maybe action figures or statues. lol

Posted by Lvenger

Wait did the Teen Titans Go! comic just parody the New 52 Teen Titans? HA that's rich and brilliant!

Posted by Maddpanda531

Okay, the video thumbnail with the Teen Titans Go! scene, alone, has convinced me to read the book. That image is brilliant.

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Why I love Teen Titans Go!

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wait, what's that teen titans background?